Favourites Basic Makeup 2014

Hello everyone.... 2014 is probably the year which I focused mostly on basic makeup and I'm just really enjoy the simple look.

Well, not much to share but these are those I love and used the most. Without further ado, here's my short listed items:

1. EcoTool Powder Brush - very soft. Pick up product at the right amount. Cleanse easily, almost no fall out
2. Clinelle Face Powder #ivory - good for my everyday use, light to medium coverage. It set onto my skin nicely without being too cakey. Last for more than 8 hours without making my skin look oily.
3. IOPE BB cushion # N21- this one is great. Probably the best base makeup I've ever come across last year. Korean do really know how to design a great makeup product. It just so easy to use. I'm using N21 because I don't think I need high coverage and I'm just prefer to have a natural look. I would say it gives me a nice glow, more likely to have semi matte/ not too dewy finish. Sometimes, I only use it under my eyes just to hide the dark circles. It matches my skin tone perfectly too. Not to mention, this one smell really, really good. It comes with 1 refill, just pop up the old one and snap the refill in. I am so freaking in love with it.
P.S: the cushion can dry up easily, so I just wash my hands, flip it and it still working very well.
4. Hourglass Ambient Lightning Powder # Diffused Heat - my best blushes for the year. The blush sit well on the skin, giving a nice glow. Even my mom got hooked in. For me, it is the best combination between a blusher and a highlighter. Since I got it, I've been using this every single day. I'm definitely going to check out more Hourglass products.
5. Anastasia Brow Wiz #Brunette - the high end brow thingy yet the thinnest eyebrow pen I've tried so far. It looks very natural. It has the best packaging, a brow product together with brush. And because if that, I can draw my brows nicely whether is thick or thin it still look great.
6. Za Ever Brows #Dark Brown. Nice, I think I've used 2 of this in the pass 4-5 months. Soft and nice color payoff. Is not as thin as the Anastasia brow wiz, but still it works well and easy to control. Budget friendly!
7. Cyber Color Automatic Brow Pen #08 Dark Brown .I have 4 backups of this in my drawer. Surprisingly it is cheaper than Za. I bought this at Sasa last month and really enjoy using it. It is not completely dark brown, I consider it as more like a ash brown but still look really nice. 
8. LipIce Sheer Color #Strawberry - everyday companion. Is a combination of lipbalm and lip color. It applies translucently and later on it will turn into a soft, lovely pink color. Plus it is strawberry scented.
9. Revlon Lipbutter #Berry Smoothie - natural looking lip product. It has some shimmer in it. It looks nice on my lips without being too overdone nor too glossy.Not sticky at all, most important my lips doesn't peel after using it. 
10. Tarte Eyeshadow Duo #Kalalau Trail - small enough to carry around. I can't recall when this came out. It was a Christmas gift from my secret santa few years back. Although it only has 2shades, I think it compliments each other really well. It is very versatile too. 
In case you are wondering the swatches. (my skin is dry) Left :heavy swatch, Right: lightly swatch. 
The golden shades look very settle on my lip, buttery soft and less fall out.
Dark brown shades can be used as liner / crease color/ smokey effect.
11. Smith's Rosebud Salve - great lip care product. I've been using it for years.
12. Majorlica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner #GR604. It is a felt tip liquid eye liner. Is dark green with some shimmer but very settle. Black is just way too boring since I don't use too much eyeshadow.
13. Maybelline Define A-Lash Mascara Waterproof # Very Black - lengthening, not clumping. Easy to remove.

Overall, I'm very happy to share with you all on my favourites for 2014. I hope you all find some lovely treasure in it as I do. I go a little bit crazy with brow last year because a define brows makes me look better and more confident. Among of items mentioned, IOPE BB cushion, Anastasia brow wiz and Hourglass ambient lightening blusher are some highlighted products which I think deserve the hype among beauty bloggers, Youtubers and makeup artist. Before I hit my last full stop, I hope you all enjoy reading and thank you for all the supports throughout the year(s).

Best Skincare and Short Brief on My Skincare Routine in 2014

Hello everyone.... this is going to be a long, long post. So, get yourself a cup of tea or any beverages, sit down and enjoy.
2014 has coming to an end and throughout the year I've tested quite a number of skincare from drugstore to high end (max. price RM300). Even until today, I still don't think there's a need for me to splurge such amount of money on a single piece of skincare. Not saying that I'm not going to, but at this moment, I don't feel like I need it. But I do splurge when it comes to sale, value sizes and bonus point. Oh, before I started please be informed that I've sensitive skin, oily in the T zone, dryer on U-zone, more leaning towards oily and combination skin type. So, in case you have similar skin type like mine, items I mentioned might suits you but we all know what suits me doesn't or 100% fits well to everyone.

