24 weeks

I'm so thankful to God for every wonderful things He has given to me. This month doctor visit done and will have another checkup on week 28, very excited!
Little baby grows so fast these days and it is so true, the more I'm approaching my 3rd semester, I started to feel tired and exhausted again this week. I also starts to feel slightly out of breath when I'm in a rush whether at work or climb stairs. My hubby always imitates the way I sound and breath and most of the times, it turns out into laughter.

This week, I started to eat more smaller meal because I think I've some digestion issues. I tend to hiccups after my meal, then I have some discomfort like acid reflux  and burps. So, other than taking my prenatal supplements, I also top up 2 sachets of probiotics powder after my lunch. You know what, I feel very hungry later on but in order to control my blood sugar, I will snack on some fruits, bread and etc.

Talking about the bump, I'm still able to fit in some of my clothes (XL) in size of course. But I also realize the front of blouses and T-shirts tends to lift up a lot, so I've placed 2 orders from Asos maternity, hopefully it will reach soon. As for pants, I think the yoga type maternity pants feel the best, they are very stretchable and soft. Hmm, I will do maternity clothes post once I received my Asos order and go more in depth about the clothing part.

As for sleep, I starts to sleep on my side more and more. I think when I lying on bed flatly, my back sores even if I've put pillows under my leg, it just doesn't as comfortable as I hope it would be. Good thing, I'm still able to sleep throughout the night and only got up to pee around 6-7am. I also starts to feel slightly difficult to get myself out from bed because I'm getting heavier and clumsier. At certain days, I also have some weird nightmare and I'll awake for many hours with eyes blinking and envy how soundly my hubby can sleep. During my off day I tend to nap for hours and for my evening work shift, I'll ensure myself to have at least 15mins nap, which I think rejuvenates me a lot.

Few days ago, the weather was very bad, it rains and it feels really cold and hardly see any sunshine. There are also days that felt like heatwave and making me feel so tired and headache. I took some photos during sunny days and it just cheers me up .

snacks before off to work!

Drugstore Cleansing Items: NIVEA Creme Care Line & Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser

1. Nivea Daily Essentials Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash
I spotted this newbie when I was walking around in my local drugstore, I don't really use drugstore products unless I've read good reviews about them or I'm really in the mood to try out something new. Since my skin feels quite dry these days, I decided to try the cream wash. Well, it was totally my mistake, I never thought this is a cleansing cream. I thought it is a face wash because my eyes and brain was so focus on the cream wash thingy. So, I follow the instruction, wet my face and neck, then massaged the cleansing cream all over my face and rinse off with lukewarm water.
Unlike other cleansing cream I've tried which need to be tissue-off, this just rinse off easily with water. Wow, I am really surprise because it leaves my skin feels really soft and comfortable. Anyway, I still think this would be good if I'm on really light makeup such as sunscreen and little bit of face powder.
Besides, I also experienced a light tingling sensation when I massage it onto my face, not really sure because of the ingredients or my sensitive skin. Although the tingling is very mild, it didn't make my skin turn red or itchy.

2. Nivea Daily Essentials Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes 25's
I don't know it is just me or most of us, I got really lazy with using cleansing oil these days. When I'm off from work, especially if I'm on evening or afternoon shift I reached home around 10.30pm. Gosh, all I want is food and a good bath that is really quick and hassle free. Now, it makes sense that I reached cleansing wipes more and more rather than using cleansing oil, get it emulsified, bla bla bla.... Still, I'm very concern with my cleansing routine. So, I will use the Nivea Cleansing cream wash all over my face, then, I will take a piece of wipes to remove all the cleansing cream and makeup. I only use very light makeup such as sunscreen, face powder, blush and eye brow pencil. Then, I wash the wipes with water and using the same wipes, wipe my face again and again. I'm impressed with the quality, the wipe is really thick but soft and able to reuse for 3-4times. I wash it with water again and again, it still in a good condition. But then, I only use 1 wipes for 1 cleansing session. Highly recommend this and I'm going to repurchase this soon.

3. Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser
After all the cleansing cream and wipes, I will pour out a descent amount to cleanser, massage all over my face and using the same wipes (after wash with water), wipe off the cleanser. This cleanser is very gentle for people who have flaky skin or sensitive skin. It doesn't lathers nor has any scent. After that, I will splash with tons of water to ensure my face is thoroughly cleanse. Then, I'm ready for my shower.

We Have Movements

image: Pinterest

Oh yeah... this is very exciting. During each monthly appointment I got my baby scan and see the baby wriggle inside my tummy is such an enjoyment. Dr said we will not feel the baby movement yet until week 16 or so. Some women may experience it as early as week 16, but some may experience it in weeks later, it is all depends on the mother size and also how big the baby has been growing.

