February Highlight 2014

February is certainly a good month, a month with love and joy and presents.....
I have red packets during the Chinese New Year, seeing Chinese Hokkien worship using sugar cane, my birthday, making an egg stand still, hauling Kiehl's skincare, Fuzhou red rice wine noodles, Puma bag from hubby, popiah, badminton/sports with hubby, Valentines presents exchange with hubby, eating Valentines day donuts with my mother-in-law, eating homemade Nyonya kuih, a heart vintage key pendant and some memories during my working days in ex-company.

This month, I didn't upload a monthly favorite post because for me, I love everything this month, so I decided to do a highlight with photos. Photos is always the best illustrator.But just in case you are really curious what are the items I favor the most this month, here's the list:-

I will include my reviews for some items in March.

- Simple Cleansing Sets (hit pan)
- Kiehl's Mid Night Recovery Elixir
- Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil # Dark Brown
- Clarisonic Mia + Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam
- Clinelle Oil Free Smoothing Compact # Ivory
- Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
- The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette

Though February is the shortest month, I think I've enjoyed it to the fullest and it is absolutely fabulous.

Empties: Skincare & Simple Cleansing Sets

Is the end of February, I decided to do products empties this month (once every 2 months) so I can keep track with my skincare stuffs. I have A LOT but on the way to finish them before getting more and trying more new skincare.

Well, I will include my thoughts about them along with the product listed.

  • Avene Thermal Water Mist - I love the face mist, spray out like a thousand of fine water, sit nicely onto my skin every time I've done with my cleansing routine. It evens calm down some of my redness due to the super hot weather. It does makes the skin feel hydrate after spray but still need to apply moisturizer to prevent skin dehydration
  • Kose Infinity Advance Serum I - As I've mentioned in my current skincare routine, I absolutely enjoying using this. Really light weight for current weather. In case you want to read my previous review, click HERE
  • Kose Moisture Skin Repair -  light liquid lotion, apply after cleansing, then only follow up with toner & moisturizer. Not sure if it helps to boost my skin hydration, but it feels good on the skin
  • Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion - best drugstore cleansing lotion I've ever come across. As for me, I'm not putting on too much makeup onto my face, by using this cleansing lotion is just fine for me. Super light but removes my sunscreen and brow pencil very well. Not sticky or oily, I'm pretty sure it doesn't irritate my eyes as well. Definitely repurchase it later on / once I've hit pan for more cleansing milk that I currently own.
  • Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes - best drugstore cleansing wipes. I like travel with this, no worries of product leakage especially travel with cleansing oils. I normally use the cleansing lotion as 1st cleansing steps, then use this facial wipes to remove the cleansing lotion. Then, I even wash the facial wipes and wipes all over my face again before move to cleansing foam. Very happy using this. I'm constantly getting this item now because it really makes my whole cleansing routine so much easier and less hectic.

That's all for my empties this month. Project hit pan really helps me to finish up my skincare, mind me of some products that I've bought and yet to finish. It also remind me how many products I have and restrain myself for getting more products, reduce unnecessary expenditure. 

Project Re-Love: Colors from Urban Decay Naked Palette (Ver.1)

 # Virgin, Sin, Naked, Buck, Darkhorse

Virgin: shimmery light pink, works similar like Sin. I prefer Sin though.
Sin: shimmery peachy shade, sort of eye brightener. use at inner corner/under eye lashes
Naked: cool tone brown, use it alone or combine with Buck/any other darker shades from palette
Buck: warm tone matte brown. Very finely milled and apply easily. Can use it alone/at the crease
Darkhorse: A dark brown with a hint of shimmer, but the shimmer comes very fine shimmer. Pretty to use as its own, perfect for lining.

When I'm starting to work, I always believe that neutral eye palettes work the best. The colors just help to emphasize the whole FOTD without being overly done and you look more confident.

I 'm enjoying colors listed as above, they just creates the best neutral look, sometimes I use Naked and Buck only, these 2 are my top favourite colors from this palette and they are matte but smooth to the touch.

I rarely use colors like, half baked and creep, I think they were a bit overly done if I used it as my daily look.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still loving, liking and enjoying my UD palette.

I bought this palette because everyone was raving about it and I just couldn't resist that temptation, I got it, use it probably 2 months? then I started to ignore it because you know, we want almost every single eye palette out there, yet, how much we can use, unless you have unlimited eyes to apply them all.

