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Dear blog readers,  

     If you're still here.... ( I hope so, and my heart feel so comforting to know that). As you may aware, I've not been blogging much this year and even I've been saying I will blog more regularly but it is HARD. Lots of things being going on whether is from work, family, life and health... It makes me feel very frustrated, sad and then lots of bad emotions just came in. I hope and pray hard that things will settle down and get better.

   At this moment, I'm in the midst of typing more blog posts for this year before it comes to the end. All I can say is I'm trying but really, I can't promise I'll blog consistently. Life is just like a roller coaster and I think the best way for me to do right now is follow the flow. What really happened started from the end of Sept till now are just very unpredictable and I still mostly in the grieving mode. Oh dear, I just hope after all these storms I can see a beautiful rainbow SOON. Seriously my emotion has been struggling a lot, especially the bad incident that happened recently, I literally just soaked in tears for weeks. Towards certain points I even questioned myself if I'm depressed because I've been too and overly sad.

  Anyhow, let's not touch too much about that matter anymore. I hope if any of you are in the sad mode like I do, or being very depressed, feeling helpless please always remember to be brave and be positive. I know it sounds easy but it takes a lot of effort to succeed. Just try our best and have faith.

   Till next time~



Recent Use: The Base Makeup

These days I only want simple makeup look which is why this topic come in place. I think base makeup is so important because showing your face at its best condition really important. It doesn't matter what you use, thick or sheer, as long as there's something on the very top of the skin, I feel better and more presentable.
Of course, I do show my bare face too because we all do have those days that we just want to be makeup free and enjoy our very own skin.

I don't have too much to show but basically these are those essential I use on my skin. The only different is how light, heavy, matte, glowy I want the look to be, and all is depends on my mood, weather and how much time I have.

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Setting Powder # Translucent
Quickest among all. I like how affordable it is and also just swirl some powder and swipe onto the face and done, I'm ready to go. I consider this to be an everyday carefree look as it doesn't have much coverage, mainly use as a setting powder or to reduce any sort of shine from the face. It serve well for any weekend look to whereby you only wear simple T-shirts with jeans/shorts, just something very quick and simple.

2. IOPE BB Cushion N21
BB cushion deserves the hype, seriously. When it first hit the market, everyone rave about it but there are so many in the market. This brand was introduced by a blogger to me who actually helped me bought it as well. I'm not a person who enjoy heavy or high coverage look, so I opted for N with lightest shade 21. There C for higher coverage and S if I'm not mistaken for a more dewy/glowy look. N21 blends in really nice and flawless onto my skin, just few dab and patting motion and you can achieve a very fresh korean actress skin. It feels nice and fresh on the skin, but then it started to feel a bit sticky after 4-5hours depends on the weather. I find this gives me a nice skin look and I just need this to look good, awesome!

3. Sekkisei Supreme Foundation #OC410
I like the coverage and the feel it stays on my skin. Although the powder starts to wear off after 4-5hours, it still remains a very nice soft look on my skin. My only complain is the selection of shades, it is very difficult to get the shade I want and some of the shades started to be discontinued. It is finely milled and apply so easy and smoothly by the sponge attached and it able to cover up some dark marks/spots. My work day foundation work pretty well.

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizer Primer
I think it controls my oil secretion very well, and keeping the makeup base to be more long lasting. It has this silicone feel that glides on the skin with a touch or powdery hint but doesn't hide or minimize the appearance of pores. But overall, it still serve me well. I apply this after my sunscreen and before my base makeup.

5. Physician Formula Mineral Face Powder #Translucent
This is another face powder like the Rimmel face powder. I find this product has a higher coverage and tend to be more long lasting. You still look very polish even after 6 hours with this one. It doesn't have any scent but it is so soft and smooth when applied on skin.  Personally I think this works better than the Rimmel one.

6. Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Compact #O20
Oh dear, I'm so in love with this baby.  The shade matches me perfectly and upon application it always gives me a very fresh, soft glow. However, please do not expect any high coverage from this compact powder as it glides on quite sheer. As I've mentioned before, I like light to medium coverage products a lot, so if you have similar taste like me, you may want to give this a try. Love it!

Every Girls Need Perfumes!

Hello everyone, basically the photo itself reveals today post. Well, I'm not a massive fans of perfumes but then I do own a few number of it. Everyone whether you're male or female, we just need some little scent lingering around us, make us feel special and unique. For me scent is very personal, it might be ''wow'' and it might just be ''blah'', so just have fun searching the scents that you like and special for you.

I like floral scented perfume, little bit of musk but most important it must be fresh and not too overwhelming.
I'm not someone who enjoy strong, heavy masculine scent because they are are just too strong to me which either give me bad headache or sneezing the entire day. Personally, I don't really collect perfumes because it is hard to get hooked or falling in love with certain scents. In my case, I keep and use them mainly because it reminds me of my happy oversea trips with hubby, memories, special occasions use, family and... you know is good to smell good rather than smell like a rotten egg.

1. Chloe Eau De Parfum - I didn't buy this when I first smell it at the airport because I was rushing catching my plane, but the scent lingered around my clothing and jackets keeping me feel nice. A year later, after I landed at the airport, I immediately rushed to the duty free shop and bought one, the scent is so nice and fresh. It lasts for almost a week on my dirty laundry. lol, and the laundry is still smelling nice. Shhh... also, the scent reminds me the trip (honeymoon) to a beautiful snow mountain with my husband. It is a mild floral with a sweet hint of honey scent. Try it, it is so chic and classic!

2. Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste - This was a gift from my dad and you know it always mean so much for a little girl. The scent is muskier, heavier with a little bit of sexiness. Oh dear, it is so hard to describe, just sniff it when you're at the counter. Hehe... for me this is more like a special occasion perfume such as date, dinner or gala.

3. Chloe Love Story - This is another nice scented perfume from Chloe. I think I do have a soft spot for Chloe's perfume, they are all very well blended, fresh and really wearable. Compare this scent to the original EDT, this has more of a woody tone in it. It starts with a very delicate soft floral scent then dry down to a woody tone, for me it isn't too strong so it is still appropriate for day time use. However, I do find the scent isn't really long lasting as it fades away quite fast but the, you still able to detect a little hint of perfume linger around you're clothing/wrist, wherever you've applied.

4. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT - This is a Christmas gift from my hubby in year 2012, it was the 1st year I celebrated Christmas with his family members. I think everyone in the house were really happy receiving presents, after all I don't think they celebrate X'mas the way my family do. It has a very strong floral scent as starting note which I think reflects the spring seasons where flowers blooming and beautiful cherry blossom. I prefer to spritz in the air and walk through it (if that make sense), so the scent will not be too overpowering. I do think it smells better after the scent settle down for about 20mins or so as I think the 1st spritz direct onto clothing is very strong and sharp. It is a budget friendly EDT that last probably around 4-5hours for me, so still have to spritz on some if needed.

