Be Gone Itchy Skin

At the very beginning of this mama whale journey, my skins all over the body itch and sometimes it is very nerve wrecking because parts like boobs are getting bigger and it hurts to even just a slight touch. I do scratch my boobs more than my tummy and sometimes when I'm work, I wish I could just grab it out and scratch as hard as I could. TMI (-.-|||) So, getting some body lotions, oil, creams, body butter... anything that works will be my cup of tea. The whole belly growing journey is fun and exciting!

When it comes to body care in pregnancy, I'm very concern with ingredients and always opt for the pregnancy version or natural ingredients because my brain said these items are safer and almost risk free.

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion - this is lotion is scent free and what I do really like about it is the texture. It feels like a thicker, denser type of lotion and absorbs nicely after apply. Sometimes, I just use this all over my body before heading to work. Anything the scent free sooth my sensitive nose.

2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks - I started using this since the beginning of my pregnancy. Most of the Cocoa Butter series smells terrible in my opinion. The cocoa scent just linger around for the whole day and I don't like it at all. Somehow, this spray version has lighter scent and even though there's still a teeny weeny smell, it isn't that strong and bearable. I use this everyday too, especially after morning bath and my tummy, boobies feels nice, I mean, no more itchy skin. Haha~ happy!

3. Burts Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter - another recommended item from fellow bloggers and Youtubers. I even saw it in my pregnancy books to. So, I think this must be something good about it. The label there written 99% natural and infused with shea butter and vitamin E. I think any mom-to-be should try this, it is amazing. It is very thick and creamy but it absorbs so well without leaving any oily residue or glued your skin with your clothes. Sometimes, if my skin itchy and flakes, I will use this on top of my spray lotion and immediately it soothes my skin issue. One more thing, no worries as it wash off easily even without soap and your hands still clean and oil free. yay!

4. Burts Bee Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil with Vitamin E - I bought this to replace my skin itchy oil from Palmer's. The oil is thick and dense, so basically I just smear it all over my skin after shower. It smells like yummy lemon tart, only IF it is edible. If compared with the Palmer's oil, this one feels thicker and of course a little goes a long way but it will leave some stickiness behind. Other than that, it works just nice and skin feels more hydrate after use. Good thing to tell it is 100% natural.

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula For Dry, Itchy Skin - this is a nice oil for dry skin and it contains vitamin E, collagen & elastin. Honestly, I really dislike the cocoa butter scent, it is way to strong and it makes me feel like cocoa pudding. I will say it works better for dry skin and keep the skin super soft and moist. I prefer to use this during night time because the cocoa scent bothers me a lot, no no when I'm going to work. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law use this during their pregnancy and they didn't develop any stretch marks. Anyway, it is a good oil for those who have dry skin, not that you must be a mama whale criteria only allow to use.

All in all, I hope my short reviews helps and if you have any recommendations, please share, it will be great to know more about items that works for itchy skin.

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