The Newbie Life Planner & Journal

Hello, this year I try to have a life planner and a journal. I see lots of bloggers and Youtubers are talking about journal and there are actually a lot of brands with different price range and attractive bargains. Since I'm just a newbie I thought to pass all those and just jumped into the planner and journal bandwagon.

Basically what I used are just planner and journal given by customer and also business supplier. Then, I purchased some extra bits and bops such as stamps, stack-able ink pads, colored ball pens, colored pencils and highlighter. If possible, try to add on some stickers, post it notes will be great!

What do I do with my life planner? 
I only put in my daily to do list so that more tasks can be done within a day, also I add on my medical check up, facial appointments and date which I plan to have sauna. You can have a life planner by using a stack of blank paper and books. It is very easy to DIY and have fun with it. If you prefer to have a life planner that is ready to be used, just ordered it online, there are so many choices out there with pretty covers, accessories, ring combs etc! So much to choose... 

What do I think about life planner?
I think it is such a great idea to have a life planner. Although it is a digital world, having something written on and ticked if it is done make me feel accomplished. I find it is another way to reduce my stress level too. I have started my life planner this year and it has been almost a month, I think the outcome is quite positive. I tend to get it check every night after shower. If some things couldn't be done, I will postpone it to some other days and make sure it be done the next time.

How about Journal?
I think I enjoy the whole journal thing but not on daily kind of personal journal. Most of the time I find myself using my current journal as a prayer's journal where I jotted down inspired quotes/ notes from the bible or any Christians article that really touches my heart. Besides, I also list down the things I want to pray. In my point of view, journal helps to express my emotions and also make me feel relieve as I wrote down the prayers. Well, well.... it is just something very personal and I do it almost 5 to 6 days in a week.

Journal is very different with life planner, some people choose to have either one, whereas some prefer to have both. For me, I prefer both because it feels weird to write down everything in the planner regardless MUST DO or HOW I FEEL TODAY.

If you are a newbie like me, I suggest not to buy any expensive planner or journal straight away. Try it on small note pad, DIY stacks of paper first because it will be such a waste if you decided to quit in the middle. I still find that doing daily life planning to do list and journal need perseverance. It something you need to do constantly and daily without feel burden or bored
Once you think you are ready and can't live without a life planner and a journal, you are then allow to order your very own personal life planner and journal. Oh well, if you feel you're ready for it, you may order or buy it anytime now.

Will I buy A Life Planner & Journal?
 Yes, I think I will order a life planner next year or probably around Oct-Nov. I want something that is very practical without too much fancy things. However, I don't think I'm ready to buy a journal because it is just a book and *ahem* a stacks of paper will be just nice too. Getting into the life planner bandwagon is really good as I got to have a checklist of things to do and able to write down things I've planned for.

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