Review: Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color

My current obsession will be lip products. I just love to try out lots of lippies this months. I decided to experimenting lippies from drugstore brand since the price is cheaper and will not brake my bank.
My mother-in-law always put on her makeup when she is in public. The point that inspired me a lot is the red lipstick that she used to put on, she looks so professional and confident. You know, when it comes to business and doing sales, the way you look come 1st before anything else.

Off course, anything that work fast and give instant result I will try. I decided to test with the LipIce sheer color. It is a lipbalm but with a hint of color.

Some description and details of the lipbalm/lipcolor: 

The product itself

Swatches with flash light & natural light



First of all, it costs around RM 10-14 which is a good thing, at least, if it doesn't work my heart wouldn't feel bad. It is easy to use. 
Lets say, today I'm lazy but I need to do some grocery shopping, I can just swipe it onto my lips and I'm ready to go. It changes color according to body temperature and every user might not have the same color effect. Wow... sounds amazing!

For me, I obtained the color as per swatches. On my lips it looks like a light berry color, sometimes it can be sheer fuschia too. Then, I will look so much better, awaken and confident.

This lipbalm is useful in terms of giving my lips soft and smooth and create a nice hint of color. Although    on the packaging said sheer color, I truly experienced sheer to opaque color on my lips. The lasting power seems to be stronger and longer compared with Benetint. It feels light on lips and non sticky at all.

Now, to the down side. Never ever expect easy lipbalm removable when it is a lipbalm with color pigment inside it. I am using milk cleanser as my makeup remover everyday, I can't remove it, it just stay there, like a ship anchored sank deep into bottom of the sea. I have to use eye and lip makeup remover, brushes, ensure it has been removed completely. I've bought a new cleansing water from Avene, I've used it twice, it removes it nicely without further tugging, rubbing on my lips. The point here saying that, owing this item and using it, you need to have a good makeup remover, else the color pigments will stay on lips and our lips will look darker and darker = not nice at all.

Overall, it is worth to try and I think I'm happy using it !


  1. Ooh, this looks so nice =) I like the packaging! :p It's strange you can't remove the balm completely though.

  2. I love those lip stuff that turn pink when you apply it but they're either neutral colored or just plain looking in the tube.


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