The Pregosaurous Myths

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Hello, today I thought of share some of the pregnancy myths the was told by granny, in-laws, aunties, friends. So, things get really superstitious especially when it deals with pregnancy in family and I'm not sure if this only happens in an Asian family. Sometimes, we as a newer generation think that it is just the old superstition spread from ancestors but then, it can get really funny and annoying too.
I know, moms will always say... bla bla bla, it is for the sake of your baby, and most of the time is either we listen or we ignore it compleeetly. Argh!

Lets see how many of it you've been heard and just laughed if you think it is way, way, way too much!
  •  The most common one, keep the whole pregnancy as a secret till you've pass your 1st trimester, or else, the baby will get angry if you told people earlier. It might lead to miscarriage
  • Do not do gardening, no touch the soil/ plants
  • Do not visit to hospital even if the closest one admitted to hospital
  • Do not eat any food that has been worshiped/ full moon food
  • Do not travel, especially on bumpy roads
  • Do not go to zoo and see the creatures
  • Do not go to cinema and completely avoid horror movies
  • Do not climb on chairs
  • Do not pluck fruits
  • Do not sewing or use scissors
  • Must pun a safety pin on your bra to avoid bad/evil people
  • Do not eat fruits that are cold such as: watermelon, wintermelon, oranges, pears
  • Do not do any renovation around the house, especially your bed room
  • Do listen to musics, drawing, make hand crafts, puzzles (baby will learn and become smarter)
  • Do not go out during rainy days
  • NO SEX
  • Do not attend wedding party/ birthday party
  • Drink more milk and soy milk so that your baby's skin will be fair as snow
  • Look at cute baby photo, baby will be pretty later on
  • Do not drink cold water or cold juice. Stick with warm water
  • Do not go for shopping, maximum 1-2hours
  • Do not eat lamb, baby will get epilepsy
 So, what do you think? For me, some of it should be listened, whereas the rest are really silly and nonsense. However, most of the time, pregnant lady will just follow because we all want the very best for our little baby. Don't you think so?

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