Review: Clinelle Oil Free Smoothing Compact SPF 18

Hi lovely bloggers & whoever reading my post, happy weekends!

I decided to try out items from Clinelle after reading some blog reviews and the ingredients.
The packaging is very simple yet sturdy. Everything looks very clean and sleek. Without further delay, let's start with some pictures then go to my thoughts.

It comes with 4 shades: Fair / Ivory/ Natural/ Honey

Some product details:

Swatches: color match almost perfect.

For a drugstore brand, RM19.90 for such quality is quite fair. I like how light weight it feels on my skin. It leaves a clean and matte finish on my skin, I would say it is a sheer to medium coverage press powder.

As for long lasting, which now falls to a very crucial point for all my base makeup, it can last for about 6-8 hours, but I do touch up every here and there since I have to work for 13.5 hours per day "sometimes".

It doesn't make my skin feels dry nor flakes. Normally after I've done my base makeup I'll spritz with some toner/ Avene Thermal face mist. It makes the face feel good and look healthy.

For sheer coverage: (i) I opt for patting using the sponge given (ii) use face brush swipe all over
For medium coverage: (i) use the sponge given swipe the compact and apply all over

I've been using this items for almost 3 weeks, I have to say I like it and I'm glad I gave it a try.

Lastly, I wish everyone happy weekends and don't forget to spring clean your house, Chinese New Year is around the corner....

Review: Mentholatum Q10 Lip Gel

The urge of having more and more lippies continue...

I think this should be the last lippies I got for this month.

These pictures tell almost every details of the lip gel.

My turn. Price wise, RM10.90 per tube, not bad. It comes with 2 types: (i) hyaluronic acid and (ii) Q10
My birthday is just around the corner, I can feel I'm aging, like a prune with lots of wrinkles. Ahem~

My lips tend to peel easily because of lip products and another major contributor is the air-cond. Previously, when I'm working in my ex company, I never/seldom put on lipbalm. During my university years, I seldom have lipbalm on as well. As time pass, the lip lines started to form/ become more noticeable. I must act something before it get worse and I'll look like an old haggard. Oh my... scary!

After shower in the morning/night, I will apply some, the application is simple as ABC. Plus the slanted tip make the application even easier. It is fragrance free, I think, I didn't notice any fragrance after apply. It is light, but moisturizing enough. It also wouldn't make both lips glue together, I like it.

However, in terms of reducing lip lines, I still need some time to check on it. Overall, I'm please with this product.

Review: Nivea Soft Rose Lipbalm

Hi lovely ladies... as I've mentioned in my last post, I'm currently obsessed with lots, lots of lippies. I believe Nivea has comes up with a new lipbalm. I've yet to see such girly packaging from Nivea, once I saw it, I'll never let it slip away.

The packaging has been slightly change, but I don't really bother about that. I quickly tear off the paper and plastic once I've got it, out from the store. No patients at all.... When I saw the lipbalm, I was very happy and deep in my heart I was shouting hooray, hooray is another pink lipbalm in market. 

It will be way too silly if I straight away slap the lipbalm onto my lips, I'm 99.9% sure people will think I'm crazy if I did so. I pull off the cap and sniffed, O.o...
It smells like play dough. Sad... So, I searched for washroom and started to apply it. You know what, it doesn't show much color at all. The worst is, it doesn't feel moisturizing at all. The original blue cap Nivea lipbalm feels sooooo much better.

See, the pink sheen is barely able to be seen. How sad! I've tried it in several ways, (i) put it straight onto my lip, (ii) scrub my lips before hand, (iii) on top of nude lipstick, (iv) put on generous amount, multiple swipe on my lips....
Rawr!!!! non of the ways give a significant result. In stead, my lips look paler and feel dryer =BAD.

Final thoughts, I will get the original version of Nivea lipbalm which is way better.

Review: Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color

My current obsession will be lip products. I just love to try out lots of lippies this months. I decided to experimenting lippies from drugstore brand since the price is cheaper and will not brake my bank.
My mother-in-law always put on her makeup when she is in public. The point that inspired me a lot is the red lipstick that she used to put on, she looks so professional and confident. You know, when it comes to business and doing sales, the way you look come 1st before anything else.

Off course, anything that work fast and give instant result I will try. I decided to test with the LipIce sheer color. It is a lipbalm but with a hint of color.

