Haze Attack & Precautions to Take Note & Skin Issues

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Oh my.... seriously I think we have haze every year. The weather in my country is really bad these days, we have not get a single drop of rain for weeks and some part were experiencing drought, no water supply... 
My area isn't good either, I noticed the area is quite hazy since last weeks, no rain falls makes the whole weather even worse. CO2 trapped heat and the air just just hot and dirty. Many people fall sick and got heat strokes. What can I say more? Overall, it is just bad.

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Off course, we aren't letting these issues burden our health and skin. So, please wear masks whenever you go out and drink plenty of water. Please not to do any outdoor exercise at this moment as you will inhale more dirty air, putting your health at risk. Drink as much water as possible, we get dehydrated easily and water prevents us to get heat stroke. Remember to take Vitamin C too, it helps to boost our immune system. If our immune system is strong enough,we will not fall sick easily. For adults, we can take 1000mg Vitamin C per day just make sure you don't go over dose, else, trust me, you will get stomach ache and purging non stop.

If your are having asthma patient in your family members, make sure they stay indoor and use mask before heading out the house. For those who have sensitive skin/ rhinitis, just beware with the current weather. Make sure you close all your windows and switch on air conditioner, if the morning air is clean enough, you can still open windows and allow good, clean air to flow in. Just make sure the house and place you sleep/rest is clean. Stand by your medicine so that you can reach it easily when you need them.

Ahem... I know some old folks like to burn rubbish at their house/neighbourhood, just in case your parents/ grandparents happen to be one of them, please educate them, let them aware about the haze issue and burning rubbish will contribute to more haze. I'm pretty sure everyone will be very thankful for your kind act.

Despite of that, ladies and gentlemen, we need to be more patients when it comes to our daily cleansing routine. Make sure the skin is cleanse thoroughly, this can prevent clog pores and blackheads. Dust and dirt will trap in our pores more easily than any other days during this kind of weather. Make sure to use sunscreen and proper hydrating skincare to minimize the side effects of hot, dry weather and dirty air.

Last but not least, I hope my sharing helps and please do whatever that's necessary to ensure we all get well protected from the haze attack For those who suffer water shortage, I do hope everything will get well soon. Rain, rain come to us..... oh rain, rain come to us!

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