Review: Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Almost pass the 1st quarter of the year, you can notice many cosmetic companies started to launching their new/ improved versions of whitening, brightening skincare into the market, I believe everyone went a lil bit crazy with it, so do I.

Since I'm living in a hot and warm climate country where we have sunshine throughout the day whitening/brightening skincare does come into one of my skincare priority. The reason simply because I want to prevent and get rid of sun spots, freckles, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone etc.

Clearly Corrective™ DARK SPOT SOLUTION is a fast-acting serum that evens skin tone and diminishes dark spots to impart overall radiance and luminosity to the skin:

• In as little as 2 weeks, 55% of women clinically demonstrated a significant reduction in dark spot intensity.
• In 4 weeks, 69% of women clinically demonstrated a continued reduction in dark spots intensity and 73% of women showed a significant reduction in acne scarring.  Reduction in other skin discolorations was clinically evident among 69% of women.
• In 8 weeks, 87% of women clinically demonstrated more uniform skin tone to deliver breakthrough clarity.
• With continued daily usage, Clearly Corrective helps to prevent the formation of future dark spots and other skin discolorations.

(the description and products details obtained from Kiehl's website)

What I've noticed and experienced with the product after 1 month usage?

Before that, one very potent ingredient is Vitamin C which helps to lighten up the skin tone. I am and still a little bit confused why the content didn't packed into an amber bottle, plus Vitamin C oxidize pretty fast after contacted with oxygen in the air. Previously, I tried out Cellnique Derma Brightening Complex and the whole thing turn into yellow and darker yellow throughout the way finishing it because it contains Vitamin C.
I read from the internet, Kiehl's is smart enough to use a different chemical arrangement Vitamin C, which makes it more stable and only activated after contacted with skin, smart! Anyway, I do hope the content will comes with an amber bottle, protect it from sunlight, make it more stable and long lasting.

Now, lets jump into my review. The product does has a very unique scent, I'm not really sure what it is but the scent is very similar like lavender, very soothing. It dispenses easily and the texture is water-based serum but not too watery. I only use this during the night time together or layering with other serum. Reason I use it at night because I'm worried it will cause skin irritation if exposed under the sun. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have any irritation at all when using it. So, it is mild for sensitive skin but still very effective in delivering the corrective dark spot tittle.

The product absorbs easily without feeling sticky at all and best thing about it, it hydrates my skin too! I'm not too sure if it lightens or vanquish my sun spots, but I'm very sure it has reduced my acne scare whether is old or new ones... yay! Other than that, it does helps to brighten up my overall skin complexion. I think, I just need to be more patient and use it more diligently for a longer period to see if it kills my sun spots. 

Some people told me it should only use on targeted area, but I didn't, I use it all over my face. I think serum should be used all over and target treatment such as sun spot cream/gel should only be placed on top of the affected area. Do correct me if I'm wrong with this.

I certainly can see I'll be repurchased this when it almost hit pans. It is wonderful and my skin just looks better, brighter and glow after using it. By the way, normal volume is 30ml, I just spotted from Kiehl's website, they are releasing 50ml jumbo size, I'm eyeing on that! 

Overall, this is really good, I don't consider this product is cheap, but still at an affordable one to try out in the market. Plus, Kiehl's is really generous with giving samples, try it and if you like it, you can always purchase after trying the samples. Most of the time, I will try their samples 1st before purchasing unless, I've read really good and persuading reviews, then I might consider to buy the full size before trying it.

Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Key Chain

Skincare... I'm a sucker with it comes to skincare, I just love them, experimenting and then falling in love with those quality ones.
Last month I bought the Kiehl's famous Midnight Recovery Cencentrate face oil, almost every beauty guru has been raving about and now, I got it and I must say it out loud: "I love it!"
I'm lucky to say that I got the Keep A Child Alive key chain, it is really gorgeous and meaningful.