5. Avon Scent Essence # Sparkly Citrus - Well, the most budget friendly EDT I've ever used. I think I bought this for about MYR 13 during the sale. It really reminds me The Body Shop EDT in Sparkling Apple which was LE, not quite sure if it is still selling at the outlet. Avon scent essence if lighter but still has that really fresh citrus scent  whereas TBS one has more of a muskier scent it it. Both last for about 4hours not really long lasting actually. Anyway, it is easy to pair with any day activities whether you're outdoor, indoor it just works.

That's all for my little collection of perfumes, it is small but I hope it wouldn't grow any larger than 10. Please feel free to share you favourite perfumes in the comment box below.

Have a wonderful weekend

Beware, We're Under Attack by Haze! & Top 5 Health Tips

(photo adapted from The Star)

It seems to be a very common phenomena in Malaysia where we will be attacked by haze every year from the uncontrollable forest burning in Sumatera, Indonesia. I seriously think this is a very unhealthy trend and till now, there isn't any prevention steps to avoid this haze issue.

I remember when I was a kid, my country didn't have too much issue of haze and even there are it doesn't create such huge impact towards our daily lives. Years after that, haze has become more and more serious, it not only affects the flight schedule, outdoor activities, health but it has become an every year trend whereby school are forced to close due to the dangerous API level.

The haze has started about 2 weeks ago and my throat started to get irritated, same thing happen to my respiratory system. I actually suffered rhinitis every morning and night especially when the haze getting thicker and I got so confused whether I am sick or just having allergy because it was so bad. I sneezed every morning and got nose blocked once I woke up, it just not nice and uncomfortable. Things get better after awhile but the good things always wouldn't last long. 

Today, I think I feel so much better probably because I keep myself active and delivered a proper vitamin to my body. 

Here are my 5 tips:

1. Be active - workout indoor instead of outdoor, eg: indoor gym/indoor swimming pool. I'm a gym maniac, so attending indoor classes definitely benefits me a lot. I didn't suffer any breathing issue when I workout at indoor.

2. Drink extra water - drink more water than usual, when you are more hydrated the sore throat issue can be prevented

3. Consume Vitamin C - consume fresh fruits such as oranges, kiwi, lemons, passion fruits, these high vitamin C fruits will not only quenches your thirst but it helps to strengthen the firewall of the entire body aka immune system. If you're having difficulties reaching the fruits, then opt for vitamin C tablets or soluble version. For adult go for 1000mg vitamin C, for children go for 100-300mg per day, please consume after meal.

4. Rest - rest is another good way to prevent diseases, why? When we've enough rest, ample sleep,  our immune system is actually stronger. So, a strong solid wall can help in preventing sickness.

5. Mask - always wear a mask, I recommend to have a 3 ply mask when you're on any outdoor activities whether just going out for lunch/ taking bus back home or pick up some rubbish at your backyard. Wearing a mask will filter those unnecessary chemical particles in the air which might have a long term side effects towards our health.

Before I end my post, HERE is another link regarding haze precautions and skincare tips for haze pollution, check it out if you are interested. I hope my 5 tips will be helpful for those who are living in a country facing the same pollution issue like I do. Be safe and stay healthy!

Recipe: Pan Fry Lemon Juice Marinated Salmon Fillet

Wanting a quick meal? Try this, I think this is so easy to cook and prepare, plus, you got to taste the real fresh salmon fillet by just using the simplest ingredients.
Note: this recipe was inspired by Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw.

Salmon is rich with omega-3 fatty acids which is good for our brain, heart and lowering bad cholesterol, moreover, it is a good source of white meat protein which is great for our muscle development.

- 2tbsp of fresh squeeze lemon juice
- 1 tsp salt
- 2-3 stalks of fresh rosemary
- 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
- Fresg ground black pepper ( put as much/ as little as you like)
- 1 tbsp unsalted butter

Marinate: Mix the lemon juice, salt, rosemary (thinly chop), olive oil and black pepper in a steep plate, place in the salmon fillet marinate for 5mins or you can start to marinate 2hours before start cooking.

1, Firstly, heat the frying pan, if you want it to be easy, use a good non stick frying pan. Once the pan start heating, place in the unsalted butter and heat for about 1min over high heat.

2, Place the salmon and fry for  2-3mins starting with the skin side facing down. For my case, I want to make sure the skin is crispy and the fish is thoroughly cooked. You also will notice the the texture of fish started to change once it is almost done.

3. Turn to the other side, this time, I will turn of the heat, and turn to the edges until all sides are almost golden brown.

4. Place the fillet onto a plate and decorate with some fresh vegetables.

Viola! You can prepare some condiments and sauce or quinoa for some extra crunch and taste. For me, since I'm in a rush, this whole salmon fillet will be just nice.

Have fun trying out my simple&quick recipe.

The Weekly Blog #1

Greetings everyone. I thought to share some happy moments I had last week, it was really fun and an enjoyable one. I snapped quite a lot pictures on flowers because hubby and I actually visited to a flower/garden shop where we bought some soils, pots and flowers and some vegetables seeds for his granny to be planted at her home. I have been thinking to get some pots and ready mixed soil for myself too.
Another exciting news is my avocado seed started to show its root and I'm over the moon because I've been trying to plant avocado for months. Really can't wait to see some leaves coming out... weee~

Also, last week the Curves gym that I joined had done an open day, I was in-charged to do blood test (glucose test) and blood pressure test for the members, I'm glad that people these days started to alert about their health and trying to have a healthy lifestyle. We have potluck as well, those aunties are such a great cook, oh dear, they cooked so nice and the food were delicious! See, even the cup cakes look so pretty and mouth-watering. Well, treating yourself a little bit of sweet stuff once a while is alright, just don't go over board.

I've read the Get The Glow cookbook by Madeleine Shaw, I highly recommend this book, it is good and most of the recipe are quite easy to cook, nothing too difficult for a beginner. Since I don't have smoked paprika I sort of alternate the marinate ingredients for my pan fry salmon, surprisingly it turned out quite nice, my hubby like it! I used to bake my salmon and this baby step of trying pan fry salmon is sooooo easy! Also, I've tried out some small japanese cucumber, it was so crunchy and delicious. Oh, one more thing, I finally ate my long waited fruits -- passion fruit, it taste a bit sour but then, it contents high vitamin C which is good to boost our immune system and also for our skin.

Last weekend I got to visit my parents and my hometown, oh, mom's cook a lot of food for me and I'm so happy to visit them every month. Although it was only a 2days trip, it meant so much for me, spending time with family members is always so sweet and warm. I hope this week will be nice as well.