( some items mentioned aren't in the photo)

Cleansing Oil 
Shu Uemura Anti Oxi cleansing oil. I just really like the thick texture. It just melt down all dirt and gunk on my face. I also noticed it helps to unclog my pores. 

Cleansing Lotion 
Simple cleansing lotion works just fine for me. Is light yet effective and most important it doesn't irritate my skin. However, do note that this only for very light makeup such as tinted moisturizer or sunscreen.

Cleansing Water 
Avene Micellar Lotion Makeup Remover. This is just perfect for the lazy me. Sometimes I just feel too tired to go trough all the cleansing steps before heading to bed. This cleansing water able to remove the stubborn lip stain from my lip balm without giving trouble rubbing my lips multiple times. It feels very soothing and comfortable too. Not drying or irritating at all. 

Face Cleanser
(i) Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. This is wonderful, it lathers up nicely after mixing with some water. I like how thorough it cleanse my skin without stripping away the skin natural oil. My skin feels clean but not dry. It works well with my Clarisonic Mia too.

(ii) Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser. This one feels more like a runny gel, I like the earthy scent (if that make sense) 'cause I smell sandalwood scent in it. Very gentle yet effective. When my skin is dry with patches, this cleanser literally keep everything under control. 
(iii)Cellnique Seaweed Cleansing Gel. This is very cooling and refreshing. I like to use it in the morning/ after workout/ hot weather. As much as the cooling scent wow me, I need to mention this product is slightly drying for my skin, especially on my dryer part such as cheek and chin. Anyway, I still really like it, just top up a little bit more hydrating stuff later on will do.

(i)Cellnique Soothing & Hydration Lotion. I've been using it for 2years, it just works really nice in soothes my sensitive skin. It smells like ginger water but with a cooling sensation. After cleansing, spritz it on face, pat, pat, pat and I'm done. It can be used as a quick pick me up face mask as well. Just soak in the cotton pat and leave onto face for 5mins and done. Light and non sticky. I will say this works more like a soothing toner rather than a hydrating toner.
(ii) Kiehl's Calendula Toner. A real flower in your toner. What?! but I just love it. Very gentle and hydrating. Basically it soothes my sensitive skin and red patches which sometimes can be very irritating and itchy. I will soak my cotton pad with it and wipe all over my face, turn the other side and start patting. 

Essence/ Serum
(i) Kiehl's Corrective Dark Spot Solution. This is amazing, it just makes my acne scars/marks getting less and less visible. It smells amazing too. However, I'm not sure if it really works on my pigmentation. So far so good on targeting my acne marks.
(ii) Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Serum. I've received so many compliments from friends and beautician on my skin tone after using this. It brightens up my complexion and also lightens up the whole complexion. It is light and non sticky, so no issue with balling up after apply moisturizer. This is more like a lightening and brightening serum.

(i) Simple Oil Balancing Moisturizer. I just can't stop repurchase it over again. It works very well for me, giving me a matte finish. As a daily day time moisturizer I think it works quite well and very budget friendly.
(ii) Biotherm Pure-fect Skin. I just use it for few months, it works effectively in controlling excess sebum and acne breakout. I don't use it every day because I find it slightly drying on several spots on my face. However, as a acne suppressor I think it works well. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial cream. Thick but not too oily. Heals most of my dry patches without breakout. A good night cream for my skin in air-cond room.

Massage cream
Kose Infinity Refining Massage cream. I've never buy massage cream till I have it out I'm amazed by the outcome. So basically I use it once a week or 2 weeks after deep cleansing with peeled of mask. Scoop out a generous amount of cream, massage all over the face, it feels thick at first, as I slowly massage the cream actually breaks down into a oil that glides smoothly on face. The scent is very lovely too. Then tissue or wash off, my skin feels instantly hydrates and plump. 

Facial Oil
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Smells like lavender, very soothing. A little goes a long way. I think it makes my skin glow.

Eye cream
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate. A little goes a long way, I expect it to be very heavy, but it turned out to be light and blendable. I like the texture and it absorbs very nicely around my eye area. I don't think it helps in dark circles but keeping further wrinkles around the eyes. The only matter me the most is the scent, a lil bit strong old lady scent.

(i)Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. I bought this few month ago, the texture is very thick and jelly. I see significant soothing and hydrating effects after use. Sometimes I apply a thicker layer on the top of all my skincare and leave it overnight. My skin feels plump and soft.
(ii) Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. A cerulean jelly mask, perfect for a lazy night. Is fast, simple and easy. 