I've been using it on and off for the past few weeks, I just can say this is the a good quality palette to own and I'm glad I bought it. The color, pigmentation is just perfect. 1 eye palette and I can create all types of look, freaking in love with it.

How often do you use your eye shadows palette? Daily? Is there any palettes that has been ignore? take them out and start pouring love to them again!

Skin Detox: Using Queen Helena Mint Julep

Is Wednesday, mid weekday, and like everyone out there, I'm waiting for the arrival of weekends. While, despite of feeling tired and skin look dull with some new volcanoes eruption on my skin, decided to do some skin detox using clay mask.

Today, I'm using Queen Helena Mint Julep Masque, I will say this tube is great but of course, I have some issue with it too. Let's cracking!!!

Before that, I need to emphasize on my skin condition. I'm not a guru nor skin specialist, but I'm pretty sure I love to experimenting with different types of skincare products. Currently, I've sensitive, combination skin with some bumps around my chin and forehead, blame PMS.

Anyway, like most of my evening skincare routine, after cleanse my face, follow up with exfoliation then I will start to mask.  Using clay mask is probably the best detox for my skin, it just acts like vacuum cleaner, sucks out all the impurities and shrinks the appearance of my red acne spots.

As great as it sounds, it can dry out the skin too, so whenever I use this, I will make sure to follow up with a hydrating mask. It certainly makes the whole face look better, plump and glow. Just in case your skin is already dry, please ignore this because it does removes the oil on your face.

Even my sensitive and combination skin sometimes gets dry after using this. It applies thick onto face, this green paste will make my skin tingle a little bit. Leave for around 10mins or until it is fully dry, then wash it off. Trust me, your skin just looks better!

 Personally, I like the out come, really nice and freshen up my dull complexion due to lack of sleep and stressful work.Since I've owned this for quite sometimes, I seriously can't remember the exact price, it is around USD 5-7.

Overall, I give this a thumbs up, just beware if you have dry skin, skip it or only use on those acne spots.
Happy mid weekdays! 2 more days to go before weekends... hooray!

Be Gone, Dark Eye Circles! Review: Za Perfect Fit Concealer #02

In this competitive world and working environment, we work hard to secure our job, business, sometimes we even gave up our sleeping time to complete the tasks or stay awake for tele-conferences. Well, here comes the panda..... we got our panda eyes, some are dark, blue, puffy, etc...

I've puffy eyes, but never have terrible dark circles that last around my eyes forever during my university life and during my beginning of work life. Slowly, the panda eyes developed without any alarm and by the morning I awake, oh my.... I have dark circles and it is puffy. I used to use Benefit Boi-ing concealer, it think it works just fine but when my skin is a bit drying, the concealer sits into my lines and this doesn't look good at all. Holy moly, the worst thing when it comes to concealer is ... no conceal effects, emphasize lines around the eye area and make the whole eye area look dull.

After stop using my Boi-ing concealer, I'm hunting like a mad hunter in stores, searching high and low for something works for me. For me, when I'm trying something new, I like to start from drugstore brand, it is cheaper and just in case it doesn't work, you can just pass to somebody else. No hard feeling, no breaking wallet.

I read few reviews from the internet off course, so decided to try the concealer from Za, my sister-in-law using it too, but I think hers was discontinued. I got the perfect fit concealer in shade 02. Shade 01 is way too pale for me, it looks greyish, so I passed.

I will say a little goes a long way. It comes in a lovely pink tube. Hygiene and easy to dispense. It claims to minimizes unevenness and long lasting conceal. I think this works just fine. One thing I'm really agree with the description on its box are keyword - moisturizing and collagen. Some people likes to use brush to apply concealer but my case, I don't like using brush at all, or maybe I've yet to meet the Mr.Right in brushes. After done all the prepping, you know, sunscreen, foundation....then I will squeeze out 2 pea size, dab 3 dots on my under eye area, using my ring finger, lightly dab/pat around the eyes area. And then, ciao panda eyes... I think it is okay in terms of conceal the dark eye circles, but not for reduce my puffy eyes. 

