Memories of February 2013

Month of February is always the shortest yet the sweetest ever. I'm the February baby and Valentines fall  on this month. I've so many joyful moment last month.

During the Chinese New Year I got to met with my relatives and cousin sister and her little baby boy from UK. I've never met the little ones since he was born, such a cute boy. I got to stay with family for about 5 days which I'm happy enough and cherish every moment with them. I'm working on Saturday and Sunday almost every week since a lot of staff where on maternity leave. I'm wonder if hubby really can think like a normal workers instead of being ''boss-minded''.

During my birthday hubby bought me a huge cake. I got to celebrate with his family and got red packets as brithday gifts. It was nice. I'm thankful for that.

I ate more muffins from Mister Donut because it was having buy 1 free 1 promotions which last for about a week. I bought it almost everyday.

Some drugstore skincare and supplement that I've taking/ using at this moment. I'll do review for the Avene cleansing water next time.

I made some splurged for my skincare from Cellnique. I just can't leave without some of them. The correct medicine that my skin need. Since my purchase was quite huge, I got to enjoy the 25% off. Happy!!! Plus, hubby sponsored some $$$ too....

Window shopping  and I came across Daiso. This japanese shop really grab people attention and the item are affordable. I bought some handicraft items, but still waiting for a really good spare time to start my art work. Very cute aren't they? I especially love their cotton puffs..... Perrrrrfect!

The Le Plaige from Longchamp..... Red !
Perfect size for shopping especially on Saturday.... no plastic bags!

Last but not least, my Valentines gift from Hubby.... the soft pussy cat pencil case.. I prefer to keep it as a decoration. So cute, how am I supposed to put things into its stomach... and his stomach is so cute too...
you see, so many kittens....

Have a nice day!


  1. sweetest valentine's gift from your hubby, that cat & I love the Longchamp bag. Cute hauls, I love Queen Helene mask, cheap...but very effective

  2. Happy belated birthday! The pencil case is soo cute :D


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