Have a nice day~

Move It Monday: You're Important

Let's talk about this seriously, I mean it. Is not mean for only Monday post but is sort of an inspiration that helped me gone through so many phases of my life as a worker and also as a family member.

First of all, hugs, and you are not alone because someone is always out there lending their helping hands to help and also support you in many ways. The only thing you need to do is talk about it so that people are aware what you need and how you feel, at least this is the least you can do to make you feel better.

At work, no matter what position you are, everyone has their own task to do, as long as you accomplish your task properly you're consider as a good helper and also a good team member. I know and I do understand the tiny little voice in our heart might whisper why do I only handle small task? Am I not important? so on and so forth... I used to think that, but after I told this to my boss, I've changed my mind. Just imagine, if everyone holding the same important task and who else will be going to solve some other tasks, and what if all were link together? Let's see a simpler view, a lorry driver and few other workers who helped to pick and categorize rubbish. A lorry driver seems to be very important, but without the help of other workers, can he finish his daily task? So many rubbish to be collected and to be categorized or not, so without the helping hands from other workers whose task seem so invaluable and dirty in eyes of a lot people, will he be able to finish his task? Whether you are holding a big or small position, everyone is important, because without you some tasks might not even be settled or solved. Don't feel neglected because people sometimes just haven't really learn the art of appreciation. Be happy, you're always important for everyone!

Now, as a family member, everyone have their own role, other than the bread winner of the family, others play and important role as well, whether you are young or old. For example, a baby knows nothing but he/she is important even they are still small. A baby is the apple my eyes.They make me, everyone happy and cheerful, they are cute and help others forget about their hectic work once they reach home. See, even their role is tiny, but it matters, why, because they are important. Housewives, without them helping the husband take care after the kids, how possible he can concentrate at his work? 

So, whenever you feel you'll lonely, tiny in the eyes/heart of others, don't be afraid and come over, I'll give a big, warm hug. No matter how small you feel, you're always not alone, be strong and be still, someone is out there for you. Raise your hand and speak about it. Always remember you are important even you are as tiny as a dust. You're important because no one is alone and being abandon forever. Have faith and hope...

My Love for Hourglass Blushes

I should say I'm not a huge fan of blushes whether is cream, liquid or powder, I was never a fan until.... I got my very first Hourglass Ambient Lightning blush in diffused heat. When I saw the palette I was like, what!!!! it looks so shimmery, no way I can pull this off and I was wrong, it gives me the most beautiful sheen and flush on my cheeks and since then, I'm in love with Hourglass blushes. Well, thanks to my lovely friend who introduced this brand to me.

1. Diffused Heat
I think this shade suits most skin tone, it has a very nice natural flush of color which creates a very healthy look. If swatches on hand, it will show as a reddish peachy color. Each palette might be different because the combination between the color and the highlighter are all very different, which is also one of the reason making each blush looks so unique and special. I got this in the actual size and I'm very enjoy using it. I think this shade works for all seasons as well and it looks so natural and settle on the skin. I don't even have to worry about my pores, it just makes everything looks so soft focus and almost flawless. I got so many compliments from friends telling me how nice and envy with my healthy glow, well, now the secret reveal, this is the secret weapon. Surprise?

2. Luminous Flush
This color for me is more pink and the shimmer appear to be more golden than the others. The color actually looks just nice for an everyday makeup look. Unlike diffused heat, this color actually gives more of a golden sheen with a good color payoff -- a pink flush. I think it will be a great color to use on summer day. That golden sheen just looks so fabulous.

3. Incandescent Electra
As much as I like diffused heat very, very much, I actually really like this too. Mine has more highlighter than the peachy pink which actually makes me like it even more. Well, mine has more swirl of highlighter and I'm very picky when it comes to highlighter because the whole face texture just doesn't look great with anything that emphasize the appearance of pores and wrinkles. Despite that, this cool peachy pink blush create the most soft focus and effortless healthy glow in my everyday makeup look. Trust me, you can't go wrong with anything like this especially with a product that is so finely milled and well combined. It gives me a glow that looks so nice and almost comes from within. Although this works more like a highlighter kind of blush and transfer more sheen rather than the color, it is still looking very pretty by its own uniqueness. Definitely going to pick up a full size.

4. Mood Exposure
I know a lot of people rave about this shade, but for me this is more like a winter/fall type of blush, it looks a bit dark on my skin, more like a brown+plummy shade and for most of the time, I prefer to use it as eye shadow rather than a blush. At different lightning angle, this blush sometimes looks like a rusty red. When use it as a blush, I'll make sure I use it very light handed or best with stippling motion, consider how fair/light my skin tone is, the more I use, the heavier the look will be. Thus,  I consider this will best suit people with a warmer and darker skin tone. But good thing, it is very versatile, it makes a good pop of color as an eye shadow.

Overall, all Hourglass blushes had a soft, smooth texture that wasn’t too powdery and blends effortlessly on the skin. Personally I think most of the color coverage seemed true-to-pan, and could be built up in thin layers or applied more intensely depends on personal preferences. What really caught me in is the nice effect left on my cheeks whereby I didn’t see any visible sparkle that will emphasize the size of my pores. All I have seen on my skin is a satiny sheen that gave a glow and sheen that look so flattering. All of  the color wore well throughout the day and I only start seeing decline in intensity after wearing it for almost 8 hours. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes have a very soft, finely-milled feel that’s silky and a little powdery in the pan, but look so flawless and effortlessly on skin. Compare with other blushes, this blush certainly gives my cheek looks more dimensional and plump. All I can say to round up today's post is : the quality is amazing, definitely worth to invest and collect. I think these reasons are probably why all makeup collectors, beauty guru raved and went crazy about it.

All I Have Been Using Are These Drugstore Brushes

Brushes... I think this year I'm really into brushes because most of my makeup palette doesn't come with brushes and sometimes, I'm the one who didn't like the brushes attached with the palette.
Since I'm just started with brushes, I've no intention to start of with any highly recommended brushes or any brands. So, I ordered a set of studio brush from E.L.F which is way more cheaper than any branded brushes in the market, then I started to have some other brushes from drugstore brand, seriously, I think they work just nice, nothing much to say but thumbs up.

Here's are the brushes which I'm using probably daily and these are probably my favourites and my most used brushes. Please don't quote me because I'm not a makeup artist that know what brush should use for this and that, I just use any brushes that works on me and the products.

 1. Real Technique Contour Brush
I really like this, very soft and dense, I normally use it for my foundation and blushes. Yes, I don't use it as contour brush, I'm not a person who must contour my face everyday and till today, I'm still someone who just simply put on my makeup without contour. When it comes to brush cleansing, thank God, no shedding or whatsoever, it just maintain the same. The only thing I want to emphasize is, it is really good for blending in products, everything works just nice and evenly without any patchy spot.

