Favourties of The Month: January'16

Wow, I can't believe that January is almost end. The whole month just flew by like that but I'm glad to tell that the entire month was a fruitful one. As usual the beginning of the year is busy because every company is rushing on their account side, doing lots of documentation works, cash flow and stock forecast....phew!

My favourites for this month consists some skincare, an eye palette, shower gel and the long lost (I thought I've lost it during last year spring cleaning). My hubby said, I'm too good in hiding stuffs @.@|||

Lush Showe Gel -- Hot Toddy
This stuff smell so good! It  has the combination of Christmasy spices which I actually only use it during my night time shower. It has a very warm, cozy, cuddling scent that makes me want to jump into my bed after the hot shower. Great for cold weather...

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser
This comes in my Sephora order early this month. It smells like oranges. I've heard people raving about it for a long time but just never thought to give it a try. Well, it is a translucent gel with tiny little beads which meant for a gentle exfoliation. Actually the beads are very gentle and the gel actually lathers quite well. I use this in the morning and just like its name ... REFRESHING! 

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream
I have difficulties searching a good eye cream, most of the eye cream is either too rich or too light. Plus, some eye cream just rolled into eraser dust and mess up during concealing under eye circles. I'm quite surprise that this eye cream has been working very well on me. At least it hydrates for not oily, and I do not have any issue with messy eraser dust on my skin. It looks like shimmery cream in the little jar but glides on like a dream. It is almost fragrance free and leaves a mild tingling feeling around my eye area. I think it has some firming effects too.  Because it is a shimmery cream, it helps to brighten up the eye area. Not to worry because the shimmer is too fine to be detected.

Olay Total Effects 7inOne Advanced daily moisturizer with cooling essence

Night time moisturizer. Olay is a drugstore brand that creates good quality of skincare in a very affordable price. It soothes my flakes in just few days. I have AHA peeled this month and blah... my skin just can't take it, my whole chin flakes till my hubby thought it was my saliva that dried up. So, after I cleanse my skin, I apply this as my night cream, the next morning, my skin becomes soothed and no more flakiness.

Kose Infinity Deep Moisture Concentrate
This is a semi gel like serum, because of the thick consistency I prefer to use this during night time. It helps a lot on my drier skin.

Bath & Body Works 3wick Candle -- Lemon Verbena
*shouder shrugs* I have no idea where I've kept this but I'm glad I found it. I always have a soft spot for lemon. It smells so refreshing and clean. Even my hubby can't stop light up the candle!

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette

OMG! this is such an amazing palette. It actually released last year but after reading good reviews from bloggers I decided to own it. Whether is from packaging towards the texture, pigmentation it definitely worth an A. It is very versatile because most of the colors are very wearable. The darker matte colors can be used as eyeliner whereas shades like African voilet and bamboo are good to be used as its own. I'm so in love with this palette!

The Newbie Life Planner & Journal

Hello, this year I try to have a life planner and a journal. I see lots of bloggers and Youtubers are talking about journal and there are actually a lot of brands with different price range and attractive bargains. Since I'm just a newbie I thought to pass all those and just jumped into the planner and journal bandwagon.

Basically what I used are just planner and journal given by customer and also business supplier. Then, I purchased some extra bits and bops such as stamps, stack-able ink pads, colored ball pens, colored pencils and highlighter. If possible, try to add on some stickers, post it notes will be great!

What do I do with my life planner? 
I only put in my daily to do list so that more tasks can be done within a day, also I add on my medical check up, facial appointments and date which I plan to have sauna. You can have a life planner by using a stack of blank paper and books. It is very easy to DIY and have fun with it. If you prefer to have a life planner that is ready to be used, just ordered it online, there are so many choices out there with pretty covers, accessories, ring combs etc! So much to choose... 

What do I think about life planner?
I think it is such a great idea to have a life planner. Although it is a digital world, having something written on and ticked if it is done make me feel accomplished. I find it is another way to reduce my stress level too. I have started my life planner this year and it has been almost a month, I think the outcome is quite positive. I tend to get it check every night after shower. If some things couldn't be done, I will postpone it to some other days and make sure it be done the next time.

