Current Skincare Product -- Kose Infinity Pure Advance

My current skincare routine using Kose Infinity Pure Advace. I bought this set last month, after my wedding. I've been using Cellnique skincare for quite some time now, I'm just bored with it and my skin seems not liking some of it anymore, so I thought giving a try for Kose. Previously, I bought Kose Sekkesei Set, it doesn't work well for me and it took almost a year for me to finish it. This time, I decided to try out their Infinity Pure Advance.

Basically the Infinity Pure Advance series is recommended for:
  •  women in their twenties and early thirties
  •  women who noticed visible pores, dryness and fine wrinkles

When I noticed my pores becomes more and more visible, I started to take countermeasures hoping that I'm not too late to start an anti-aging skincare. Everyone will age but age gracefully is another story. I visited to my nearby Kose shop, yes there's Kose shop instead of outlet nearby my house. The SA is very helpful. I told her I was looking for a moisturizer and toner because I was running out of these items. She checked my skin and recommended me to get Kose Infinity Pure Advance set. I am happy with her recommendation.

This series cares for opened pores due to many reasons such as dryness, sagging pores, and blackheads cause by dirt and excess sebum. It helps to create a hydrated and elastic skin that appears poreless. 
My skin condition is dry at the outer layer but oily inside. I experience dry skin but I can't use thick texture moisturizer, else I will experience clog pores and acne breakouts.

Below are the Kose items I'm using, not all are full size some are samples I received from the SA to try out and all these made a complete skincare.

 After my cleansing, these are what I apply onto my face accordingly:

  1. Infinity Clear Force (sample)
  2. Moisture Skin Repair
  3. Pure Advance Essence Lotion I
  4. Infinity Astringent (sample)
  5. Pure Advance Serum I

Pictures attached are the texture of each products. Clear Force has a thick gel like texures, Moisture Skin Repair has a liquid serum like texture. The Pure Advance Essence Loion I is toner , so does the Infinity Astringent.

Reviews & how I use each items:

Infinity Clear Force (sample)
  • this item belongs to another group of infinity skincare. It is a gel emulsion with strong moisturizing and softening effect.
  • pour a 20cents size of clear force onto cotton pad, then wipe over the entire face
  • the product claimed to remove dead skin cells, clears roughness,dullness and provides better products absorption and penetration
  • I find this works just nice, and after wipe, I noticed some dirt on the cotton pad. Sort of another cleansing steps after face wash. 
  • full size :200ml, not sure I will repurchase after done with the sample size
Moisture Skin Repair
details adapted from
  • I  use this after cleansing my face and before toner. According to details in the website, it suppose to help absorption of the following products, sort of prep the skin before further skincare
  • It feels like a runnier gel but more to liquid consistency. 
  • Normally I will use 2-3pumps on my palm, pat it all over my entire face, feels good.
  • But if I've finished up this bottle, I don't think I will not repurchase it as I don't see the need or the purpose of having this item. But overall it is quite good.
Pure Advance Essence Lotion I
  • the 3rd product I apply, I like the packaging, it comes with a dispensing pump which is very easy to use. I will pump 2-3pumps onto my cotton pad, wipe all over my face, flip to the other side and pat the toner onto my cheek, forehead and chin.
  • the toner isn't moisturizing as what I expected it to be, good thing it helps in control my sebum secretion around my T-zone and helps the next product(s) to absorb more easily.
  • Price: RM 169 /160ml
Infinity Astringent (sample)
  • surprisingly, I use 2 toners in my current skincare. 
  • the SA told me to pat 20times each time I use, I was like what? she said it will shrink the pores. Oh my, 20times is a lot and by the time I reach that 20th pat, the toner might all evaporate to no where.
  • each time I use it, I can feel my skin is refresh, I'm not sure if it helps to shrink pores but this definitely helps a lot in control sebum secretion
  • down side: it contains alcohol which may cause dry skin to become even drier
  • I'm not getting the full size after finish this, I think 1 good hydrating toner will do just fine for my skin

Infinity Kose Pure Advance Serum I
  • a light gel texture moisturizer though on the packaging it written as serum
  • the website claimed it able to adjust the balance of sebum in skin that is prone to stickiness/shine
  • I find that this gel moisturizer is light and very suitable for my day time use but when it comes to night time skincare routine, I feel my skin need more hydration, and I need a heavier gel cream/cream then.
  • I recommend this for anyone who have oily skin, it truly helps in oil control by providing the right proportion of oil and water in the skin. Bear in mind, we all have different skin, what works for me might not works for you, but you can get sample from the SA before commit to a full size product
  • Because it is so light, the product absorb easily without leaving stickiness behind. So, by topping up my sunscreen in day time skincare routine, everything starts and ends nicely.
  • Price: RM169/50g
  • Repurchase: Yes 

In a nutshell, Kose Infinity Pure Advance skincare works pretty nicely for me but I'm not super overwhelming with it. I'm already in my mid twenties and I truly need to start include anti-aging products into my skin. I think the whole range is not bad but I was expecting something more, something wow me. Since it claimed to shrink pores, I was hoping to see a visible result after almost a month of usage. I'm not sure if my pores look smaller but I do experience less oily skin. My skin is more stable now and less clogged pores and breakouts. The whole skincare set works so far so good.  I sleep in air-conditioning room, if I didn't use a heavier moisturizer, my skin will look like old haggard the next day. I'm pleased to tell, my current skincare using the almost complete Kose Infinity Pure Advance skincare set,  I only need to incorporate some other night cream into my night time skincare routine since the moisturizing is way too light to be used during the night. I might look into other Infinity series skincare, who knows I will find something nice to treat my skin. Tee hee... hope you enjoy reading my review. Have a nice day!


  1. Such a great and useful post. Thanks for sharing <3
    I'm 20 but my skin has already appeared visible pores. I'm wondering that are Kose Infinity Pure Advance products suitable for my skin? Is this too soon to use serum?

  2. I'm 20 and I'm wondering that are Kose Infinity Pure Advance products suitable for my skin? My skin has already appeared visible pores but is this too soon to use serum?

  3. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by. I don't think using a serum at age 20 is too soon/early. Lots of people having skin aging since their early age, including me... starting to use serum early shouldn't be a problem, as long as you choose the right one, everything is fine.

  4. What age group is sekkisei for? I'm thinking of getting sekkisei set

    1. Sekkisei comes in few choices... if I'm not mistaken there's one for acne prone skin (green color) and blue sekkisei. Personally I think teenager age can start to use sekkisei, unless you are looking for anti aging series, then you can opt for Kose infinity range

  5. I myself am using the Moisture Skin Repair & Pure Advance Serum I, they are very good! You should try the facial wash as well :)

  6. hi, are these kose series safe for expecting mom?

    1. Hi dear, I think it shouldn't be any problem ;]


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