 2. E.L.F Small Angled Brush
This is my must have daily brush, I only use this for my brows. It picks up quite a good amount of brow powder and works really well. Because it is an angled brush, it makes my filling brows process hassle free. Besides, I also recommend this to use as an eye liner brush. Dip it into any color you like and gently swipe across the lash line, it can create a very nice and almost precise cat eye wink.

 3. E.L.F Blush Brush
My favourite blush brush, very soft and good quality. It picks up just the right amount of blushes. You can either pat in the blush or swipe the blush onto the cheeks area. I also like the size of the brush, the size sits just nice, the right size for my cheeks so no worry if the blush was applied all over the face. I prefer to use the patting motion as I feel the blushes stay on longer and the intensity is just perfect. Unlike some brushes pick way too much products and leaving your cheek look like a monkey butt.. Not nice at all, blah~
I have 3-4 of this brush which I think I'm really crazy with this brush.

 4. E.L.F Kabuki Brush
Best kabuki brush, perfect for face powder or loose powder. When I'm in the mood of sheer makeup look, I like to use this to set my foundation, gives a really nice, translucent kind of look to the skin. Normally, I pair it with Rimmel Stay Matte Face Powder for a natural look or budget friendly look. It is big which makes the whole setting process really quick. It is very fluffy and soft too.

 5. EcoTools Brush
Another brushes that I like is this EcoTools brush, very soft, I would only use this with my face powder or any other MAC Beauty Powder for a really nice, soft focus look. Compare with the E.L.F Kabuki Brush, this brush actually pick up more product, so my opinion is best to be used with powder foundation or just lightly swipe across the pan and gently apply onto skin, a heavy hand might cause the whole base makeup look a bit overwhelming and cakey.

 6. E.L.F Fan Brush
I'm not sure if this brush will have a place in everyone's heart. For me, yes because when I'm 1st started to use a blush, you know, I'm so timid with the color because I really don't what my cheeks to look like a chimpanzee's butt, too red and too, well, just not nice! With this fan brush, it actually change my nightmare towards blushes. It picks up just the right amount and whether you use it light handed or heavy handed, the risk of having animal's butt on your face has been drastically reduced. It works really well with highlighter too, I highly recommend this for a blush /highlighter beginner.

 7. EcoTools Small Kabuki Brush
I normally like to carry this around because of the cute size and it works really good. I use it for my face powder and blushes. I like to hold at the middle of the brush whereby I actually squeeze all the entire brush making it more compact and dense, than dab it onto my Hourglass Blushes and draw little circle on my cheek, it really, really works. I think it gives me a really nice flush of color when I use this as a blush brush. It actually helps my blushes to be very precise on the right spot. Or, sometimes, I just use it as blending brush, just to blend in everything, ensure no harsh lines between cheeks and face, jaws and etc.

 8. E.L.F Powder Brush
Nothing special, just my everyday powder brush. Please not to use in stippling motion as I feel it itched my skin, a gently swipe will do. Good to use with face powder, pressed/loose powder

Overall, I suggest beginners to start with drugstore brand brushes instead jump straight into designer brand. Designer brushes might be good and most of us don't even query about the quality but please remember a good designer brush normally have a steeper price tag compare with drugstore brand. However, if there are brushes that worth the price you pay, go for it, it isn't easy to find a good makeup brushes.
Just my advice, good brushes aren't always must be expensive, some can also be found from drugstore brand. Cheap brushes aren't always the best but most of the time, they are more affordable and more accessible for people who are on budgeting.

Current Everyday Lip Colors

Looking at the array of lip colors... Oh gosh, one is never enough for me and having more than that is OMG!
I'm more into lip color with pink/peachy/neutral kind of pink anything brighter than that or out of the pink hue scope is like a nono ... Well, it just not really my cup of tea and I don't even think is work appropriate color.

I'm not sure how 'bout other girls, for me I like to have bunch of lipstick, glosses, lip tint in my little pouch and keep it warm and tight in my work bag. I might be using this color in the morning and after meal, I might have another color put on my lips.

1. MAC Lustre #Passion Charge
A very wearable almost hassle free color. Is bright but not over powering. The formula is slightly drying (for me) so I'll have to apply a thin layer of lipbalm before application. This color can be paired with a very define eye look or an everyday color. Nothing too fancy, but the color really brightens the complexion and boost the whole look. More cheerful I guess.

2. Benefit BeneTint
Very easy to put on, is either on lips or cheeks, so easy. I like the rosy tint and nice soft flush that show on my skin. Is watery but blend in very nicely and evenly. Totally no issue with blotchy and patches after use. It looks so natural on the skin. For me, it is best to be used when I'm in a rush or traveling.

3. Benefit Possie Tint
Soft pink, I prefer to use this only on my lips a lot. Looking for a baby pink lips that last long, go for this. I find that Possie Tint has the most flattering pink shade for me. You know, sometimes baby pink doesn't look great on everyone. I'm so glad that this pink shade leaves a very nice, soft color on my lips. Lol, should I say... more kissable? Haha...

4. Lip Ice Sheer Color
Sometimes, I just need something to use on my lazy day. 1-3swipes, depends how intense you want to color to be, tadaa.... done. You will not go wrong with this item. It applies clear on lips and then, magic ... it will turn in the a nice pink/fuchsia pink. Good thing, is a 2 in 1 product. You got the lip balm and the color in 1 bullet. It is quiet long lasting and I do struggling a little bit to remove it.

5. NYX Round Lipstick #Tea Rose
Soft muted pink. This one has a more settle finish, is creamy and glides on so smoothly on my lips. Is like butter melting on your lips. Very moisturizing and very pigmented. I like to apply then pat it with my fingers to create a more settle and Parisian kind of look. 

6. Revlon Lipbutter # Berry Smoothie
Buttery soft. The only issue I have is this thing is very heat sensitive, it melts if the weather is too hot. Disaster if it leaked every where. Berry Smoothie has some shimmer in it, I will consider this as you lip color but better. Flattering and I think you can apply it without a mirror and still look fabulous.

7. Clinique Baby Tint #02 Coming up Rosy
Other than the weird scent, this is a very pretty pink shade. It is a combination between peach and pink but lean more towards the pink side. I find that it is a tad bit drying on my lips because my lips peel a bit after use, still not sure if I'm sensitive towards its formula or other issues. I like how sheer it is as I dislike intense color.

8. Revlon Super Lustrous #Pink Pop
Quick swipe and I'm done. Pink pop is a blue tone pink but doesn't look too cold on my skin tone. I used to love lipgloss but as I aged, well gracefully, aha, I like lipstick more. This lipgloss has a good applicator that distribute the color evenly without sticking on my teeth. What's great about it is, drugstore item that didn't burden my wallet. I like the formula, non drying and not too sticky.

