General Idea on Skincare

Hello, it has been awhile I didn't do any blog post, if I'm not mistaken it has been almost 1 year. Working life is truly busy and I've been struggle a lot since then. I've finally decided to change my new working environment and I hope I can keep on sharing my love and passion on skincare/ makeup/ food etc. It is truly an enjoyment.

My basic understanding on skincare is : cleanse, tone, moisturize. The only way to maintain healthy, glowing skin is to choose a proper skincare and I believe it is not try one product and it will do a miracle on your skin. It is all about try and error and understand the products and its contents.

Let me share my experience on my skincare, it might not be the best reference but I still like to share about my experience. Basically my skin is consider acne prone, oily but dehydrated.

Cleansing Tool: Clarisonic Mia with sensitive skin brush head, advise to change it every 3 months and sanitize with proper sanitizer such as Dettol after usage.

Cleanser: Mandom Express cleansing water (Moisture), Clean&Clear sensitive skin gel cleanser/ Simple Gel Cleanser (green tube)
Scrub: Clean&Clear Morning Burst / St Ives Sensitive Face Scrub/ Cellnique Advance Bio Renewal Masque
Mask: Laneige Yogurt Berry Wash Off Mask/ Laneige Water Ex Sleeping Mask/ The FaceShop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask/ My Beauty Dairy Mask Sheets/ The FaceShop Mask Sheets/ Queens Helena Mint Julep

Toner: Avene Thermal Water Face Mist / Naruko Tea Tree Toner

Moisturizer: Naruko Tea Tree Moisturizer / The Face Shop Eco Moisturizer/ Simple Oil Balancing moisturizer

Morning Skincare: 
1. Simple gel cleanser/Clean&Clear sensitive skin gel cleanser
2. Naruko Tea Tree Toner
3. Naruko Tea Tree Moisturizer/ Simple Oil Balancing Moisturizer
4. Sunblock, I change sunblock frequently but never really stick to 1 brand. Normally I will opt for SPF above 30++ & suitable for sensitive skin

Night time Skincare: 
1. Mandom Express cleansing water (Moisture)
2. Clarisonic Mia + gel cleanser
3. Naruko Tea Tree Toner / Avene Thermal Water Face Mist (depends on my skin conditioner)
4. Naruko Tea Tree Moisturizer / The Face Shop Eco Moisturizer
** added before no.3 every other day: scrub -> wash off mask ->.mask sheets/ sleeping mask **

Like others, I do experience acne breakout especially along my jaw line/ chin area during my PMS. It is normal but Naruko Tea tree series really helps in suppressing the acne & reduce it becomes more serious.
Other than that, as long as skin is properly cleanse, it will help the products absorption/ reduce pores clog.
Then, focusing on hydration, the better your skin is hydrated the less oily it will be and off course pore size will be reduced. I generally scrub my face every week some times 3 days once but using a milder face scrub such as Laneige Yogurt Berry peeling gel/ Skinfood chlorella peeling gel which I believe really gentle for my sensitive skin.

That's all for my sharing. All items will last me for about 2-3 months and for thicker type of moisturizer will probably last me for 4-5months depends on the volume as well. I will update my blog accordingly when necessary.

Have a great day!


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