Some description and details of the lipbalm/lipcolor: 

The product itself

Swatches with flash light & natural light



First of all, it costs around RM 10-14 which is a good thing, at least, if it doesn't work my heart wouldn't feel bad. It is easy to use. 
Lets say, today I'm lazy but I need to do some grocery shopping, I can just swipe it onto my lips and I'm ready to go. It changes color according to body temperature and every user might not have the same color effect. Wow... sounds amazing!

For me, I obtained the color as per swatches. On my lips it looks like a light berry color, sometimes it can be sheer fuschia too. Then, I will look so much better, awaken and confident.

This lipbalm is useful in terms of giving my lips soft and smooth and create a nice hint of color. Although    on the packaging said sheer color, I truly experienced sheer to opaque color on my lips. The lasting power seems to be stronger and longer compared with Benetint. It feels light on lips and non sticky at all.

Now, to the down side. Never ever expect easy lipbalm removable when it is a lipbalm with color pigment inside it. I am using milk cleanser as my makeup remover everyday, I can't remove it, it just stay there, like a ship anchored sank deep into bottom of the sea. I have to use eye and lip makeup remover, brushes, ensure it has been removed completely. I've bought a new cleansing water from Avene, I've used it twice, it removes it nicely without further tugging, rubbing on my lips. The point here saying that, owing this item and using it, you need to have a good makeup remover, else the color pigments will stay on lips and our lips will look darker and darker = not nice at all.

Overall, it is worth to try and I think I'm happy using it !

Review: The Skinfood Sugar Hand Cream (Wrinkle Care)

Uhhhh.....Ouch..... ahhhhhh DRY HAND....

Hey bloggerinos.... happy weekend. Today is Sunday and I'm glad that I can see my parents soon and we are going to have sumptuous lunch together with my in laws.

Without further delay, here's my take for the Skinfood Sugar Hand Cream. I bought this when I visited to the new Skinfood stall near my neighbourhood. The SA said that my hands are very dry, true to say, they are! I've been spending almost 24/7 in air conditioning room and I seriously can't stand with any hot weather these days.

For 45ml I paid around RM 24+, I like the packaging, sleek and cute, travel friendly. I didn't use it everyday nor every night. It really depends on my mood whether to use it or not as I still have some other lotion/creams to treat my 'mickey mouse' hand. Yes, my hand is small and meaty, barely able to see the knuckles, hubby called them mickey mouse hand. Haha!

The hand cream claimed to have wrinkle care function but I don't think I've noticed any wrinkle improvement on my hands. I prefer to normal hand lotion from Skinfood. Besides, I'm not fond to the scent too. It smells a lot like melted plastic without any hint of sugar at.

The texture of the product is quite thick but blend into skin easily. It feels slightly oily but doesn't bother me too much. Layering the products will definitely make the whole hand feel sticky and uncomfortable which other products do not have such problem. Actually the overall experience with the hand cream is quite disappointing. I was expecting it to work at least better or should be equivalent like any other hand cream does. The price is off course slightly higher too.

All in all, I will not purchase this anymore. The price and the quality is just Bleh....
Up until today, I'm still liking and loving my Vaseline hand and nail lotion which is creamier, smell great and make my mickey mouse hand soft and smooth.

Have a nice day~

Review: Lavender Clarisonic Mia

Aloha bloggerinos..... I can't express how much I love and live happily with my Clarisonic Mia. It is a must for my skincare routine.

I have been using this little buddy for a year now, I have to say it worth every.single.penny! The price is steep and not everyone will willing to spend such amount of money to buy the Clarisonic Mia. I've struggled for few months before put on my order. But once I own it, I was really amazed how it change my skin and then it becomes the staple tool in my skincare routine.

First of all, this cost USD 149 which is quite expensive. If you decided to get one for yourself, please look for some discount code or wait for the 20% off sale. I normally got my items only when things are on sale.  I ordered mine from Sephora when it has F&F sales or you can get from and etc. Currently there's another newer version of Clarisonic Mia which comes with 2 cleansing speed, more colors... just google it if you are interested.

My little purple buddy is the 1st generation, it comes with a universal magnetic charger and hydro cleanser. Before using it, I need to get it fully charged, the light will blink when it is on charging mode and stop blinking once it is done. Normally it can be used up to 20times before the next charging session.

The Clarisonic Mia kit comes with brush head for sensitive skin. Anyway, you can always switch for other brush heads that suits your skin type. I've been using the one meant for sensitive skin and match with any type of cleansing foam/ gel cleanser.