How about Journal?
I think I enjoy the whole journal thing but not on daily kind of personal journal. Most of the time I find myself using my current journal as a prayer's journal where I jotted down inspired quotes/ notes from the bible or any Christians article that really touches my heart. Besides, I also list down the things I want to pray. In my point of view, journal helps to express my emotions and also make me feel relieve as I wrote down the prayers. Well, well.... it is just something very personal and I do it almost 5 to 6 days in a week.

Journal is very different with life planner, some people choose to have either one, whereas some prefer to have both. For me, I prefer both because it feels weird to write down everything in the planner regardless MUST DO or HOW I FEEL TODAY.

If you are a newbie like me, I suggest not to buy any expensive planner or journal straight away. Try it on small note pad, DIY stacks of paper first because it will be such a waste if you decided to quit in the middle. I still find that doing daily life planning to do list and journal need perseverance. It something you need to do constantly and daily without feel burden or bored
Once you think you are ready and can't live without a life planner and a journal, you are then allow to order your very own personal life planner and journal. Oh well, if you feel you're ready for it, you may order or buy it anytime now.

Will I buy A Life Planner & Journal?
 Yes, I think I will order a life planner next year or probably around Oct-Nov. I want something that is very practical without too much fancy things. However, I don't think I'm ready to buy a journal because it is just a book and *ahem* a stacks of paper will be just nice too. Getting into the life planner bandwagon is really good as I got to have a checklist of things to do and able to write down things I've planned for.

Motivation : Look At the Bright Side

( image: Pinterest)

Last week when I watched Youtube and newspaper I came across a lot of negative incident happening to people all around the world. Whether it is a disaster, bad news, bad economics the days still have to continue and instead of feel sad all the time, why not just look on the brighter side, at least your mind isn't immerse in all the negative thoughts.

I've faced with sad incidents too and I feel very bad about it, even until now it still cause an impact on me. When I browsed through Pinterest (let me tell you, this place is really interesting), this positive notes just caught my eyes. It feels so true and so real, even someone with a broken heart will still able to look on the bright side, it makes me feel so good and filled with positive vibes.

Talking about the intense economy in Malaysia, a lot of people lose their jobs, companies started to cut cost and sometimes we just can't help it especially if you're the bread winner of the family. Almost everything are costly right now, the streets are not as busy as previous years although Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Almost everyone has their problems and difficulties to deal with, I experienced it and I know it isn't easy. But instead of mingle around with all those issues why not just take a break and look on something better, something nicer with hopes. I bet, it will be a good one and it's gonna be alright, it is just the matter of time to heal those pain, to boost up our economy and to get a new job.

Happy Friday !

Top Picks for Sensitive/Dry Skin

When it comes to weather changes and hormonal changes my skin reacts the most. I don't fall sick but my skin suffers a lot especially my face! But I've noticed with proper use of cleansers and boosters the redness and flakiness have clearly reduced.

I've few cleansers recommendation over here:

1. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
This is a very gentle cleanser with a little bit of foams. The more water you add in between massage the more foams you'll get. Surprisingly, it cleanse my skin nicely and without all those pulling and drying feeling. When I have flakes around my cheeks, this cleanser doesn't sting on any dried almost wounded skin.

2. PureViVi Cleansing Lotion
Just like any cleansing water, it is the fastest way to remove any residue of makeup. I suggest to use this for quick cleansing routine but always follow up with a cleanser, I prefer double cleanse to ensure my skin is thoroughly cleanse. The cleansing water has a very similar scent like the Hada Labo cleanser. It feels cooling on the skin, so it soothes the redness and irritation. Only to use on light makeup if you're a heavy makeup user, please use a cleansing milk (mild than cleansing oil).

3. Philosophy Purity Cleanser
One of the famous cleanser, it feels like gel and almost foams free. The scent of this cleanser is very earthy more like a sandalwood scent. It removes dirt and makeup residue gently. If you prefer gel like cleanser, this will be the one to try. As you massage when cleansing your skin, the gel glides on smoothly and just rinse off with running water. The skin feels clean and fresh.

4. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
The texture is similar like the Philosophy Purity cleanser but this is way more silky and runnier. I like how it helps to remove the last trace of makeup such as lipstick stains, mascara stains under the eye area. Good to tell it doesn't sting my eyes. Yay! I find it is such a good travel companion because it helps to remove my light makeup as well. 

5. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser
This stuff smells clean, nothing too fancy but works really well on my sensitive skin. Tiny bit goes a long way so my actual size of this cleanser last me for 3 months I believe. It foams up really well, so if you prefer a good foaming cleanser, this is the one.

6. Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Face Wash
As for a budget friendly cleanser, opt for this. I find that a lot of whitening cleanser is either too dry or too rich (leave a film on skin). Hada Labo cleanser actually works really well and all have the similar clean smell. Although it foams very well, it doesn't strip my skin nor making my skin feels too dry nor still dirty. 

7. Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam
Just like the name printed on the tube-- extra creamy! You actually have to squeeze it onto your palm, mix water and whisk it, ya, whisk it till it have soft peaks, just like making cake/bakery. Then use those foams to cleanse your face, tell ya it feels so comfortable and fun. My mom use this for a long, long time and I just so glad that she lend me her deluxe sample to try out. 


1. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub
Normal scrub but the beads are really tiny, so no issue with over scrubbing your face. When your skin is dry and patchy, facial scrub comes in, after removed the flakes and dead skin cells, apply a good amount of moisturizer and have a good sleep. Your skin will be so smooth and glowing.

2. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask
A quick perk me up. I recommend to keep it in fridge (summer day), room temperature ( normal weather). I feel so good and soothing. After I deep cleanse my skin with all those peeling, peel-off mask, I apply a thick layer of gel mask, leave it for 15-20mins, take a wet cloth and remove the gel mask. No more redness, no more flakiness on the skin.

3. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
When I 1st come across facial oil, I think yucks! This completely change my perspective on facial oil. A good facial oil will do wonders to you skin, this is so true. It actually helps to moisturize it, some sort like a deeper layer of moisturizer. The oil just sinks into the skin, unlike other oil floats on the skin. What I like to do is use this alone after my serum or add 1 drops into my freshly pumped moisturizer, mix well and massage upwards onto face. The lavender scent is so soothing and relaxing.

A Comforting Dinner

Dealing with loss isn't easy especially on something that meant so much to me. I feel very down most of the times even it has been almost 2months. The working environment and the workload itself also suffocates me a lot. I just can't help myself and when I'm alone, I soak my pillows and bed sheets with gallons of tears.

I've been always thankful and grateful to have my hubby who is so understanding and loving. We had a nice dinner twice last week although both of us are really busy. I think people nowadays tend to work way too hard, seriously I've been working 7days in a row per week too! Often, we tend to spend most of our times in office and missed out happy family times. In my opinion, this is a very unhealthy trend and one day you will be so, so EMO.

No matter how busy you are, spare some times for your loves one and for those who are important. Having a short break from work and enjoying the rest of the time with family or friends make me feel so good, at least I can feel the warmth of love. Take a break and have a nice meal, nothing is better than this.

Mails from Last Year Order

The beginning of a new year makes me feel extremely excited but also stress out. There's too many things swirling inside my mind and I wonder when will it ready to be settled down. It is just too tiring to think about.

Last week, while I was rushing doing the company year end closing I received my mail from my last year order from Sephora sale and also Victoria Secret. It was very delightful and this mail had really made me feel so much better, it was like a treat for a long hour of stressful workout.

I didn't order too many things because of the currency rate and all I had order from Sephora was more towards achieving a glowy complexion rather than newly released or seasonal items. I've tried the Guerlain Meteorites #Clair02, Benefit Dandelion and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder #Mood Light. Well, they are very nice and feels very smooth on the skin. As for the rest, I'll have a review someday when I've tried them.

Besides than this, my Victoria Secret order is something I'm looking forward too, all those sexy garments and lingerie ... well, well.. who doesn't get attracted with these gorgeous little things! I've seen a mixture of reviews before I actually placed in my order, the bras were really well made and most important is  they fit and adheres very, very nicely and comfortably. I especially in love with the Body by Victoria Push up bra and Dream Angles Push up bra. As for the lingerie and under garments the Body by Victoria Cheekini and Sexy little things Lacie babydoll are just perfect, the texture of the items are good in quality so price wise, it is still worth the money. Just an advice, please make sure your size when you place in any online order on VS, some items can run to a huge size whereas some just a tad bit smaller. Thank God, I only had minor issue with the quality of the order 2 pieces of lingerie which I expect the texture of satin to feel smooth and luxury and yet it turn out to be other way round.

Overall, I'm happy with my mail that came in at the right time. I hope I'll be able to blog more regularly and my sadness can be healed as time passed by.