Weight Loss: Step 1 Planning Meal

Hello.... I've decided to start my 2013 weight loss program. I'm hoping that by the month of Aug I will manage to shed of at least 5kg. I've joined a weight management program last year, a community service organized by The Board of Malaysia Pharmacist. The program last about 3 months and I managed to reduce 3kg. In addition, I also practice yoga and it feels soooooo good.

This year, I decided to plan my own weight loss program. I've bought some supplements such as Lecithin and fat burner powder.
Lecithin will help to increase fat metabolism
Fat Burner taste like hot chocolate drink, this will help to burn fat (not sure how it will works)

Haha... I will monitor my weight for 3weeks from now onwards.

Here's my 1st step:
these are the food of my choice after considering my working routine

Morning Breakfast

  • 1 hard boiled egg + Fat Burner (chocolate Drink)
  • 2 slices whole meal bread (with peanut butter & fruit jam)
  • pancake + bacon
  • Nestle cereal with skim milk


  • 1/2rice with stir fried vegetables + 1 fish (steam fish preferably)
  • fried vermicelli (meehun)
  • noodles
  • spaghetti

keep it as light as possible

  • fat burner drink with oat
  • salads (fruits/ vegetables)
  • soups (avoid creamy/starchy)

Get into weight loss isn't easy for anyone. I feel it is a very hard task because I'm not tiny at all... Hahaa
I've searched some website and the salads seems to be very nice. Do check them if you find them interested by click on the link below.

Salads Recipes, Salads from Taste.com, Simply recipes

Let's start from now.... No more excuses.... If you would like to join me with this weight loss program, do share your tips, we can encourage each other. Simply drop a comment so that I can drop your blog a visit
Thanks and lets do it!

Lips Food with Dark Chocolate & Peppermint?

Hello..... Hmmmmmmm.... who doesn't love Dark chocolate & peppermint, perfect combo!
But. Wait. It is now in form of lipbutter. How nice is that!

After watching the monthly favourite from Zoella I decided to give it a try. I like lipbalm, especially the handy version, no fingers dipping in and out, on and off from the tin. 
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula always have really nice things to try and the signature cocoa scent is a yay for me, but nay for those who hate sweet cocoa scent.

Item retails for around RM11-13 depends which drugstore you're visit to.
I like the slanted application part, makes life so much easier, not a problem at all if you got no mirror.

It leave a cool minty hint on the lips, it feels nice. Haha! The lip butter is translucent but give a nice glossy finish, look great even apply on its own. I like to use this during night time, as a lip therapy. I love to put on a thick layer, it doesn't feel sticky at all. The next morning, no more flaky dry lips... Hurray!

Lastly.... have fun trying tasty lipbalms.... I know Smackers has lots .... hehe!

Review: Avene Micellar Lotion Makeup Remover

Hello lovely ladies..... I love things to be simple yet effective. I've came across with Avene cleansing water, a makeup remover in forms of water, similar like Bioderma. Don't get me wrong, the concept is similar like Bioderma, no rinse yet able to remove makeup by the end of the day.

I've no tried Bioderma cleansing water, it is very hard to get one since it is not available in my country, plus the shipping is slightly expensive if I ordered online. But, if got chance, I would still wanted to give it a try.

Let's see some product details

I got this item few months back. I decided to search for a new cleansing water after my Mandom cleansing water hit pan. Sometimes, I'm really sick with oil remover, especially the PMS moment. You just feel so tired and hoping to jump to bed as soon as possible. However, I do agree cleansing water may not able to cleanse the skin like oil makeup remover do. 

I bought this from Sasa at price around RM62 for 200ml. It doesn't have any scent. It just a fine flowing water that able to eat up all the shit from face. If I'm on lazy mood, I will use it as the only makeup remover. But I'm getting less lazy these days, I will follow up with a milk cleanser/oil base cleanser then use a cleansing foam/gel to wash my face as the final cleansing step.

I love how it perform on its own. I enjoy how it pampers my skin, reduce the redness and reduce it to become more sensitive. It works great! I notice my lipstick is the hardest to remove even using oil base makeup remover. But, using this with a cotton pad.... 2 swipe max... I got back my original bare lips.

Avene is very famous with their Thermal Spring water as the core for almost every products. Price wise it still belongs to higher end drugstore skincare. As far as I like it, I still think the no rinse concept should not be adheres to people who have sensitive skin. I always follow up with another cleanser and rinse it off. Just my 2 cents...

Lastly, it is such a great makeup remover for any sort of skin types. It works effectively and soothes my very sensitive skin. If you have hard time finding the Bioderma, why not just give it a try? Perhaps, you'll like it.

Have a nice day!

Review: Clinelle UV Defense SPF28 (White)

Hello..... Sunny days make me happy...but not to forget application of sunscreen is utmost important.
I've been using the Cellnique sunscreen SPF 30 on and off but it between I replace it with the Clinelle sunscreen. I got it from pharmacy and after reading all the ingredients and product details I finally decided to invest some pennies for it.

Some product details, the pictures tell everything about it.

Since my skin has acting bad, I always take more precautions than ever before using or trying anything onto my face. Although it only has SPF28, I'm glad enough with how it makes my skin feel. I did feel a mild tingling sensation on my face, but I supposed it is alright. I didn't see any redness, instead I found it reduce redness and reduce acne breakout. The texture is light enough, I feel my skin is breathable each time I'm have it on. Sometimes, I just use it on its own without apply any base makeup.
I feel it makes my skin glow =]

Next for the packaging.....

