Motivation : Look At the Bright Side

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Last week when I watched Youtube and newspaper I came across a lot of negative incident happening to people all around the world. Whether it is a disaster, bad news, bad economics the days still have to continue and instead of feel sad all the time, why not just look on the brighter side, at least your mind isn't immerse in all the negative thoughts.

I've faced with sad incidents too and I feel very bad about it, even until now it still cause an impact on me. When I browsed through Pinterest (let me tell you, this place is really interesting), this positive notes just caught my eyes. It feels so true and so real, even someone with a broken heart will still able to look on the bright side, it makes me feel so good and filled with positive vibes.

Talking about the intense economy in Malaysia, a lot of people lose their jobs, companies started to cut cost and sometimes we just can't help it especially if you're the bread winner of the family. Almost everything are costly right now, the streets are not as busy as previous years although Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Almost everyone has their problems and difficulties to deal with, I experienced it and I know it isn't easy. But instead of mingle around with all those issues why not just take a break and look on something better, something nicer with hopes. I bet, it will be a good one and it's gonna be alright, it is just the matter of time to heal those pain, to boost up our economy and to get a new job.

Happy Friday !

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