Quickie Review: Cellnique Travel Kit - Normal Skin

Hello.... I'm back after a long break and busy work schedule in February. It was indeed a month of joy and lots of special moment.

Without further delay, here's my take for the Cellnique Travel Kit. It retails for RM179. I got it for free since I signed up for facial package. The travel kit comes in 2 variation : normal skin and acne skin.
Since my skin has been acting like a bad, bad boy, the beautician recommended me to have the normal skin instead of the acne skin travel kit. I'm loving the kit so far. I have to say that I've become a Cellnique lover and skincare maniac. Skincare will always be my first priority just like shopping for groceries....

The items are in deluxe sample size which I believe can last up to 1-3 weeks usage depends on the volume of each items.

Below are the travel kits products list:

Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • light scented gel that foams up 
  • leave skin squeaky clean
  • gentle on my combination skin

Vital Repair Serum
  • yeast extraction, promotes skin renewal
  • rich enough for my combination skin
  • use every other night or 3 times a week

Total Day Time Protection SPF30
  • light and non oily
  • provides a matte canvas for base makeup
  • looks nice on its own
  • non clog pores

Advance Bio-Renewal Masque
  • 2 in 1 scrub and mask
  • provides a smoother and softer skin
  • drags out impurities from pores
  • brightens and promotes skin healing and scar healing

As for acne skin travel kit, I'm not able to review it as I've not try it.

Overall, I think this is such a great travel kit. The packaging of each item is sturdy enough to prevent any leakage during travelling. I love the simple traveling pouch, huge and spacious. I highly recommend to try out the mask and cleanser.

Have a great day!

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