Review: Eucerine White Therapy Gentle Cleansing Gel

Hello everyone, I'm currently using Eucerin White Therapy Cleansing gel as part of my cleansing routine.
I'm also using the Cellnique gentle foaming wash when I feel my face more to the oily side. I've to admit that I'm come to a stage where skincare has become so, so important in my beauty routine.

I have sensitive, dry and combination skin due to the use of clindamycin - antibiotic gel to kill the acne bacteria. It heals but it make my skin suffer from dryness for few days after each application. Anyway, that's that, I'm currently using this cleansing gel. I like how it feels on my skin and after cleansing.

Some details of the product:

The cleansing gel cost around RM29, which I think is quite worth it for such big tube. I heard some great reviews about Eucerine products but never really have a chance to try it. I bought it few months back. The product doesn't have any scent. It squeeze out from tube in a yellow translucent gel.

I start with washing my face with plain water -> squeeze about 3-5cm gel -> rub between my palm and gently apply all over my face

As always, I like to clean my face with small circular motion, the product make my skin feel cool and tingling. Glad it doesn't make my cheek look red. Then I'll splash with cool/ luke warm water for at least 10 times. Haha.. just to ensure thorough clean.

I'm glad that this product save my dry skin when it reaches its sensitive/dry skin day. It helps to clean the skin nicely without stripping any natural oil/moisture from my skin. It just makes my skin feels clean, soft and supple.

I will definitely bought my 2nd tube after finished my current tube.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.
Have a nice Friday~

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