My point of view about the face oil before started to use this is that oil = oily. I never thought that a good quality face oil will not only penetrate well and nicely into the skin, it also makes the skin glow and boost the skin condition. 1 miracle blue bottle, packed with wonderful oils helps to regenerate, repair and replenishe our skin for a better, healthier skin.

So, I use this every night because seriously I'm a nocturnal and it has come to a point which I think I really need it. I sleep very late everyday doing all the paper works and sparing some time for my own, doing something I like and enjoy, browsing through the internet, watching TVB drama series etc.... I use the face oil after all the skincare and layering it onto my skin. The lavender scent really caught my attention, really relaxing and soothing. The next morning when I wake up, OMG, I can notice a big difference, although I'm really tired, the skin still looks good! well, well.... how exciting and addicting it is after using it for a night and see the result. I was really happy with the outcome. I didn't do my review straight away because I really want to see if it will clog my pores or giving me breakouts. No, I didn't experience any bad skin condition at all, so I'm ready to do my review.

When I started to use, I am actually very surprise that the oil is clear in color, all this while, I was thinking that the oil is yellow in color and is thick in consistency, lol.. stone-age mind. 1st time use, I only use 1 drop and I thought my skin needs more, so the days after that I use 2, 3,4,5 drops, gosh, it was too much and too oily, some of the oil ended up scrapped from my face and applied onto my body. I then realized the perfect quantity for me is 2 drops and I'm happy with 2 translucent drops of face oil.

I like to drop 2 drops onto my palm, rub it between my palms and sniff the lavender scent, then pat it onto my skin until it is fully absorb. I'm glad the patting motion doesn't take too long and the oil just penetrates very nicely without leaving any stickiness or oil cast.

For a month time, I've been experimenting with the oil every single night and with different ways of application as well as quantities, and then pampered my skin with such luxury product! Oh my, what I can say is 2 drops is just perfect and enough for my entire skin until my neck line. The lavender scent linger around the face making me have a better sleep too. The SA told me 1 bottle can last up to 6 months and now I believe it.

What I've noticed about the great things it has done to my skin up-to-date are :-
- glow and dewy skin
- less dry patch
- smoother

My current everyday night time skincare routine, after my cleansing -> Avene Thermal Water face mist -> Serums (I alternate serums) -> Kiehl's face oil-> Laneige Sleeping Mask (every other day)

I'm happy to say that this face oil works well for me and I'm glad I bought it.

Try it, I'm sure you'll never regret with this awesome purchase, plus I got the "Keep A Child Alive" key chain. Yes, I spent the money and at the same time I'm doing charity, how nice!

Review: Naruko Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask

Hello.... it has been a week that my home didn't have internet connection, the cable was stolen and it took 1 week time for the telecommunication technician to get it done.... oh well, I'm glad it is alright now and wohooo... I'm back to blog again!

Recent weather is terrible, I'm happy that we have had heavy rain poured down from the sky these 3 days after a long, long, hazy, hot weeks. When the weather is bad, especially when it is hot and sunny as if the sun bite my skin, I will always, always opt for a hydrating mask. I truly believes that in skincare, you'll seldom get wrong with hydration. So, I bought the hydrating mask from Naruko, I have to say I'm absolutely amazed with the out come.

Without further ado, lets jump into my thoughts about it :-

I've tried several Naruko mask, they just never let me down, same as this. I love how the mask packed, the sheet mask itself is thin but not overly thin, hold on the essence quite well. After cleansing my face, I will place this onto my face, normally for Naruko sheet mask, I will leave it for 20-30mins, really depends on how wet and how fast the mask is actually.

I would like to emphasize on the hydrating side, it is truly, truly pump in water to my skin. It smells alright, didn't really notice any strong perfume scent. And because after the relaxed masking session, my skin feel bouncier and soothed. Red patches has been significantly reduced same things goes to some dry patches. After the skin is well hydrated, it is now giving a healthy glow from within. Other than that, the hydrating effects also lasted throughout the day without making my skin extra shiny with oil secretion and still keeping my pores small and tight!

