Review: Avene Micellar Lotion Makeup Remover

Hello lovely ladies..... I love things to be simple yet effective. I've came across with Avene cleansing water, a makeup remover in forms of water, similar like Bioderma. Don't get me wrong, the concept is similar like Bioderma, no rinse yet able to remove makeup by the end of the day.

I've no tried Bioderma cleansing water, it is very hard to get one since it is not available in my country, plus the shipping is slightly expensive if I ordered online. But, if got chance, I would still wanted to give it a try.

Let's see some product details

I got this item few months back. I decided to search for a new cleansing water after my Mandom cleansing water hit pan. Sometimes, I'm really sick with oil remover, especially the PMS moment. You just feel so tired and hoping to jump to bed as soon as possible. However, I do agree cleansing water may not able to cleanse the skin like oil makeup remover do. 

I bought this from Sasa at price around RM62 for 200ml. It doesn't have any scent. It just a fine flowing water that able to eat up all the shit from face. If I'm on lazy mood, I will use it as the only makeup remover. But I'm getting less lazy these days, I will follow up with a milk cleanser/oil base cleanser then use a cleansing foam/gel to wash my face as the final cleansing step.

I love how it perform on its own. I enjoy how it pampers my skin, reduce the redness and reduce it to become more sensitive. It works great! I notice my lipstick is the hardest to remove even using oil base makeup remover. But, using this with a cotton pad.... 2 swipe max... I got back my original bare lips.

Avene is very famous with their Thermal Spring water as the core for almost every products. Price wise it still belongs to higher end drugstore skincare. As far as I like it, I still think the no rinse concept should not be adheres to people who have sensitive skin. I always follow up with another cleanser and rinse it off. Just my 2 cents...

Lastly, it is such a great makeup remover for any sort of skin types. It works effectively and soothes my very sensitive skin. If you have hard time finding the Bioderma, why not just give it a try? Perhaps, you'll like it.

Have a nice day!


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