Sheet Mask
(i) Naruko. Naruko always come up with great quality sheet mask. I do find them works very well on my skin. I have a range of Naruko masks and even though they might be targeting for different skin concern, I find them very hydrating and non sticky. Well, it absorbs very well and thoroughly into my skin. Each type makes my skin feel great, plump and brightens.
(ii) My Beauty Diary -Apple Polyphenol. Among all the ranges it has, this Apple Polyphenol works the best for me. It shrinks my pores, keeping it tight, non oily yet non drying. 1box=10pieces. Just love them so much. 

My skincare routine was short to pieces. Although I might be switching from products to products, I still using the same skincare steps.  I think keeping to the basic is just nice but adding some extra time and effort make a huge difference.

1. I cleanse my face with cleansing oil most of the time. But I do switch to cleansing lotion or water whenever I only have sunscreen or in lazy mood.
2. Always use Clarisonic Mia to clean my face during the night time.
3. Apply toner using cotton pad, it still can lift up some dirt that are not been remove. And cotton pad will ensure the toner being disperse better all over the face and pores

4. Layer with serum, sometimes I use more than 1 just really depends what my skin needs actually.
5. Focusing on hydration, even oily skin needs hydration and moisturizer. Dryer skin condition need thicker cream/ gel cream/ facial treatment oil.
6. I use sheet mask/ gel mask every other day or 3 times a week. Just in case my skin is terribly dry, I will use a sleeping mask every single night .
7. Apply sunscreen after all the basic skincare.

** additional - use a gentle face scrub 3-4 times a week, I think it makes my skin looks clearer and products absorb better. Massage the entire face at least once a week, it makes my skin so smooth, soft, supple and bouncier. **

Checking on My 2014 Resolution and Personal Highlights

It is already 2015 and it is time to check back last year resolution before start drafting and list out the new, new year resolutions/ goals for 2015. Besides, I would like to share some personal highlights in this post as well because some of it made me grow as a better person.

Well, well... I think I hit most of it.... wee~~~~


  • Managed to keep in touch with parents and sibling as much as possible. More gathering with lil brother during his foundation year in his pre-uni year.
  • Maintained a good relationship with most of family members.
  • Visit relatives in Malacca twice 
 - I've been driving back and forth to visiting my lil brother for almost 6months. It took a lot of encouragements, responsibilities, love and care. 
- Took bus back to Malacca just to visit my aunties and cousins. My butt was sore as the travelling time took almost 8hours. But it is worth it for a family gathering.


  • I've signed up for gym workout. Apparently it is working very well. I've lost almost 5kg and more tone and firm. 
- I came up with some vegan salad and smoothie recipe.
- I workout more and meet new friends. Attending aerobic classes and zumba dance which is so much fun, way beyond than I've ever imagine.
- I also feel more confident and happier. Best part is I can fit it most of the clothing now.Yay!

Failed. I bought so many, way too many.
- Although I've spent over the month of Sept - Dec, I have a new friend aka the partner of crime. She introduced some really great quality makeup which I adore, helping me getting stuffs I can't get in my little town, deliver things to me... aww... uncountable. And I just want to tell out loud...I do really appreciate and grateful to know her as a friend.

I would give myself 50%. I actually save quite a lot early of the year but over spent by the month of Sept till Dec.


  • Visited to KL, met up some old friends.
  • Visited to Yunnam in April. The YuLong snow mountain and the scenery is wonderful.
I think travel is a must for me mainly because it rejuvenates my tired brain and body. Most tour is tired, no lie, it is tiring but I'm really happy when I got the 1 week time off to a new place with my hubby, seeing some nice scenery, enjoying some fresh air and the lush of nature. No words able to describe how happy am I to have wonderful travel moments with my husband. Is like you're so busy with work 24/7 and suddenly there's a break with no disturbance from work/ customers and mobile phone, that was very, very great.

Despite of all those airplanes missing& crashes incidents, nature disaster -floods, steeped dropped in MYR currency... 2014 was pretty amazing for me. I've learned a lot regarding time management, family, loves and hope. So, always remember to be grateful for what you've because we never know when the precious things will slip trough our fingers. Whenever you almost give up, please be positive because it generates positive thoughts and energy. 

If you aren't doing well in 2014, don't give up, start planning for 2015. It is still the beginning of the year. Just make sure to have a check list on what you planned to achieve in 2015 and do you very best to resolve it.