It comes in tube form. No pump, just squeeze and you'll get the product. The sunscreen slightly watery, I like the texture, very easy to use and apply. Blends into skin nicely and no balling up after the next application. I found that some sunscreen balls up you foundation which is sucks and I absolutely hate it. I feel it does brightens up my whole complexion without causing any skin allergies. As for price, depends on the shop/pharmacy/ drugstore that you visit, price range around RM50-70, for the amount 50ml, it can last at least 1.5monts.

Overall, I happy with it and will definitely repurchase it. Have you try it? What are the sunscreen you have tried? Do share.... is midof the week now aka Wednesday.... Happy!

Memories of February 2013

Month of February is always the shortest yet the sweetest ever. I'm the February baby and Valentines fall  on this month. I've so many joyful moment last month.

During the Chinese New Year I got to met with my relatives and cousin sister and her little baby boy from UK. I've never met the little ones since he was born, such a cute boy. I got to stay with family for about 5 days which I'm happy enough and cherish every moment with them. I'm working on Saturday and Sunday almost every week since a lot of staff where on maternity leave. I'm wonder if hubby really can think like a normal workers instead of being ''boss-minded''.

During my birthday hubby bought me a huge cake. I got to celebrate with his family and got red packets as brithday gifts. It was nice. I'm thankful for that.

I ate more muffins from Mister Donut because it was having buy 1 free 1 promotions which last for about a week. I bought it almost everyday.

Some drugstore skincare and supplement that I've taking/ using at this moment. I'll do review for the Avene cleansing water next time.

I made some splurged for my skincare from Cellnique. I just can't leave without some of them. The correct medicine that my skin need. Since my purchase was quite huge, I got to enjoy the 25% off. Happy!!! Plus, hubby sponsored some $$$ too....

Window shopping  and I came across Daiso. This japanese shop really grab people attention and the item are affordable. I bought some handicraft items, but still waiting for a really good spare time to start my art work. Very cute aren't they? I especially love their cotton puffs..... Perrrrrfect!

The Le Plaige from Longchamp..... Red !
Perfect size for shopping especially on Saturday.... no plastic bags!

Last but not least, my Valentines gift from Hubby.... the soft pussy cat pencil case.. I prefer to keep it as a decoration. So cute, how am I supposed to put things into its stomach... and his stomach is so cute too...
you see, so many kittens....

Have a nice day!

Review: Eucerine White Therapy Gentle Cleansing Gel

Hello everyone, I'm currently using Eucerin White Therapy Cleansing gel as part of my cleansing routine.
I'm also using the Cellnique gentle foaming wash when I feel my face more to the oily side. I've to admit that I'm come to a stage where skincare has become so, so important in my beauty routine.

I have sensitive, dry and combination skin due to the use of clindamycin - antibiotic gel to kill the acne bacteria. It heals but it make my skin suffer from dryness for few days after each application. Anyway, that's that, I'm currently using this cleansing gel. I like how it feels on my skin and after cleansing.

Some details of the product:

The cleansing gel cost around RM29, which I think is quite worth it for such big tube. I heard some great reviews about Eucerine products but never really have a chance to try it. I bought it few months back. The product doesn't have any scent. It squeeze out from tube in a yellow translucent gel.

I start with washing my face with plain water -> squeeze about 3-5cm gel -> rub between my palm and gently apply all over my face

As always, I like to clean my face with small circular motion, the product make my skin feel cool and tingling. Glad it doesn't make my cheek look red. Then I'll splash with cool/ luke warm water for at least 10 times. Haha.. just to ensure thorough clean.

I'm glad that this product save my dry skin when it reaches its sensitive/dry skin day. It helps to clean the skin nicely without stripping any natural oil/moisture from my skin. It just makes my skin feels clean, soft and supple.

I will definitely bought my 2nd tube after finished my current tube.

Thanks for reading and stopping by.
Have a nice Friday~

Quickie Review: Cellnique Travel Kit - Normal Skin

Hello.... I'm back after a long break and busy work schedule in February. It was indeed a month of joy and lots of special moment.

Without further delay, here's my take for the Cellnique Travel Kit. It retails for RM179. I got it for free since I signed up for facial package. The travel kit comes in 2 variation : normal skin and acne skin.
Since my skin has been acting like a bad, bad boy, the beautician recommended me to have the normal skin instead of the acne skin travel kit. I'm loving the kit so far. I have to say that I've become a Cellnique lover and skincare maniac. Skincare will always be my first priority just like shopping for groceries....

The items are in deluxe sample size which I believe can last up to 1-3 weeks usage depends on the volume of each items.

Below are the travel kits products list:

Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • light scented gel that foams up 
  • leave skin squeaky clean
  • gentle on my combination skin

Vital Repair Serum
  • yeast extraction, promotes skin renewal
  • rich enough for my combination skin
  • use every other night or 3 times a week

Total Day Time Protection SPF30
  • light and non oily
  • provides a matte canvas for base makeup
  • looks nice on its own
  • non clog pores

Advance Bio-Renewal Masque
  • 2 in 1 scrub and mask
  • provides a smoother and softer skin
  • drags out impurities from pores
  • brightens and promotes skin healing and scar healing

As for acne skin travel kit, I'm not able to review it as I've not try it.

Overall, I think this is such a great travel kit. The packaging of each item is sturdy enough to prevent any leakage during travelling. I love the simple traveling pouch, huge and spacious. I highly recommend to try out the mask and cleanser.

Have a great day!