The idea behind this tool is to cleanse our skin thoroughly using sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second. Normal daily cleansing might not be as good as using this tool. After cleansing with Clarisonic Mia, my skin feel smooth and clean, pores are breathing too!

However, I do not recommend to use it everyday UNLESS you are using the delicate brush head. Even I'm using the sensitive skin brush head, I sometimes do feel my skin is tugging because of over exfoliate by the brush itself. For day to day basis, I only use it every other night and ONLY USE everyday if I did put on quite a number of makeup.

Next, to the brush heads. This is the sensitive skin brush head. I've been using 4 of this brush head. It is recommended to change a new brush head every 3 months if you are using it everyday. I change mine about 3-4 months. I prefer to get the brush heads in sets of 2, which I think is a lot cheaper and hassle free.

This is the new brush head for acne skin. I got it in set of 2. I've not try this type of brush head, out of curiosity I decided to give it a try before the next review. My skin is okay now, not at its best but better than before. Pictures below show how dense the brush are pack together, ** finger cross ** this suits my skin. Brush head for sets of 2 cost around USD40 if I'm not mistaken. And... always, always rinse and air dry the brush head after each use.

In a nutshell, it is a wonderful skincare tool to add into my skincare. I love to bring this along when I'm on vacation. It is very easy to use and to take care. The only down side is the refill brush heads are quite pricey and hard to excess.Besides than that, I have to order a backup every time I left with only 1 brush head. Other than that, it is such a good and handle tool, helping my skin looks clean and clear, plus, better absorption of skincare products.

Clean and clear skin = less makeup..... Hooray!!!

2012 Look Back + Favourites

Hey guys, happy new year, wish everyone have a prosperous new year.  2013 is definitely a challenging year for me with lots of surprises, hard works and loves.
I'll start my blog post with some flash back, then go to the favourites for 2012.

2012 Look Back: 

Getting less time to blog and previous working life is way to hectic for me to handle

Knowing that grandpa is sick and need to use steroid every 2-3months to control the cancer
Suddenly I felt live is so short and we have to appreciate and cherish every moment we can with
our family, friends and love one

My boyfriend came to propose with a diamond ring and bunch of red roses. What a pleasant surprise!

Got bonus and increment from my ex company. Both dad and mom got rewarded from me.
I've some for saving too

After the Labor day, I submitted my resignation letter. I had to farewell with my colleagues, all sort of feeling came across. From how much I want the job from the beginning and how much I want to get rid of it. I have about 3-4 days rest at home and start a new job

Hubby fetched me to his hometown and I'm now working in pharmacy shops with hubby

Struggling with all medications prescription because I don't know at all.
I felt the worst part in my entire carrier path. My mental suddenly became so fragile. 
I'm still didn't able to find spare time for blogging. I got no friends at all at my new place
You know, sometimes you need a friend to talk to more than you need your lover

Finally I got to meet with my ex-colleagues and we went to Bangkok
Started to drive in 6-7am back to my hometown. I miss my parents so much.
I became more independent and honestly my driving skills had improved so much
Hiking with my mother-in-law, wow....

Knowing my sister-in-law is pregnant, excited to see the baby and I can play with the baby
She introduced me the fun in bakery and teach me some basic bakery skills. I found  new hobbies

Started to understand better on medication/sickness symptoms
Hubby decided to bring me for vacation which was also agreed by both in laws
Birthday celebration with mom, I felt very happy

Vacation in Shanghai, probably the best and funniest I've ever joined so far.
I got myself a lavender pearl bracelet

The Christmas celebration, I got lots of presents and dinner with hubby
Started to blog more often, work has been smoother than before.


- Cellnique Bio Renewal Mask
- Cellnique Soothing and Hydrating Lotion
- Daiso High Quality Puff (Facial cotton)
- Laneige Sleeping Mask
- My Beauty Dairies Apple Polyphenol sheet masks
- Smith's Rosebud Salve
- Shu eumura Cleansing oil (Green)

- Naruko BB cream
- MAC Summer Rose beauty powder
- Maybelline Define A Lash Lengthening mascara
- Benetinit
- Stila Illuminating Powder (10 watts)
- Urban decay 15 anniversary palettes & eyeliner set

- Bakery
- Yoga
- Watching bakery videos

- Carrot cake
- Cinnamon bun

- roses on my table from hubby
- hubby bring me to vacation

Last but not least, I wish everyone has a great 2013 with joys and loves.