9. Burberry Lip Cover #No.22 Delicate Rose
My 1st product from Burberry's makeup. Delicate Rose is a soft nude pink. Very nice packaging and great pigmentation. For me, it conceals my natural lip color and bringing out the nude pink nice and evenly. It has a magnetic lid to which wows me, well, honestly I've never own any lipstick with the magnetic lid at all. It has a soft baby powder scent to me, it is okay but I still prefer a fragrance free lip stick. I think, Burberry lip cover has great formula that leaves my lips feel so comfortable. However, I don't recommend this shade for everyone because it might make you look sick and wash out. Have swatches 1st before you purchase. There's tons of nude, I'm sure you'll find your perfect nude lipstick. I like to use this for certain occasion because dang... it is quite pricey and I tend to keep the best for last, don't you?

Current Skincare Routine : Day Time Using Kose & Cellnique

Is skincare time... having a good skin is more important than layering your face with loads of makeup. Using products that suits to you skin types will make the skin looks healthy and glow from within. So, when it comes to skincare items, I must admit I'm the picky one, although I tend to switch my skincare item every few months, I still keep and repurchase those that works well to my current skin condition.

I'm not any skincare guru but I thought sharing some of my thought might help those who wanted to try out other skincare products/brand. Your skin will not be the same every year because we aged so do our skin, no one will have acne skin, oily skin, dry skin forever. It is about how you take care of it that makes it looks better and at its best condition. Skincare is all about try and error, I don't believe what works on others will 100% works the exact same on me. Always understand what your skin needs before committed to any skincare and if possible read some reviews online, it might help and give you an idea about a products.

For my day time skincare routine, I try to keep it as simple as possible. I will start my day with:

1. Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cleansing Souffle
Very gentle face wash, it works wonderful on my skin. Well, I think it is important to wash my face in the morning to get rid of grim and dirt. Your skin is still working, repairing itself while you're sleeping and who can guarantee that the place we sleep at is 100% free from dirt? It might look real clean on naked eyes but there might be tiny little dirt flying all around in the air. Okay, this whole process is just mean to clean the face and removes the oil and dirt. I highly recommend this for those who have sensitive and dry skin. It is so gentle that I'm no longer worried it will my makes skin flakes.

2. Kose Sekkisei Clarifying Essence
Later on, just for double cleanse and removes dead skin cells I will use the clarifying essence. I'm on my 3rd bottle right now. All I can say is, it removes the residue that we've missed out during the cleansing routine and help to suppress the formation of pigment melanin. Sometimes, I will notice some dirt/ yellowish grim appeared on the cotton pads. Other than that, this item also help the absorption of the following skincare items.

3. Cellnique Soothing & Hydrating Lotion
After that, spritz some toner. Now, I'm using the Cellnique Soothing & hydrating lotion. I've been using this for years and even introduce to my husband. We both love it very much. It feels really refreshing and cooling probably because of the ginger and algae extract. Sometimes, I pour it on few cotton pads and leave it on my face for a quick boost. Hydration is very important, nothing will be nice without a proper dose of hydration. Our skin needs water too!

4. Kose Sekkisei Emulsion
Then, depends on how my skin feels in the morning. If I feel it is bit dry, I will go for the emulsion. The emulsion should be used on cotton pad and wipe on the the skin. This will ensure a better absorption and an even application on the skin. The emulsion is light but not oily. My skin always feels more alive after using it.
(P.S: Few years back when I started using this, I really dislike this despite of how light and runnier the consistency, I felt the whole thing just sit on my skin not sink into my skin. It always leave my skin very shiny and oily. If you feel so, please consult the SA because you are probably using it the wrong way. Now, my skin condition is different, and my current SA is so nice that she explained each steps, do and don't on the products. Now, it has a place in my heart. )

5. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Serum I
If I'm not using the emulsion, I will go for the serum I. When my skin feels right in the morning, I mean right in terms of hydration and no flakes or dry patches, I'll use this. It comes in gel formula but feels really light, non sticky at all. What makes it great is, it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. Compare with Sekkisei emulsion this one is lighter but still perform well on my skin. Even the famous Taiwan guru Niu Er claimed that he recommend this item out of all the Pure Advance Range. I think, if you have oily skin, this one will work just nice too.

6. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Eye Jelly
A light eye gel. The scent is almost similar like the Pure Advance Serum I. I'm almost use up the whole tube now so I will include my short review over here. If you're eye area is still in a good condition, still 'youthful' ahem** this will be nice, but if your eye area is drying and have signs of aging, who might want to pass it. I picked this up months ago because I really couldn't use any eye cream as those give me tiny milia. So, I decided to give this a try. Is okay to be used in the day but it will be too light for me to use at the night time. Plus, I'm no longer a young lady. Oh boy! I've seen lines under my eye area, not nice and not fun at all.
Once I've finished this, I think I will have to hunt another eye product to be used for the day time. Go for it if you eye area doesn't have any crow feel, wrinkles, pass it if you started to see some little fine lines. I don't think it will diminish any wrinkle/lines.

7. Kose Sekkisei Skin Protect Essence Gel SPF50, PA+++
After all the skincare, apply sunscreen whether you like it or not, just apply it. Go for sunscreen with at least SPF30, PA++ the sun rays UV cause too much damage to our delicate skin. I dislike liquid sunscreen most of the time, so using a gel type like this makes my skin feel so good. I think this is one of the most hydrating sunscreen I've ever used this far. It spreads like a dream and is good it doesn't leave any white cast. You can use this on the face or all over your body. So far, I'm happy with it I'm glad that beside the Cellnique SPF30 sunscreen that seems so unbeatable, there's still another choice for me. Yay!

I hope this will help and give you an idea on my day time skincare routine. Everyone has different skincare regime because we live in different country, different age and different skin types. Just choose your skincare wisely and you shall see results from the skincare items.

Move It Monday : Be Blessed

 Good day... is Monday again and this time I thought to start a short series for every Monday for the month of September. I try to keep it short and simple but most important is some of these are very inspired in my day to day life.

I know, when the weekends left we all will craw into our bed thinking what would it be for the next day. For those who work in a higher position in the company ,those who left the last Friday with lots of pending stuff to be settled, students who have deadline for assignments/exams and etc, thinking about the arrival of Monday is torturing and stressful.

So, a better way to kick start the monstrous Monday is be blessed just like the meaningful picture in this post. The more you lean to the negative side the worst it will be and it doesn't help anything at all. You will end up with problems, issues with customers, colleagues and all those unhappy things. Now, think hard why you choose to be like that?

Be grateful and blessed that we are living in a peaceful condition with no war going on around us and we are not refugees running away from country looking for shelters. Focus on the happy things around us, we are blessed enough to have our loves one who love and care about us unconditionally.