I bought this from Watson, too bad it isn't selling in box, so I need to pick up a few piece to stock up.
Price: RM5.90, I do hope more Naruko masks are selling in box later on.

Overall, I like it very much even though it isn't a high-end brand skincare. Price wise & very wallet friendly! What to say more, its'quality assured!

Family Matters: How to have A Good Relationship with Mother-In-Laws?

Hello, it feels a bit awkward to start this post, but I thought it is something interesting to talk and share.
Well, I just married not long ago, probably 3months, and I've been always thinking about this "mother-in-law & daughter-in-law issues". Just for your information, I'm currently staying in a house consists of 9 people.

As for today, I will stay on the topic as shown in the title. I don't think I have any bad issues with my mother-in-laws like what you see in dramas, but there are certain times that I feel uncomfortable with her. Somehow, I'm glad to say that I've make things work out pretty well.

(image: google)

Looking at this picture, whenever I have problems, sort of "heart problem" about my mother-in-law this picture pop ups. I will never, ever let my husband become the little man, poor guy!

(image: google)

And also, don't ever make you man become the middle man or something like this.... pity him!

So, let's move on to the keyword and examples: 
  1. Communication. I always believe communication is very important. Communicate well will avoid lots of problems such as misinterpreting some words, misunderstanding among each other
  2. Be understanding. View things from all perspective IF you can. Understand what to do and what not to. eg, if she dislike you go out late, avoid it, but if you have to, tell her why, let her know, I'm sure this new era mother-in-law is very open minded. Or she is way too old to take care your child, we, as a daughter-in-law have to understand an old lady workload is very limited.
  3. Toleration. Whether you like it or not, just tolerate but in a way you can deal with. Let's say if you know she likes you to make breakfast in the morning, try your best to make. But always bear in mind, if you find it is too troublesome and burden yourself, speak out, share it, who knows she will like to lend her helping hands? Or perhaps, you are the only one who do all the cleaning and washing all the plates and you are so fed up with the house members, tell them, they will understand and help. Just in case, there are someone who refuse and pretend to not help, just deal with it, tolerate with it. 
  4. Patient. I learn to be very patient with everything going on, sometimes I like it , sometimes I don't. But you know what, a good relationships with family members, especially the new ones need time to nurture the love and bond between each other. Only with a very patient heart, people will know that you are a good and nice person and accept you with a open heart.
  5. Respect. Even though, she is not the one who give birth to you, but without her you might not have your current husband. Respect her as the elder member of the family. A good relationship between daughter and mother-in-law consists of respect instead of obey. You respect her and know that she can guide you to be a good wife, a good person. I respect my mother-in-law because without her, I will not have a good husband which she has taught and raised with all her time and love. Respect her not because she has the authority/ or she is the queen in the house. Respect her because she deserves it, after all she has been working so hard all her time for the family.
  6. Love. Have you ever heard that love can melt the hardest heart? I know, some mother-in-law can be very barbarian and very hard to deal with. Sometimes, you might even think or ask, don't they love you as their daughter or part of the family members. Let me tell you, time will tell everything and reflect everything. As long as you show her your true colors, your love towards her son and the family, the frozen heart can be thawed. 
  7. Mother & Son Time. Since we all stay under 1 roof, there are times where your man need his mom and his mom needs him. I allow this happen every single day. When it comes to business, we are still young and new, so, my husband will seek for his mom's idea & suggestions. And also, time for my husband to care about his mom's health and a bit of chit chatting time. Or maybe sometimes the mother need son to help her out on something. We must know and understand, we married to her son NOT to grab her son away from her.  Instead, this little action will let her love you more and she will be very happy for your understanding.

