Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Key Chain

Skincare... I'm a sucker with it comes to skincare, I just love them, experimenting and then falling in love with those quality ones.
Last month I bought the Kiehl's famous Midnight Recovery Cencentrate face oil, almost every beauty guru has been raving about and now, I got it and I must say it out loud: "I love it!"
I'm lucky to say that I got the Keep A Child Alive key chain, it is really gorgeous and meaningful.

My point of view about the face oil before started to use this is that oil = oily. I never thought that a good quality face oil will not only penetrate well and nicely into the skin, it also makes the skin glow and boost the skin condition. 1 miracle blue bottle, packed with wonderful oils helps to regenerate, repair and replenishe our skin for a better, healthier skin.

So, I use this every night because seriously I'm a nocturnal and it has come to a point which I think I really need it. I sleep very late everyday doing all the paper works and sparing some time for my own, doing something I like and enjoy, browsing through the internet, watching TVB drama series etc.... I use the face oil after all the skincare and layering it onto my skin. The lavender scent really caught my attention, really relaxing and soothing. The next morning when I wake up, OMG, I can notice a big difference, although I'm really tired, the skin still looks good! well, well.... how exciting and addicting it is after using it for a night and see the result. I was really happy with the outcome. I didn't do my review straight away because I really want to see if it will clog my pores or giving me breakouts. No, I didn't experience any bad skin condition at all, so I'm ready to do my review.

When I started to use, I am actually very surprise that the oil is clear in color, all this while, I was thinking that the oil is yellow in color and is thick in consistency, lol.. stone-age mind. 1st time use, I only use 1 drop and I thought my skin needs more, so the days after that I use 2, 3,4,5 drops, gosh, it was too much and too oily, some of the oil ended up scrapped from my face and applied onto my body. I then realized the perfect quantity for me is 2 drops and I'm happy with 2 translucent drops of face oil.

I like to drop 2 drops onto my palm, rub it between my palms and sniff the lavender scent, then pat it onto my skin until it is fully absorb. I'm glad the patting motion doesn't take too long and the oil just penetrates very nicely without leaving any stickiness or oil cast.

For a month time, I've been experimenting with the oil every single night and with different ways of application as well as quantities, and then pampered my skin with such luxury product! Oh my, what I can say is 2 drops is just perfect and enough for my entire skin until my neck line. The lavender scent linger around the face making me have a better sleep too. The SA told me 1 bottle can last up to 6 months and now I believe it.

What I've noticed about the great things it has done to my skin up-to-date are :-
- glow and dewy skin
- less dry patch
- smoother

My current everyday night time skincare routine, after my cleansing -> Avene Thermal Water face mist -> Serums (I alternate serums) -> Kiehl's face oil-> Laneige Sleeping Mask (every other day)

I'm happy to say that this face oil works well for me and I'm glad I bought it.

Try it, I'm sure you'll never regret with this awesome purchase, plus I got the "Keep A Child Alive" key chain. Yes, I spent the money and at the same time I'm doing charity, how nice!

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