We Have Movements

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Oh yeah... this is very exciting. During each monthly appointment I got my baby scan and see the baby wriggle inside my tummy is such an enjoyment. Dr said we will not feel the baby movement yet until week 16 or so. Some women may experience it as early as week 16, but some may experience it in weeks later, it is all depends on the mother size and also how big the baby has been growing.

At week 16, I felt a very light movement, mostly like a fish swimming inside your tummy or some bubbling gas, well it feels quite awkward actually but you'll get used to it. Which mommy doesn't gets excited with their beloved baby moving around inside their tummy? 

At week 17, the movement become stronger and more prominent, I feel really happy and blessed too. So hubby and I started to play Disney songs for baby, well, I think baby likes and reacts towards the music and tempo, very interesting!

Each day, I will make sure I feel my baby moving around in my tummy. Baby also reacts towards animals sounds such as dogs barking, duckling quacking etc. It is really funny. And during early morning, when I got hungry, not sure, or maybe the little ones is hungry, baby will kick, asking me to wake up and eat something. I think baby enjoys spicy and sour food because every times when I had those food, baby moves A LOT! 

As the tummy grows, I put on more loose clothes especially dresses instead of pants. Sometimes, the pants sit right under my belly and it is really uncomfortable and hurts too. During my off day, I will wear blue Batik dress make with 100% rayon. Let me tell you, it is super duper comfy and airy. Days when I need to work, I will either wear dress or a loose blouse with stretchable maternity pants. Hubby even bought me granny types of maternity panties, which I laughed so much when I first got it. It doesn't look like granny when I put them on.  

Feeling the baby movements is so overwhelming. I can't wait for my 24th week scan next week. Wee....

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