Lips Food with Dark Chocolate & Peppermint?

Hello..... Hmmmmmmm.... who doesn't love Dark chocolate & peppermint, perfect combo!
But. Wait. It is now in form of lipbutter. How nice is that!

After watching the monthly favourite from Zoella I decided to give it a try. I like lipbalm, especially the handy version, no fingers dipping in and out, on and off from the tin. 
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula always have really nice things to try and the signature cocoa scent is a yay for me, but nay for those who hate sweet cocoa scent.

Item retails for around RM11-13 depends which drugstore you're visit to.
I like the slanted application part, makes life so much easier, not a problem at all if you got no mirror.

It leave a cool minty hint on the lips, it feels nice. Haha! The lip butter is translucent but give a nice glossy finish, look great even apply on its own. I like to use this during night time, as a lip therapy. I love to put on a thick layer, it doesn't feel sticky at all. The next morning, no more flaky dry lips... Hurray!

Lastly.... have fun trying tasty lipbalms.... I know Smackers has lots .... hehe!

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