Whenever you are stressed out, think about the sweet fruits that will be harvested later on. Is better to strive now and relax later. Stop focusing on all those problems and indirectly our brain, the more you worry about it the bigger the problems will be emphasized and enlarged. Just relax, is just Monday not the end of the world, don't push yourself too hard. Follow the flow and try to make the best of it.

 Lastly, we should be very thankful and feel blessed when we're able to wake up this Monday. Many of them in poor country might not have the chance to enjoy or experience what we have right now. Having a positive mind and positive vibes will definitely enlighten the Monday's blue mood.

The Recent Damage: Kose Member 5X points sale

I know I just upload a blog post regarding the terrible buying habit and now here I start the day with a blog post regarding my recent wallet damage post. Oh my * eyes rolling*

I noticed my skincare has running low and almost only pump out air instead of skincare products, so when there's a 5x member sale I immediately called my nearest store and as them when can I start buying things, so the lovely lady send me some details and I damaged my wallet.

I bought cleansing oil, clarifying essence, clear force and an eye cream. Oh dear, I'm not sure because of the weather/haze or my intense workout session, I have developed these little bumps on my body and they are just the most stubborn monster I've ever come across. I've tried so many things to get rid of them all doesn't seems to work at all. The SA recommended to try the Junkisui Pure Body Wash to combat body acne, I can't wait to try it and do a blog post about it. The eye cream seems to be a must for me right now, few weeks ago when I have my facial done, the beautician was shocked how serious my under eye has become. It is dry and some wrinkle (not the major one) but it has started to show early sign of ageing *sob*. This will be reviewed as well. I've been lacked of sleep lately.
As for the rest, I've tried it and decided to go for full size and replenished of stock that has finished.

Oh, before I end this post I think this Independence Day sale was wonderful, I got a set of travel size skincare, pouch, mirror and because I'm on of the 10 early birds I received a small bottle of Sekkisei toner and a power bank (Sekkisei bottle).

Have a great weekend!

Does the Currency Exchange Rate Affected Your Beauty Purchase?

(picture from Pinterest: use for illustration only)

Hello shopaholic... I admit I am, and this whole economy trend doesn't seems to be helpful at all especially for those country with weaker currency. Please take note this post is just meant for discussion purposes and I'm not an economist.

I've noticed since our MYR has dropped drastically it has certainly leaving a huge impact for all those who love to shop whether is beauty/ household/ foods and etc. It has really burden our wallet and soon without a proper control it will definitely brake our wallet and even our bank savings.

So, today I'm going to share about my thoughts of how the exchange rate has affected my beauty purchase. Those days when our exchange rate is between 1USD = MYR3.1-3.3 we are still able to shop online, browsing cosmetics that has newly launched or being raved by beauty gurus all over the social media and immediately we can make up our mind to buy or not to buy. Correct?
For me it is a yes, I can decide what I want and then go trough reviews and place my order few days later on.  But now, things have changed. Why?

For example, 1USD= MYR 4.23 (based on today's rate), the difference is huge and it is a lot! It is no longer a state where you can buy whatever you want without think twice. I've noticed the exchange rate has significantly affected the consumer purchasing power whether is online or directly in the store. The questions marks always pop up in my mind each time I wanted to make a purchase and as a consumer I will always look for the best deal before I make any purchase by hitting the BUY button. Pinch money!!!

Let's be frank, eg: if your income is less than 5K and you have a family that rely on you, do you think you would want to spend money on those unnecessary things? For me, other than buying my skincare, I don't think I've bought any makeup items for the past few months. All I would willing to spend is on food and my basic necessities. The thought of getting extra backup and try out more new beauty items such as makeup and skincare have seriously been removed from my mind unless there is a really good sales. The exchange rate also drive me nuts because there are so many newly launch items that I wanted to try out so badly.

Solutions? Is there any solution? At this point I don't see any because it does take times for our economy to boost back to its original. My suggestion is, try to save as much as possible and only purchase those you think is worth to keep if you have this " Oh man, I must own it " issue. We can't help much because our economy is indeed in its worst situation. And please try to be as rational as possible.

At this point I will say let's just be positive, we still have plenty of cosmetics to use:
1. we are not spider lady with so many eyes that need that much of eyeshadow
2. we are not centipedes (not sure if they have nails)  so many legs that need too much of shoes
3. we only have lips that need just a few lipstick
4. we only have a pair of ears that doesn't need that much of jewelries 
5. we only have one face that need just a few face powder/ foundations/highligher/blusher

Please not to think so because at some point and certain stage.... all shopaholic holds a list with tons of items like a never ending list....... because lady, since when there is a full stop on our shopping list?! True? After all, everyone has their right to spend money just be careful on what you spend on and not to go overboard.

Overall, for me I will just accept the fact and stay away from the purchase bandwagon until the launch of holiday items. Then, I shall decide what will be listed in my shopping list. Always have a clear mind to only purchase things that you need and worth to be kept as part of your lovely makeup collections. A lot of the items are not a necessities but simply a splurge to fulfill the thirst of our bad habit. I have to say and agree exchange rate has affected my purchasing power and I'm working on it and I do discovered a lot of my oldies but goodies makeup products.

Just bear in mind : Moderation is the key.

A Short Review on Recent Skincare Samples & Full Size

I've never get bored when it comes to experiment skincare but sometimes things can get over bored. When the item is suitable on my skin, it works wonderful and vice versa. So, most of the time before I committed to any full size skincare, I would prefer to try out samples and read more reviews about it. As for full size items, I just bought it because of curiosity and if it doesn't work well, is either to pass it or strive hard to finish it.

1. CellAct Stimulating Gel Face Mask
I would not recommend this for those with super sensitive skin, it is more like a chemical peel but in a more gentle way. Just apply all over on clean dry skin, leave it for 10-20mins, gently rub the face until eraser dust like thing come off from the face. I do experience mild tingling sensation and my face turn red at certain part. Then, rinse off with water. The effect is good as it keeps the skin clear and soft but it can be drying if you didn't layer with enough hydrating skincare. It leans more on the pricey side so I would say it is not a must try item.

2. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream
This stuff is good as night cream. I've been tested it for quite sometimes at would love to give it a thumbs up. Sleeping in air-conditioning room without a proper moisturizer is disaster. After applied it over night, my skin still feels soft and hydrated, no oily residue, no shiny face in the next morning. Well, it doesn't break my skin nor clog my pores, everything is just nice and fine. Worth to give it a go if you're looking for a mid price night cream. In case you have a drier skin, you might fine this a tad bit light but for my current dry to combination skin, it works just nice.

