Happy Mail ~♥

Hooray, hooray... I'm super excited each time the postman rang my door bell. I happy to see the postman because parcel reached me. Yes, finally.... It is just so thrilling.

I ordered the triplet Peter Thomas Roth gel mask. Yet to try them, just curious how great they are. I've been eyeing on Too Faced Natural Eyes since it released few years ago, never really bought it each time it was on sale. I'm glad that this time, it comes in a tin palette instead of the hard board box packing. Is time to change my wallet, it just too old to serve my, so I choose to buy fossil. It was on 33% off at Nordstorm. Glad that I picked it up.

A friend of mine, well, she actually helped me bought so much goodies. Seriously, we discuss on newly released makeup, special event (sales), skincares and much more. I'm so thankful and grateful to now her.
Pretty, thank you so much!

I got a new skincare set, thank God the Biotherm skincare is not too big in size, else it would have take my some times to finish them. Will definitely do a review soon.

My 1st ever YSL lipstick, so stunning and graceful, standing still right in front of me ... Gasp!!!

Blushes and MSF from the MAC Osbourne collection. Swatches and review up soon. Stay tune...

I'm going to have a short vacation these few days, meeting up some ex colleagues and university housemates.  Of course, I'm also excited to get some skincare/ makeup during this trip. Hopefully everything goes on smoothly as what have been planned.

Happy Weekends

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