Review: The Skinfood Sugar Hand Cream (Wrinkle Care)

Uhhhh.....Ouch..... ahhhhhh DRY HAND....

Hey bloggerinos.... happy weekend. Today is Sunday and I'm glad that I can see my parents soon and we are going to have sumptuous lunch together with my in laws.

Without further delay, here's my take for the Skinfood Sugar Hand Cream. I bought this when I visited to the new Skinfood stall near my neighbourhood. The SA said that my hands are very dry, true to say, they are! I've been spending almost 24/7 in air conditioning room and I seriously can't stand with any hot weather these days.

For 45ml I paid around RM 24+, I like the packaging, sleek and cute, travel friendly. I didn't use it everyday nor every night. It really depends on my mood whether to use it or not as I still have some other lotion/creams to treat my 'mickey mouse' hand. Yes, my hand is small and meaty, barely able to see the knuckles, hubby called them mickey mouse hand. Haha!

The hand cream claimed to have wrinkle care function but I don't think I've noticed any wrinkle improvement on my hands. I prefer to normal hand lotion from Skinfood. Besides, I'm not fond to the scent too. It smells a lot like melted plastic without any hint of sugar at.

The texture of the product is quite thick but blend into skin easily. It feels slightly oily but doesn't bother me too much. Layering the products will definitely make the whole hand feel sticky and uncomfortable which other products do not have such problem. Actually the overall experience with the hand cream is quite disappointing. I was expecting it to work at least better or should be equivalent like any other hand cream does. The price is off course slightly higher too.

All in all, I will not purchase this anymore. The price and the quality is just Bleh....
Up until today, I'm still liking and loving my Vaseline hand and nail lotion which is creamier, smell great and make my mickey mouse hand soft and smooth.

Have a nice day~

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