Review: Lavender Clarisonic Mia

Aloha bloggerinos..... I can't express how much I love and live happily with my Clarisonic Mia. It is a must for my skincare routine.

I have been using this little buddy for a year now, I have to say it worth every.single.penny! The price is steep and not everyone will willing to spend such amount of money to buy the Clarisonic Mia. I've struggled for few months before put on my order. But once I own it, I was really amazed how it change my skin and then it becomes the staple tool in my skincare routine.

First of all, this cost USD 149 which is quite expensive. If you decided to get one for yourself, please look for some discount code or wait for the 20% off sale. I normally got my items only when things are on sale.  I ordered mine from Sephora when it has F&F sales or you can get from and etc. Currently there's another newer version of Clarisonic Mia which comes with 2 cleansing speed, more colors... just google it if you are interested.

My little purple buddy is the 1st generation, it comes with a universal magnetic charger and hydro cleanser. Before using it, I need to get it fully charged, the light will blink when it is on charging mode and stop blinking once it is done. Normally it can be used up to 20times before the next charging session.

The Clarisonic Mia kit comes with brush head for sensitive skin. Anyway, you can always switch for other brush heads that suits your skin type. I've been using the one meant for sensitive skin and match with any type of cleansing foam/ gel cleanser.

The idea behind this tool is to cleanse our skin thoroughly using sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second. Normal daily cleansing might not be as good as using this tool. After cleansing with Clarisonic Mia, my skin feel smooth and clean, pores are breathing too!

However, I do not recommend to use it everyday UNLESS you are using the delicate brush head. Even I'm using the sensitive skin brush head, I sometimes do feel my skin is tugging because of over exfoliate by the brush itself. For day to day basis, I only use it every other night and ONLY USE everyday if I did put on quite a number of makeup.

Next, to the brush heads. This is the sensitive skin brush head. I've been using 4 of this brush head. It is recommended to change a new brush head every 3 months if you are using it everyday. I change mine about 3-4 months. I prefer to get the brush heads in sets of 2, which I think is a lot cheaper and hassle free.

This is the new brush head for acne skin. I got it in set of 2. I've not try this type of brush head, out of curiosity I decided to give it a try before the next review. My skin is okay now, not at its best but better than before. Pictures below show how dense the brush are pack together, ** finger cross ** this suits my skin. Brush head for sets of 2 cost around USD40 if I'm not mistaken. And... always, always rinse and air dry the brush head after each use.

In a nutshell, it is a wonderful skincare tool to add into my skincare. I love to bring this along when I'm on vacation. It is very easy to use and to take care. The only down side is the refill brush heads are quite pricey and hard to excess.Besides than that, I have to order a backup every time I left with only 1 brush head. Other than that, it is such a good and handle tool, helping my skin looks clean and clear, plus, better absorption of skincare products.

Clean and clear skin = less makeup..... Hooray!!!


  1. I have a cleansing device similar to the Mia but from a different brand. I love it! It works amazingly with my skin and I've seen improvements in a 360 circle!

  2. If I ever do get a Mia, I'll have to order at least 5 replacement brush heads at one go. I can't be bothered to order one every so often!


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