Project Re-love: Thought of Revlon Lip Butters

I decided to start a project called Re-love. Basically it is something I used to love but been forgotten as time pass by. The quantity of having lipsticks for a women is infinity, is never enough for us and we never stop buying things we love. But then, how much can we really use? Few days ago I spring cleaned my makeup box, I threw away some expired and long ignored eye palettes and lipstick. I did struggled a short while before putting some loved products into rubbish bag. So, to prevent further wastage I thought starting a 'project re-love' will be just nice.

Basically this whole project is about finding and alternate using some used products. It can be anything I've missed out after stored them in boxes or left aside. I owned 4 lip butters from Revlon, all of these were purchased during BOGO sales. I'm quite conservative on lip products, I don't go for neon or super bright colors, I prefer something more flattering and suits for everyday use.

Here I represent my 4 Revlon lip butters (from left to right):
Cherry Tart, Berry Smoothie, Sweet Tart, Strawberry short cake

color swatches (from left to right ): cherry tart, berry smoothie, sweet tart, strawberry shortcake

Personally I think these color suits my asian skin tone very well. I enjoying using these color so much. The colors are very build-able.

  • For day to day, I like to use berry smoothie, it is a very easy to go with color. 
  • Cherry tart appeal to be redder than  I thought, so I only use dabbing motion during application, I like the red tint, not overly done, just very natural. 
  • Sweet tart is a brighter blue tone pink. I don't really use this during working hour. I prefer to use it during weekend, or on a relaxing day. A plain shirt with a nice part of  shorts/jeans, 1-2 swipe of this on lips and you are ready to go.
  • Strawberry shortcake maybe the least favourite. The pink is more blue tone and light. Sometimes the color accentuates my lip lines and making my teeth look yellow. I might look a bit sick too when my complexion is dull and tired. But overall, this is still a nice color to have, I only apply with light handed and it looks okay and still flattering.
The only complains I have with the lip butters are:
  • doesn't last long. I do need to reapply every 3-4 hours
  • it is drying and makes my lips peel (sometimes)
In a nutshell, I have love and hate relationship with these lippies. Since I mentioned it is Project Re-love, which means there are still parts of the pros from these lip butters that had a stand in my heart. I advice anyone who wants to try and use, please get your lips scrubs and moisturize before apply the lip butters. This really helps in terms of colors and reduce the appearance of lip lines. Well, I love lip butters and I don't mind to tolerate with the dryness, I apply lipbalm every now and then when using the Revlon lip butters.

Happy Saturday, any plan for this weekends? 

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