Here's my thoughts: 
easy to use, quite long lasting, my work, sometimes my makeup stay on my face more than 8 hours without touch-up. I'm glad it lasts quite well, the whole thing just adheres nicely on my eye area. No smudging or oxidize into grey spot. It feels light on the skin too.It is quite cheap so not a big issue to repurchase. I use it on my acne spots too. Just in case your skin is dry and flakes, don't use this, it will emphasize the dry spot.

Price: RM 25-29 (depends on the stores)
Volume: 9g
Manufactured in China

Overall, this is worth to try and cheap. I believe people with more serious under eye problems may not find this product helpful as the consistency is slightly liquid but it is still buildable. I'm not listing this into my HG and so,  I will look around for more drugstore eye concealer but this is certainly a steal. Absolutely enjoy using it.

Review: Revlon Colorstay EyeBrow Liner # Dark Brown


I'm back and ready for another review from the drugstore brand. Since my brows have been trimmed few weeks ago, I noticed I'm no longer able to not putting on brow pencil before going out. By the way, I'm still very new to things like brow liner/crayon/pencil because most of the time, I'm using brow powder and well, I do think brow pencil works the best and easiest to handle with.

Start from the packaging, I'm super glad with the whole thing. I can travel easily with just a brow pencil and it comes with the brush. I just have to twist the pen to get the product, filled in my brows, brush it out and tadaa.... I'm done and it looks so natural.

I've been using it for almost 3 weeks now, and I use it daily for more than 8 hours. I'm certain to tell, this stuff is amazing. I'm not sure how much color range this product has because when I purchased it, the whole shelf only left with this color. Well, I guess, Asian drugstore, how many people will have golden brows.

Price: RM 35++
Volume: 0.28g
Manufactured in Germany
Waterproof, lasting power is amazing since I've been using it more than 8hours per day without any smudging.

Overall, I salute with this item, so well made and just fit into my expectation. I've not try other drugstore brow pencils, but since this one work nicely, I think I will stick with it. Omg, I could't believe how much I love it, I just hooked with it straight away. Absolutely love it! 

Review: The Body Shop Body Butter Beurre Corporel

Be gone dry skin! shoooo.....
Although I'm living in a tropical country, I do still experience dry skin around my hands, elbow, knee.... and it is not a good thing at all. I do drink water regularly but sometimes my skin just need some heavy duty cream, something rich yet non oily.

On last December 2013, MWW (My Womens' Weekly) magazine gave out a Body Shop body butter as a free gift, I picked up that magazine and tested the body butter.

Well, I know Body Shop has a variety of body butter with different scents to choose from. I have to say this 50ml last me awhile. I like the consistency, perfect for office use because it is so small and easy to carry around. The body butter is thick and melt only during application.

As for the scent of this one, I don't really like it as it smells like man perfume, yuck @.@ thank God the scent fades away quite fast, so not a big problem. It spreads on nicely, creamy on my skin without any oily residue leave behind. The body butter just sink into my skin, making my skin feel super happy. The dry skin gets hydrate and the body butter just serve like a savior. Other than that, a little goes a long, long way. See, I still have almost a full pot to go on.

Personally, I use it during night time, in office but not outdoor. It will definitely feel slightly greasy if used outdoor. I will consider this as a treat but don't think I will think twice before purchase as the price maybe a lil bit expensive when compared with drugstore lotion such as Vaseline/ Nivea which do almost the same job.
Vaseline has a lighter texture whereas Nivea normally tends to be a little bit oily.

I'm looking forward to try the other body butter from The Body Shop when there is sales. So far, I consider myself as a newbie towards The Body Shop products. I don't know much about this brand but whatever I've tried this far, I can assure one thing --- The Body Shop never fails me.

Simple Fresh Look + Red Mouse Shoes ♥

Start of the new year with simple and fresh look. 

Face: Clinelle Oil Free Smoothing Compact (Ivory)
Lips: Mentholatum LipIce Sheer Color (Stawberry)
Earing: Faux Pearl earing

These are what I've had on my face and as my jewelry. Told ya, I don't go for super bombastic look or big chunk jewelries. Sorry for the puffy eyes... Normally when I'm out of time and gonna rush to work in the morning, this is what I opt for. Quick and easy!

And lastly, meet my red mouse shoes.... isn't it look adorable?

Wonderful Weekdays

Yeeehaa..... this whole week is just amazing! I've enjoyed myself with food, festive celebration and lots of loves from family members & friends.