At week 16, I felt a very light movement, mostly like a fish swimming inside your tummy or some bubbling gas, well it feels quite awkward actually but you'll get used to it. Which mommy doesn't gets excited with their beloved baby moving around inside their tummy? 

At week 17, the movement become stronger and more prominent, I feel really happy and blessed too. So hubby and I started to play Disney songs for baby, well, I think baby likes and reacts towards the music and tempo, very interesting!

Each day, I will make sure I feel my baby moving around in my tummy. Baby also reacts towards animals sounds such as dogs barking, duckling quacking etc. It is really funny. And during early morning, when I got hungry, not sure, or maybe the little ones is hungry, baby will kick, asking me to wake up and eat something. I think baby enjoys spicy and sour food because every times when I had those food, baby moves A LOT! 

As the tummy grows, I put on more loose clothes especially dresses instead of pants. Sometimes, the pants sit right under my belly and it is really uncomfortable and hurts too. During my off day, I will wear blue Batik dress make with 100% rayon. Let me tell you, it is super duper comfy and airy. Days when I need to work, I will either wear dress or a loose blouse with stretchable maternity pants. Hubby even bought me granny types of maternity panties, which I laughed so much when I first got it. It doesn't look like granny when I put them on.  

Feeling the baby movements is so overwhelming. I can't wait for my 24th week scan next week. Wee....

The Pregosaurous Myths

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Hello, today I thought of share some of the pregnancy myths the was told by granny, in-laws, aunties, friends. So, things get really superstitious especially when it deals with pregnancy in family and I'm not sure if this only happens in an Asian family. Sometimes, we as a newer generation think that it is just the old superstition spread from ancestors but then, it can get really funny and annoying too.
I know, moms will always say... bla bla bla, it is for the sake of your baby, and most of the time is either we listen or we ignore it compleeetly. Argh!

Lets see how many of it you've been heard and just laughed if you think it is way, way, way too much!
  •  The most common one, keep the whole pregnancy as a secret till you've pass your 1st trimester, or else, the baby will get angry if you told people earlier. It might lead to miscarriage
  • Do not do gardening, no touch the soil/ plants
  • Do not visit to hospital even if the closest one admitted to hospital
  • Do not eat any food that has been worshiped/ full moon food
  • Do not travel, especially on bumpy roads
  • Do not go to zoo and see the creatures
  • Do not go to cinema and completely avoid horror movies
  • Do not climb on chairs
  • Do not pluck fruits
  • Do not sewing or use scissors
  • Must pun a safety pin on your bra to avoid bad/evil people
  • Do not eat fruits that are cold such as: watermelon, wintermelon, oranges, pears
  • Do not do any renovation around the house, especially your bed room
  • Do listen to musics, drawing, make hand crafts, puzzles (baby will learn and become smarter)
  • Do not go out during rainy days
  • NO SEX
  • Do not attend wedding party/ birthday party
  • Drink more milk and soy milk so that your baby's skin will be fair as snow
  • Look at cute baby photo, baby will be pretty later on
  • Do not drink cold water or cold juice. Stick with warm water
  • Do not go for shopping, maximum 1-2hours
  • Do not eat lamb, baby will get epilepsy
 So, what do you think? For me, some of it should be listened, whereas the rest are really silly and nonsense. However, most of the time, pregnant lady will just follow because we all want the very best for our little baby. Don't you think so?

My Current Glowing Kit

I've received lots and lots of compliments from friends and people I've met on having glowing skin, well I think mainly because of the blushes and face products I've been using religiously these months.
I wouldn't go into too much details on the products but something that has a pinkish sheen such as the Ambient Lighting blushes and powder work really well to enhance your complexion. For lazy days, I will use only the Cellnique sunscreen which I think is amazing. It pumps out as a white pinkish cream but it gives the skin these very nice, glowing and dewy finish. For better coverage I will opt for the BRTC BB cream which has a really lovely jasmine scent. Honestly, it works better than its version of cc cream which feels heavier and ashy look. It is light because I only use tiny pea size for my entire face. Either with or without powder, it still gives my skin a really lovely finished. 

For hotter days, I will use my kabuki brush and swipe on some Rimmel powder for a cleaner, fresher look without looking too powdery as if I just done baking cakes. The Shiseido powder is great too as it is very  light but leaves the skin really smooth but not too matte. Of course, not to forgot the brows, sparse brows will make you look tired. Recently I've been trying the Esperique Precious brow pencils, I think it works really well and my brows look good and very natural.

Of course, I don't use my Hourglass every single day as I'm enjoying trying different brands of blushes and blushes I've mentioned are the ones that I got compliments every single times. MAC blushes are nice especially the ones with satin finish. It leaves a really nice sheen on the cheek as it got mixed with your face oil as time passes by. Benefit Dandelion is lovely too and if you're a beginner with blushes, trust me, you'll never go too abroad with color like this. Also, these shades lean towards warmer shades which suits my yellow undertone very well.