 Short notes for the daughter-in-law & mother-in-law :


Lastly, I hope my sharing and tips help. Whenever you are angry with your mother-in-law, think about how hard she raised your husband, think about her good instead of the tiny mistakes/bad. What will happen to your husband, stand between his wife and mother? How hard it will be for him? Be a good and understanding wife will make him happy and love you more, seriously, he will be really grateful. A good relationship between family members will also bring harmony to the entire family.

Weight Loss: Admit that I Just Break the Rules Last Month

(image from google)

Oh my, I fell of the wagon. I'm getting bigger which I shouldn't. I've not behave myself last month.

Last February was indeed a FATTY February. I admit it. I constantly give myself excuses that it is a short month, is a festive month and I can eat whatever I want. And then when I stepped on my weighing scale.....wah...everything shows clearly on the weigh scale with digits. I know, it is useless to sob about what I've done to myself. I'm bravely admit that I've gained weight. The whole dieting progress goes on very well on January and I shedded of about 4kg which is a lot for me.

You might wondering how come? Here's the story of the misbehave me,  I ate like a monster but I didn't take sweets (excuses). Anyway the main foods that I put on about 1-2kg are rice, oily food and also BAD HABIT = supper. I was lacked of motivation last month and got tempted too easily and worse I gave myself too much excuses that sounds very reasonable. I ate without thinking the calories and then boom! I'm disappointed with what I've done and this month I will work harder to shed of those fats!

However, I'm glad that I'm still aware about my weight loss program and still have that weight loss alert planted deep in my brain. I feel terrible with my uncontrollable food choice and eating habit. This month, I will motivate myself more and strive to the max. I think is good to admit my mistake and I do believe everyone has similar incident like I do.

This month, I will watch out with those fatty food and welcoming all the good, healthy, nutritious foods that I used to have. Let's see my updates again by the end of March... keep finger crossed it will be a good one then

Haze Attack & Precautions to Take Note & Skin Issues

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Oh my.... seriously I think we have haze every year. The weather in my country is really bad these days, we have not get a single drop of rain for weeks and some part were experiencing drought, no water supply... 
My area isn't good either, I noticed the area is quite hazy since last weeks, no rain falls makes the whole weather even worse. CO2 trapped heat and the air just just hot and dirty. Many people fall sick and got heat strokes. What can I say more? Overall, it is just bad.

(images from google)

Off course, we aren't letting these issues burden our health and skin. So, please wear masks whenever you go out and drink plenty of water. Please not to do any outdoor exercise at this moment as you will inhale more dirty air, putting your health at risk. Drink as much water as possible, we get dehydrated easily and water prevents us to get heat stroke. Remember to take Vitamin C too, it helps to boost our immune system. If our immune system is strong enough,we will not fall sick easily. For adults, we can take 1000mg Vitamin C per day just make sure you don't go over dose, else, trust me, you will get stomach ache and purging non stop.

If your are having asthma patient in your family members, make sure they stay indoor and use mask before heading out the house. For those who have sensitive skin/ rhinitis, just beware with the current weather. Make sure you close all your windows and switch on air conditioner, if the morning air is clean enough, you can still open windows and allow good, clean air to flow in. Just make sure the house and place you sleep/rest is clean. Stand by your medicine so that you can reach it easily when you need them.

Ahem... I know some old folks like to burn rubbish at their house/neighbourhood, just in case your parents/ grandparents happen to be one of them, please educate them, let them aware about the haze issue and burning rubbish will contribute to more haze. I'm pretty sure everyone will be very thankful for your kind act.

Despite of that, ladies and gentlemen, we need to be more patients when it comes to our daily cleansing routine. Make sure the skin is cleanse thoroughly, this can prevent clog pores and blackheads. Dust and dirt will trap in our pores more easily than any other days during this kind of weather. Make sure to use sunscreen and proper hydrating skincare to minimize the side effects of hot, dry weather and dirty air.

Last but not least, I hope my sharing helps and please do whatever that's necessary to ensure we all get well protected from the haze attack For those who suffer water shortage, I do hope everything will get well soon. Rain, rain come to us..... oh rain, rain come to us!