Mama Whale: 1st Trimester

Many of you may start wondering if this whole blog will become a pregnancy blog or not, I'm telling you now, yes and no. Yes because right now I'm just overwhelmed with this whole wonderful news, and sooner or later this blog will not only share about pregnancy but motherhood, parenting as well as beauty related items.

When I started this blog, I guess I'm only around 19?20? it has been awhile and things like removing this whole blog did cross my mind before. I though whether people are still reading blogs or not, I blog because it is fun and sometimes it is a space to enjoy myself doing all the girly stuffs and share about my recent addictions, making some new friends although many of us don't actually meet each other.

During my 1st trimester, I feel nauseous all the time especially early morning once I awake. I have very sensitive nose that I can sniff or smell anything from far especially the scents that I hate the most. I feel tired all the time and just want to stick with my cozy bed. Mostly because of frequent toilet visit in the middle of night. I hate hot weather too, I would rather freeze myself in air conditioned room with super low temperature. Oh, and I have mood swings too, I get annoyed easily and I 'm very impatient too. I like to nag A LOT, hubby said I'm such an old granny these day. Rawr!

For me 1st trimester is a huge journey and I'm so glad that I'm half way through this pregnancy now. One thing I want to share is I prayed real hard and after that month I tested earlier than my expected period date. You know what, sometimes after certain incident you just want this rainbow baby so hard. I'm glad that God hears my prayer. Hallelujah! The tested result was a very pale double line, so we waited for a week and tested again before we visit to OB/GYN.

I had bleeding during week 6th and I was on medications till for week 14th. I also got injected twice too and area between my but and waist hurt the 2nd shoot. Praying harder and harder to make sure everything will be fine and be very compliance in consuming Prenatal pills, folic acid, calcium and my medicine 3times a day. My working hours also got shorten because I was advised to bed rest more during these important period. Hubby was very protective, so, other than going to work, I was persuaded to stay at home. Basically, it felt like jailed at home. And even if I'm allowed to join the trip to supermarket for shopping I was asked to sit on bench, sniffing the oxygen in shopping mall, waiting others enjoying their shopping. Thinking back all the weeks, I felt so grateful for the love and care God has given to me and my family. When you have trouble, always remember to have faith in God. Do not doubt and do not afraid. This is what I've learn till today and days to come.

Moving to the food part, I crave for salty, sour food most of the time. I remembered, there's this one early morning I awoke and got my teeth brushed, I drove out even though it was drizzling just to buy packets of Nasi Lemak (sss) because I've been craving so badly since yesterday night. I like deep fried fish fillets too, it tastes so good with tartar sauce. I also phoned my mom to cook me yummy soups and foods before she pay me visit just to satisfy my taste bud. Seafood such as prawns which I enjoyed a lot become no so nice simply because of the smell I think. I like corn but each time I ate it, I vomit probably because of indigestion. But things just gets better during 2nd semester.

Looking forward for more mama whale posts soon . tee hee~

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