One more thing, my belly is getting bigger and bigger each day, I sometimes feel really tired to put on too much makeup by sitting in front of my mirror putting this and that. So, anything that makes me looks good within 5mins are good to go. Besides, I don't put on eyes shadows, eye liner and mascara too, because for me it is way too troublesome. I would rather get myself more rest than waking up early, waking like a zombie in toilet.

Glowing Kit list as below:
1. Rimmel Stay Matte # translucent
2. Shiseido Sheer & Profect Compact #O20
3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder #Mood Light
4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette #Luminious Flush, #Incandescent Electra, #Mood Exposure
5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush # Diffused Heat
6. Esperique Precious Automatic Brow Pencil #BR300
7. Cellnique Total DayTime Protection SPF30, 50ml
8. BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream SPF 30, 35g
9. MAC Powder Blush # Peaches & Cream (Satin)
10. MAC Powder Blush # Cheeky Burger (Satin)
11. Benefit Powder Box # Dandelion

Mama Whale: 1st Trimester

Many of you may start wondering if this whole blog will become a pregnancy blog or not, I'm telling you now, yes and no. Yes because right now I'm just overwhelmed with this whole wonderful news, and sooner or later this blog will not only share about pregnancy but motherhood, parenting as well as beauty related items.

When I started this blog, I guess I'm only around 19?20? it has been awhile and things like removing this whole blog did cross my mind before. I though whether people are still reading blogs or not, I blog because it is fun and sometimes it is a space to enjoy myself doing all the girly stuffs and share about my recent addictions, making some new friends although many of us don't actually meet each other.

During my 1st trimester, I feel nauseous all the time especially early morning once I awake. I have very sensitive nose that I can sniff or smell anything from far especially the scents that I hate the most. I feel tired all the time and just want to stick with my cozy bed. Mostly because of frequent toilet visit in the middle of night. I hate hot weather too, I would rather freeze myself in air conditioned room with super low temperature. Oh, and I have mood swings too, I get annoyed easily and I 'm very impatient too. I like to nag A LOT, hubby said I'm such an old granny these day. Rawr!

For me 1st trimester is a huge journey and I'm so glad that I'm half way through this pregnancy now. One thing I want to share is I prayed real hard and after that month I tested earlier than my expected period date. You know what, sometimes after certain incident you just want this rainbow baby so hard. I'm glad that God hears my prayer. Hallelujah! The tested result was a very pale double line, so we waited for a week and tested again before we visit to OB/GYN.

I had bleeding during week 6th and I was on medications till for week 14th. I also got injected twice too and area between my but and waist hurt the 2nd shoot. Praying harder and harder to make sure everything will be fine and be very compliance in consuming Prenatal pills, folic acid, calcium and my medicine 3times a day. My working hours also got shorten because I was advised to bed rest more during these important period. Hubby was very protective, so, other than going to work, I was persuaded to stay at home. Basically, it felt like jailed at home. And even if I'm allowed to join the trip to supermarket for shopping I was asked to sit on bench, sniffing the oxygen in shopping mall, waiting others enjoying their shopping. Thinking back all the weeks, I felt so grateful for the love and care God has given to me and my family. When you have trouble, always remember to have faith in God. Do not doubt and do not afraid. This is what I've learn till today and days to come.

Moving to the food part, I crave for salty, sour food most of the time. I remembered, there's this one early morning I awoke and got my teeth brushed, I drove out even though it was drizzling just to buy packets of Nasi Lemak (sss) because I've been craving so badly since yesterday night. I like deep fried fish fillets too, it tastes so good with tartar sauce. I also phoned my mom to cook me yummy soups and foods before she pay me visit just to satisfy my taste bud. Seafood such as prawns which I enjoyed a lot become no so nice simply because of the smell I think. I like corn but each time I ate it, I vomit probably because of indigestion. But things just gets better during 2nd semester.

Looking forward for more mama whale posts soon . tee hee~

Be Gone Itchy Skin

At the very beginning of this mama whale journey, my skins all over the body itch and sometimes it is very nerve wrecking because parts like boobs are getting bigger and it hurts to even just a slight touch. I do scratch my boobs more than my tummy and sometimes when I'm work, I wish I could just grab it out and scratch as hard as I could. TMI (-.-|||) So, getting some body lotions, oil, creams, body butter... anything that works will be my cup of tea. The whole belly growing journey is fun and exciting!

When it comes to body care in pregnancy, I'm very concern with ingredients and always opt for the pregnancy version or natural ingredients because my brain said these items are safer and almost risk free.

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion - this is lotion is scent free and what I do really like about it is the texture. It feels like a thicker, denser type of lotion and absorbs nicely after apply. Sometimes, I just use this all over my body before heading to work. Anything the scent free sooth my sensitive nose.