Here's some photos and some short talk from me... I hope it wouldn't be too boring and certainly I do wish everyone who read this post enjoy as much as I do.

I love food, despite of sticking with my weight loss, I still allow myself have something I like, after all it is still Chinese New Year. Haha!

Next, it is my birthday! I got some treats from Kiehl's and well, since I have 10% off for my entire purchase (specially for my birthday month) I repurchased my acne saviour and some other skincare, happy!

You know what? A birthday isn't complete without a cake. My sister-in-law got me a cake and my hubby grandma cooked me red hard boiled egg. It is a Chinese custom to have red hard boiled egg during our birthday, some like a baby full moon. My mother-in-law bought some foods for my birthday celebration. Besides, this year, my birthday fell exactly the same date as Renri (人日), a day where human beings were created. It normally falls on the 7th day of the first month in Chinese Lunar Calender. 

And off course, if there's celebration, there must be presents too.

This year, it is my very first time to do egg balanced or Chinese called it as LiChun (立春). I finally done my 1st egg standing still. It is unbelievable, my brother manage to do it on a thin glass bottle. Since I am just a beginner, better do it on floor. In case I fail and the egg break, it wouldn't be too much hassle to clean up.

Lastly, every 9th day of Chinese New Year, the Chinese Hokkien will have worship, BaiTianGong (拜天公 ) using sugar cane. Okay, it is really special occasion for me since I've never have such celebration before in my family. Since I'm married, so it is something new for me to see and to adapt into my hubby's family culture. 
When the clock strikes 12am, the sky will fill with fireworks. It is time for the elder 2 men in family to take the sugar cane, burn the yellow paper and break the sugar cane into half. Uh.... 

That's all for this week weekdays. It was fun and happy with lots of occasion and celebration going on. Have a great weekends.

Review: Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask

Good day... I'm a skincare junk and as always I love trying new products but I do give my skin time to adapt   with the new items. I bought this wash off mask awhile back when I visited to Korea. I think despite of the language, everything is good. I told my hubby if can I would like to have another trip to Korea, I just love the food and culture over there. I bought some skincare and not really review each of the items, some I've completely used up and some still remain there as my backups. I actually like how they promote the products and give out lots of samples for customers to try. I'm not very familiar with the route in Korea, but I do know I shopped my cosmetics goodies around Myeongdong crazily!

Goodies or junk? Let's see how I think about this cute red tomato...

First of all, who doesn't get attracted by such cute, adorable packaging? It is a brightening mask, I did not use this every week because I do have lots of skincare to go through especially masks.
It comes in a plastic container, I will consider it as bulky to bring around when travelling. You can recycle the  tomato container after hit pan, just really worth to collect and store little things inside it.

The texture is quite runny than what I've expected it should be. There are some red particles too. I normally use this in the morning when I think my skin need some boost. When my skin is slightly dry and dull, I will scoop out some, spread over my face, massage for 1 min, leave it for 5mins and wash it off. During massage, the red particles will sort of diluted itself together with the runny cream. I don't get the purpose of having it but I do noticed some other Korean brand wash off masks have similar concept too.

In terms of brightening, I don't consider it as good as the Etude House O2 whitening mask (discontinued). When I leave it on my face, I saw some tiny bubbles forms on my skin, sort of using O2 (oxygen) to detox the skin and brightens the whole complexion. I'm glad that it doesn't irritate my skin. The brightening effect doesn't last long, but still good to prep the skin for skincare and makeup. Another thing about this mask is that it really moisturize my skin, leaving it soft and supple. It isn't oily so no worries for breakouts. After wash off, my skin feels more alive and supple.

I couldn't remember how much it costs, after all, it has been awhile since I bought it. This big tomato certainly last me a long time. The only thing I dislike about is the texture of the mask, it is too runny, it keeps on dripping during application. Messy! I only use this when I'm going to shower, no hassle with dirty work attire and so.

Overall, it makes my skin feels good and I'm happy using it. The O2 detox concept is cool, too bad the result doesn't last long. I consider this as something nice to have and added into my skincare regime. If you having hard time look for it, you can just pass it. It is nice to have but NOT must have.

Review: Cosmecnique Reviving Day Cream SPF 35

Sun damage be gone! The sun seems to bite my skin if I didn't apply sunscreen. It feels pain and then follow by a series of sunburn aftermath effects.

