Weight Loss: Step 1 Planning Meal

Hello.... I've decided to start my 2013 weight loss program. I'm hoping that by the month of Aug I will manage to shed of at least 5kg. I've joined a weight management program last year, a community service organized by The Board of Malaysia Pharmacist. The program last about 3 months and I managed to reduce 3kg. In addition, I also practice yoga and it feels soooooo good.

This year, I decided to plan my own weight loss program. I've bought some supplements such as Lecithin and fat burner powder.
Lecithin will help to increase fat metabolism
Fat Burner taste like hot chocolate drink, this will help to burn fat (not sure how it will works)

Haha... I will monitor my weight for 3weeks from now onwards.

Here's my 1st step:
these are the food of my choice after considering my working routine

Morning Breakfast

  • 1 hard boiled egg + Fat Burner (chocolate Drink)
  • 2 slices whole meal bread (with peanut butter & fruit jam)
  • pancake + bacon
  • Nestle cereal with skim milk


  • 1/2rice with stir fried vegetables + 1 fish (steam fish preferably)
  • fried vermicelli (meehun)
  • noodles
  • spaghetti

keep it as light as possible

  • fat burner drink with oat
  • salads (fruits/ vegetables)
  • soups (avoid creamy/starchy)

Get into weight loss isn't easy for anyone. I feel it is a very hard task because I'm not tiny at all... Hahaa
I've searched some website and the salads seems to be very nice. Do check them if you find them interested by click on the link below.

Salads Recipes, Salads from Taste.com, Simply recipes

Let's start from now.... No more excuses.... If you would like to join me with this weight loss program, do share your tips, we can encourage each other. Simply drop a comment so that I can drop your blog a visit
Thanks and lets do it!

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