2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks - I started using this since the beginning of my pregnancy. Most of the Cocoa Butter series smells terrible in my opinion. The cocoa scent just linger around for the whole day and I don't like it at all. Somehow, this spray version has lighter scent and even though there's still a teeny weeny smell, it isn't that strong and bearable. I use this everyday too, especially after morning bath and my tummy, boobies feels nice, I mean, no more itchy skin. Haha~ happy!

3. Burts Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter - another recommended item from fellow bloggers and Youtubers. I even saw it in my pregnancy books to. So, I think this must be something good about it. The label there written 99% natural and infused with shea butter and vitamin E. I think any mom-to-be should try this, it is amazing. It is very thick and creamy but it absorbs so well without leaving any oily residue or glued your skin with your clothes. Sometimes, if my skin itchy and flakes, I will use this on top of my spray lotion and immediately it soothes my skin issue. One more thing, no worries as it wash off easily even without soap and your hands still clean and oil free. yay!

4. Burts Bee Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil with Vitamin E - I bought this to replace my skin itchy oil from Palmer's. The oil is thick and dense, so basically I just smear it all over my skin after shower. It smells like yummy lemon tart, only IF it is edible. If compared with the Palmer's oil, this one feels thicker and of course a little goes a long way but it will leave some stickiness behind. Other than that, it works just nice and skin feels more hydrate after use. Good thing to tell it is 100% natural.

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula For Dry, Itchy Skin - this is a nice oil for dry skin and it contains vitamin E, collagen & elastin. Honestly, I really dislike the cocoa butter scent, it is way to strong and it makes me feel like cocoa pudding. I will say it works better for dry skin and keep the skin super soft and moist. I prefer to use this during night time because the cocoa scent bothers me a lot, no no when I'm going to work. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law use this during their pregnancy and they didn't develop any stretch marks. Anyway, it is a good oil for those who have dry skin, not that you must be a mama whale criteria only allow to use.

All in all, I hope my short reviews helps and if you have any recommendations, please share, it will be great to know more about items that works for itchy skin.

OMG!!! Gestational Diabetes

(image: Pinterest)

Oh my... it was such a relieved when my blood test report showed that everything is normal until last week...
Since my cousin sister just gave birth and telling me that she had gestational diabetes for both of her pregnancy I am always cautions with my food intake, I am so worried that I might have it too. Although our parents didn't have it, our family history, our granny has type II diabetes.

During my monthly appointment with my OB/GYN last Tuesday, I was so surprised to know my blood sugar reading isn't good enough, it was higher 1 unit compared with my previous appointment. Well, I passed my glucose test last month by swallowing the whole cup of freaking concentrated glucose water - yuck! Now, it just turned to the other way round. Dr told me to control my diet and you know what, it seems hard because I feel hungry all the time.

Other than that, when I googled about gestation diabetes, some articles are just way too much. It makes me worried and having weird nightmares. Only few blogs and website are helpful enough by showing tips and tricks, diet menu for gestational diabetes. So, I think the less I google the better it will be for this moment. I've also printed some notes and diet plan too. So far, I think it works pretty good just that I need to be very, very careful with my choices for food.

Thank God that I'm don't have sweet toothed, anything sweets such as ice cream, cookies ,cakes, desserts and etc, I'm glad to tell I've not have any craving for these food yet. The only issue is - I consumed way too much starchy food such as bread, biscuits and rice. So, when I reduced my carbs, I feel so, so hungry till I need to munch something in order to comfort my stomach before I'm able to have a good night sleep. Else, the stomach will just making lots of noises.

Besides, checking my own blood sugar is quite torturing too. At least for now, I'm just very reluctant to poke my own finger for at least 4 times a day. One side of my brain telling me to poke for the sake of my baby, the other side just telling me, ouch, ouch, it's gonna hurt ! Oh dear... pull hair** eyes rolled **

It has been a week and this morning when I poked my fingers, it doesn't hurt that much. Before breakfast my blood sugar was 4.5mmol/L, 2hours after breakfast it was 5.3mmol/L, so it seems pretty normal. I shall continue to monitor my diet and blood sugar till my next appointment. **Finger crossed** everything will be alright. God, please help me to have a smooth pregnancy! I'll update more on this topic after I figures a diet plan that suits me.

P/S: please do not share any scary news on gestational diabetes, I'm very sensitive towards all these news because it just freaks me. More blog posts is coming soon.


SURPRISE!!! I'm so glad to make this announcement. Sorry for the MIA for months, I do miss blogging but you know sometimes I just get really tired. Anyway, here's my happy news to share with all of you and I bet more mama whales topic will be uploaded soon.

This whole process is just really amazing and I truly thank God for such wonderful blessing He has given to me. And then, I'm so freaking excited to share this news after keeping this secret for months. Oh.... 

Have a nice day and more blog posts coming up next!