Review: Mentholatum Q10 Lip Gel

The urge of having more and more lippies continue...

I think this should be the last lippies I got for this month.

These pictures tell almost every details of the lip gel.

My turn. Price wise, RM10.90 per tube, not bad. It comes with 2 types: (i) hyaluronic acid and (ii) Q10
My birthday is just around the corner, I can feel I'm aging, like a prune with lots of wrinkles. Ahem~

My lips tend to peel easily because of lip products and another major contributor is the air-cond. Previously, when I'm working in my ex company, I never/seldom put on lipbalm. During my university years, I seldom have lipbalm on as well. As time pass, the lip lines started to form/ become more noticeable. I must act something before it get worse and I'll look like an old haggard. Oh my... scary!

After shower in the morning/night, I will apply some, the application is simple as ABC. Plus the slanted tip make the application even easier. It is fragrance free, I think, I didn't notice any fragrance after apply. It is light, but moisturizing enough. It also wouldn't make both lips glue together, I like it.

However, in terms of reducing lip lines, I still need some time to check on it. Overall, I'm please with this product.

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