Review: Nivea Soft Rose Lipbalm

Hi lovely ladies... as I've mentioned in my last post, I'm currently obsessed with lots, lots of lippies. I believe Nivea has comes up with a new lipbalm. I've yet to see such girly packaging from Nivea, once I saw it, I'll never let it slip away.

The packaging has been slightly change, but I don't really bother about that. I quickly tear off the paper and plastic once I've got it, out from the store. No patients at all.... When I saw the lipbalm, I was very happy and deep in my heart I was shouting hooray, hooray is another pink lipbalm in market. 

It will be way too silly if I straight away slap the lipbalm onto my lips, I'm 99.9% sure people will think I'm crazy if I did so. I pull off the cap and sniffed, O.o...
It smells like play dough. Sad... So, I searched for washroom and started to apply it. You know what, it doesn't show much color at all. The worst is, it doesn't feel moisturizing at all. The original blue cap Nivea lipbalm feels sooooo much better.

See, the pink sheen is barely able to be seen. How sad! I've tried it in several ways, (i) put it straight onto my lip, (ii) scrub my lips before hand, (iii) on top of nude lipstick, (iv) put on generous amount, multiple swipe on my lips....
Rawr!!!! non of the ways give a significant result. In stead, my lips look paler and feel dryer =BAD.

Final thoughts, I will get the original version of Nivea lipbalm which is way better.

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