A Comforting Dinner

Dealing with loss isn't easy especially on something that meant so much to me. I feel very down most of the times even it has been almost 2months. The working environment and the workload itself also suffocates me a lot. I just can't help myself and when I'm alone, I soak my pillows and bed sheets with gallons of tears.

I've been always thankful and grateful to have my hubby who is so understanding and loving. We had a nice dinner twice last week although both of us are really busy. I think people nowadays tend to work way too hard, seriously I've been working 7days in a row per week too! Often, we tend to spend most of our times in office and missed out happy family times. In my opinion, this is a very unhealthy trend and one day you will be so, so EMO.

No matter how busy you are, spare some times for your loves one and for those who are important. Having a short break from work and enjoying the rest of the time with family or friends make me feel so good, at least I can feel the warmth of love. Take a break and have a nice meal, nothing is better than this.

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