3. Kiehl's Eye Alert
Waking up in the morning with puffy eye? Oh great, it just doesn't look nice. Kiehl's Eye Alert comes in gel texture and apply nicely around the eye area. It keeps the eyes feels rejuvenates but do not expect this to hide your wrinkles/crow feet. Is good to be used during the day as it is very like and comfortable. It helps a bit on the puffy eye but for long term use, I think it still need a longer time to test it out. After all, mine is just samples size.

4. Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum
I prefer to use this during the night time as the consistency is more like a water-gel, not too thick but too much of it will definitely leave the eyes area feel sticky. I enjoy looking at the serum a lot, very nice shimmery milky color. Ha! Not too much scent it feels really nice and hydrated. Then, I will follow up with my eye cream on top of it. This is just my first impression.

5. Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel
Black gel with gold shimmer, so pretty. I will only recommend this for those with oily and combination skin. It has a very nice scent and cooling effect. I like to use this during the day or hit to the gym. Not too heavy and the hydration level is just nice for people with oily to combination skin. Other than that, it comes with air tight pump that will ensure all the product being used up. Similar pump like the Kate Somervilles moisturizer.

6. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
Best natural antibacterial oil. Dries my acne and promotes wound healing. 1drop will go a long way, so beware. It will feel tingling/prickling if you put on wound. Not to use too much or directly all over the face as it can be too drying.

7. L&S Cell Recovery System
Just a regular eye mask. It feels nice and refreshing but doesn't really help much on wrinkles which actually make me doubt if it should name it as Cell Recovery. I got this from Korea awhile back, just a very basic and normal eye mask, nothing much result to expect.

Favourites of The Month: August 2015

Over the past month I know I've been slacking on my blog, so sorry for that I'm currently trying my best to back on blogging track, hopefully this month will be more blog posts. (finger crossed)

August has been great but at the same time is a very busy and hectic month. I tried to upload this post for days and I just couldn't help myself and fainted on my bed straight away done all my skincare regime. Yeah, I'm tired and exhausted, physically and mentally.

Without further rambling.... here we go:

1. Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cleansing Souffle
It took me over 6months to hit the pan, oh boy, 500ml and it certainly last me a loooong... way. What I really enjoying using this is because it is super gentle, and still cleanse the entire face very nicely. My hubby also claimed that his skin feels really comfortable after shower (obviously, he must be curious with my cleanser). Highly recommend for those who have sensitive skin like I do.

2. Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
Ok, I can't remember the exact year I got it, but I recently re-discovered it and it still work pretty well. It has 15shades, all very smooth, creamy, buttery with great pigmentation. I use it almost every single day. Some of the shades might look very bright in the actual palette but a soft wash of color still can be achieve if use on a light hand. Overall, is an oldie but a goodie!

3. Smith's Rosebud Salve
Long story short talk, it is wonderful, it heals my chapped lips OVERNIGHT! not only for lips, any dry patches/cuticles/heels, name it, it just can use all over the body. Ahem... obviously I will use a cotton tips to scoop out some of the product if I'm really mean to put on my heels.

4. NYX Round Lipstick # Tea Rose
Great pigmentation, glides on like a dream, the lipstick itself is quite opaque so it gives me a thought of a matte lipstick, but a softer version. Great for everyday use and looks very feminine too.

5. Shu Uemura Tsuya Lotion I
For me, I think it is more like a cleansing lotion, not meant for hydration nor whitening. I poured it onto cotton sheets and gosh, so many dirt appeared on the cotton sheets. It truly cleanse my skin even though it is just a toner. Just a short note, do not pour too much on the cotton pads else it will leave a sticky hint afterwards. Great to be used as a cleansing toner.

6. Skin Aqua Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++
Seriously, I'm very picky with my sunscreen, I only use Cellnique sunscreen or Kose gel sunscreen. Few months a go, I got it from my sister-in-law because her shop got extra tester, so I thought since is free, why not I give it a try after all the economy is pretty bad right now. Please note,  I'm always a cream/gel sunscreen person, I never like nor enjoy using any sort of liquid sunscreen because it feels heavy on my skin and always feels uncomfortable. After tried this, I thought I would say it is a good one, not the one that wow me, but at least my skin feel nice, smooth and shine free. I would shake well before pour it onto my palm, rub it and put onto my face and I always have 2 layers. If you're looking for an affordable sunscreen and have sort of sensitive skin, give this a try, perhaps you'll like it. Well, for me, I think it is a good drugstore sunscreen that I can use at this moment.

7. Kose Clarifying Essence
I use this in day and night after cleansing my face, it is pretty watery but works wonderful. For me, it removes all the dead skin cells on my face and prepare the entire face for the next skincare items. It helps the other products to absorb better and making the skin more translucent. I have just bought a backup in my recently Kose 5x points sale.

8. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Deep Clear Mask
It is a 2 in 1 mask, it contains beads that work as face scrub and kaolin mud as a medium to suck out all the impurities inside your pores. Firstly, cleanse your face and make sure the face is semi dry, not too wet, squeeze out the require amount and apply all over the face, scrub and leave it till dry, then rinse of. Oh dear, my skin feels super smooth and silky. Like all deep cleansing mask, always remember to follow up with a hydrating mask and a face cream. Then, look into the mirror the next morning, your skin will look amazing.

9. Kose Clear Whitening Mask
I think this is probably the best peel off mask I've come across so far, really sink deep into your pores and pull out all the gunk and even facial hair. Haha...each time I used it, my skin looks clearer, brighter and breathable. I am so in love with this item. I'm not suse ig this year Kose will still come out with this LE size 145g (usual size 80g) but grab one if you can, it works really, really good!

10. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara # Very Black
This is my 2nd tube, since ever I saw it was used by Raeviewer in one of  tutorial using drugstore items, I immediately as her opinions on what she thinks about this mascara and since then I was hooked by it. It isn't available in Malaysia, so always I need to order and get it shipped from US.
It holds curls and last more than 8hours. I would say it is more like a clean effect mascara, giving you a nice, clean eye look.

11. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil
What more I should say? Amazing set with lots of colored eye pencil, good thing it doesn't smudge on me and because of the how colorful it is, I can actually just rock with the eye liner without having any eyeshadow or a sheer wash of eyeshadow.

So, I hope you all enjoy reading my long almost review like of monthly favourites. Please share if you have any great products recommendation, I would love to give them a try~

Recipe: Simple Baked Salmon with Lemon and Rosemary

Wanting a simple meal with loves one during busy day at home can be difficult when everyone seems to be so busy with their works, activities and own social life.

Here I'm going to share a recipe which I've improvised a little bit here and there to suit my need. For a newbie like me, I've never cook a salmon at all, but I find this recipe is so easy and hassle free.

