Checking on My 2014 Resolution and Personal Highlights

It is already 2015 and it is time to check back last year resolution before start drafting and list out the new, new year resolutions/ goals for 2015. Besides, I would like to share some personal highlights in this post as well because some of it made me grow as a better person.

Well, well... I think I hit most of it.... wee~~~~


  • Managed to keep in touch with parents and sibling as much as possible. More gathering with lil brother during his foundation year in his pre-uni year.
  • Maintained a good relationship with most of family members.
  • Visit relatives in Malacca twice 
 - I've been driving back and forth to visiting my lil brother for almost 6months. It took a lot of encouragements, responsibilities, love and care. 
- Took bus back to Malacca just to visit my aunties and cousins. My butt was sore as the travelling time took almost 8hours. But it is worth it for a family gathering.


  • I've signed up for gym workout. Apparently it is working very well. I've lost almost 5kg and more tone and firm. 
- I came up with some vegan salad and smoothie recipe.
- I workout more and meet new friends. Attending aerobic classes and zumba dance which is so much fun, way beyond than I've ever imagine.
- I also feel more confident and happier. Best part is I can fit it most of the clothing now.Yay!

Failed. I bought so many, way too many.
- Although I've spent over the month of Sept - Dec, I have a new friend aka the partner of crime. She introduced some really great quality makeup which I adore, helping me getting stuffs I can't get in my little town, deliver things to me... aww... uncountable. And I just want to tell out loud...I do really appreciate and grateful to know her as a friend.

I would give myself 50%. I actually save quite a lot early of the year but over spent by the month of Sept till Dec.


  • Visited to KL, met up some old friends.
  • Visited to Yunnam in April. The YuLong snow mountain and the scenery is wonderful.
I think travel is a must for me mainly because it rejuvenates my tired brain and body. Most tour is tired, no lie, it is tiring but I'm really happy when I got the 1 week time off to a new place with my hubby, seeing some nice scenery, enjoying some fresh air and the lush of nature. No words able to describe how happy am I to have wonderful travel moments with my husband. Is like you're so busy with work 24/7 and suddenly there's a break with no disturbance from work/ customers and mobile phone, that was very, very great.

Despite of all those airplanes missing& crashes incidents, nature disaster -floods, steeped dropped in MYR currency... 2014 was pretty amazing for me. I've learned a lot regarding time management, family, loves and hope. So, always remember to be grateful for what you've because we never know when the precious things will slip trough our fingers. Whenever you almost give up, please be positive because it generates positive thoughts and energy. 

If you aren't doing well in 2014, don't give up, start planning for 2015. It is still the beginning of the year. Just make sure to have a check list on what you planned to achieve in 2015 and do you very best to resolve it. 

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