I've tried different types of sunscreen, some I like some I don't. I prefer sunscreen comes in tube form, it just easier to dispense and control the amount the I need. I also dislike sunscreens that are too oily and too runnier, well, everyone have different requirements and different skin types, so do I.

Again, it is another product from Cosmecnique. I noticed my freckles are getting worse than ever, some dark spots also pop out from my skin surface. Even my beautician also remind me of my pigmentation problems. Oh gosh! Every time I got my facial done by this beautician (Sharon), she will apply sunscreen onto my face after everything has done. I never think about getting the sunscreen she used onto my face, but somewhere in my mind, I was thinking what is she putting onto my face, it just feels good!

So, I told Sharon, and she claimed that this sunscreen will not clog pores, leaving skin dewy and fresh. Okay, I'm onto it. I bought it and used it alternately with my other sunscreen. I have to say, with this sunscreen I can leave my face powder/foundation behind. 

Again, simple yet practical packaging. It is small and travel friendly. I like the texture, creamy but not overly oily. I use this when my face looks dull/ dry. A pea size amount, rub between fingers and run across the entire face and I'm done. Of course, I need to do severe times to ensure proper SPF coverage.

Product details:

It has a very nice, soothing scent. I find the texture is creamy yet but spread onto skin easily. Once squeeze out from the tube, it looks like white paste, just gently rub between my fingers and apply onto my face. Because it is a white paste, I do notice over application might turn my entire face extremely white. 
I've some combination thoughts about the sunscreens but still something really worth to try.

Pros: Leaving skin soft and dewy. Skin looks healthy and pore appear smaller. The SPF 35 just perfect for my office work use. Only pea size amount will do, indirectly safe money. I like how my skin looks after putting on this sunscreen. I feel good just using it without topping up my face powder/foundation. I received many compliments from my customers about my skin too.

Cons: contains mineral oil. Pricey for such a small tube. Too much  sunscreen on face makes me look like "Casper the friendly ghost". Doesn't control oil, so not really suitable for oily-combination skin, you might end up like oil splash onto face.

Price: RM 130++
Volume: 30mL
Repurchase: Under consideration, it is freaking expensive.

Oveall, I have mixed ideas about this product. I like how well it works on my skin, making my skin looks super good, dewy and healthy. On the other hand, I'm worried about the side effects of mineral oil and it is so expensive. For a small amount, I gonna pay more than RM100, wow, that's a bit way too pricey for my preferences of a sunscreen. Anyway, I'm still liking it despite of the price and mineral oil in it. Whatever it is, always remember to put on sunscreen before you leave home.

Review: Cosmecnique Lightening Facial Scrub

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it. May the new year full with excitement, joy and love!

I just back from my new year holiday which is awesome! The travelling part was exhausting but glad that traffic was pretty smooth all the way from north to south and south back home. Without further a do, here's my review for the face scrub I've been using for 4months.

I'm a crazy skincare lover, well, I just love skincare so much. I never know about Cosmecnique brand till I meet my current favourite beautician. I was then been introduced about this brand, so far I'm loving and enjoying products under this brand very much.

The packaging is simple, comes in a thin plastic bottle. I like the pump dispenser, 1 or 1/2 of product is enough for my entire face. The texture is creamy and the scrub beads are so gentle, I use this after double cleanse my face 3-4 times per week.
The scrub beads are finely crushed, so together with the creamy consistency, everything glides onto skin smoothly. The texture is quite similar like a peeling gel but with a grainier texture. Normally, I will massage for 3-5minutes before rinse it. It just leave my skin super soft, just like a peeled off hard boiled egg. I'm very impressed with the outcome. Even I've been using it rigorously in a week, seriously, I've not encounter any dry patches or redness on my face after use. Words can't describe how much I like this and how well it has works for my sensitive skin. Besides, I noticed it helps to unclog my pores, helps better skincare absorption.
Other than that, I think it helps my skin glow and brightens up my complexion too. Happy! wee....

Some details about the product:-

Price: RM118 (depends on the beauty outlets)
Volume: 110mL
Scent: Clean, not over powering, not irritating (sorry, I'm really bad in describing scents)
Repurchase: Yes

All in all, this works for me. I highly recommend this for anyone who loving for a gentle yet effective face scrub. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin too. Thumbs up!