-grated black pepper (quantity -personal preferrences)
-grated salt (1.5 tsp)
-2-3 cloves of chopped garlic
-fresh rosemary
-few dust of dried parsley
-2 salmons fillet
-1.5 medium size lemon
-olive oil
(note: recipes for 2 pax)

How to:
1. Wash the fillets with running water till it is clean
2. Dry on a paper towel, rub on some sea salt on both side and leave aside
3. Using a pyrex plate, places some lemon slices and whole rosemary (with the stems) on the bottom.
4. Grate some black pepper and place the fillet on top. Drizzle some olive oil (note: no need too much, a little will do). Salmon is rich with omega3, good for hearth and improves cholesterol. Olive oil is added on to improves the whole texture making it smoother and more tender.
5. Place some lemon slices on top of the fillets with some rosemary leaves. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and some lemon rind.
6. Preheat the oven for 10mins at (400degrees/ 200-210 Celcius) every oven is different.
Wrap with an aluminum foil and place it into the oven, bake for 15-20mins. I prefer using a clear pyrex plate because you can see clearly what is going on with the fish (good for newbie like me)
7. Once it is cooked, serves alone or with some other side dishes.

I am baking some easy chad potatoes.
1. Boil potatoes till soft.
2. Dried on paper towel, cut into 4pieces for each potatoes
3. Drizzle some olive oil, grate some black pepper and add some rosemary, baked for 15mins. If you prefer a crispy outer layer baked for longer period.

Cooking is fun, don't worry if you made mistake, just learn from it and move on. I'm not the best cook, but I enjoy the cooking process a lot, is very enjoyable and satiety.

Enjoy and have fun trying!
Good luck !

Review: Milani Liquid Eye Liner Pencil

I know, I know... I'm so late for the hype but the Milana Liquid Eye liner pencil is amazing.
Since it has been in the market for some times, I'm not going to talk a lot like an old nanny, blabbering non stop.

Straight forward, the texture is so creamy, an it feels buttery soft and smooth. Sometimes eyeliner can be a little bit torturing when it becomes hard and scratchy, the eyelid hurts a lot.
I got black and brown eye liner pencil and honestly, I'm not a huge fan with pencil liner, liquid nor gel liner. I just use whatever I have and if I couldn't find one, it is alright, not a big deal, after all I still can leave my house without any of them.

I'm really happy with my purchase because it is so affordable and works nicely. It lasts almost 6-8hours on my eyelids (quite oily at certain time). It stays on for a real good time and it doesn't smudge.

However, since it is so creamy, it is quite hard to do a perfect cat eyes/ any wink at the end of the eye. The products melts (buttery smooth) once it contacts with my body heat, so I do have to use a little eye liner brush to tidy the eyeliner look (for a real cat eye look), but nonetheless, it is a great product.
No problem for a quick liner just glides on like a dream.

Last but not least, it is a great product and I will definitely repurchase it. Personally I prefer brown as the pigmentation is really intense, for a day to day look, I prefer the brown color more than black.

Favourites of The Month: June 2015

Wow, can't believe June is almost end and I'm ready for July. I don't do monthly favourites that often because my products are almost the same unless I switched some of my makeup and trying new skincare products.

I keep my makeup very easy and simple as I prefer putting on neutral eyeshadows and put on some glow onto my face. Whereas for skincare, I'm in the process finishing up my backups before things expired and going back and forth with my oldies which I've developed some good relationship.

Start with skincare, body care and makeup:

Kose Sekkisei Emulsion
I used this years before but never really like it because it was too thick for my skin, somehow, I think the product got reformulated/ my skin change (not sure), I like it this time. It was my freebies from my Kose haul awhile back. I use this after toner, pump 1-2pumps and massage into my skin. It sinks into the skin quickly without feeling sticky. After some consistent use, I noticed it brightens up my complexion too.

Cellnique Soothing & Hydrating Lotion
Aww, this one, my all time favourites and what can I say, more hubby loves this too. It is probably the best face mist I've ever come across. Sometimes, I use this to soak my cotton pads and let it sits on my skin for 5-10mins, so refreshing and it makes extraction less miserable. (Not advise to extract our own, we aren't professional who know it might leave ugly scars?)

Cellnique Total Day Time Protection SPF 30
I go through tubes of this, it has a pink tint, which brightens the complexion and make my skin looks better and more awake. There's a LE for mother's day too, which comes with Marula Oil and act similar like CC cream....I bought 1 for my mom during Mother's Day, she likes it a lot. In case you are like me, just dust some loose powder for a matte look. It is good on its own too, I don't find it too oily, but add a hint of glow and dew to my face. Love it!

Alqvimia Anti-Stress Body Oil
This is the sample size, I have a bigger bottle with Lavender oil. This stuff is amazing. I'm someone who enjoy pamper myself with good things, seriously, I safe money and then I splurge. Previously I signed up body treatment mainly for massage because I always encounter soreness on my back, neck and with my extreme workout I really need some massage to ease my muscle tense. The oil smells nice and really relaxing. It pours out thickly but it absorbs completely when combines with massage. The skin feels so soft and I have a nice nap/ sleep. 

Maybelline Master Conceal # 20light
affordable concealer, almost medium to high coverage. It blends really well just beware not overly done as it will look slightly cakey on the skin.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer # Pore Minimizing
Great primer for hot weather, it keeps my skin matte and fresh, my makeup last longer too.
It feels so smooth after use, I have quite large pores, I don't think it will hide them but it doesn't makes a difference to my makeup look.

Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eye Mascara #LE Hello Kitty print
I bought this long time ago but never use it, when I did my spring cleaning I noticed I still have a backup for this. The mascara wand is like comb that you brush onto lashes, leaving them long and more define. The Hello Kitty print is just something to die for. haha. It doesn't smudge even I use it for almost 9hours and easy to remove.

Ambient Lightening Blush Palettes #Luminious Flush, #Incandescent Electra, #Mood Exposure
I was not a blush person but after I met the ambient lightening blushes, OMG, it is something I must have everyday, even without eye makeup I will still make sure I apply blush, how crazy! Honestly, it is very hard to order from Sephora website because for oversea order, they tend to cancel for some really weird reasons. I like LF and IC which gives the nice glow and hint of color to my cheeks. It creates a soft focus look and you skin just looks better, healthier and you just look a lot better and good with the blushes. ME is more like a muted, rusty color but still pull off really nicely and settle. Sometimes I use it as an all over eyeshadow too.

Too Face Natural Eyes
The previous packaging comes with paper box but this newly released comes with a tin box, which is so much better and easy to carry around. The colors ranges from matte to slightly glittery and from day to time which is so versatile. The eyeshadow is buttery smooth and good pigmentation.

Well, that's all for my monthly favourites.  Hope you all enjoy reading it. Please share you monthly favourites in the comments too, I'm very happy to know them too.

Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact 07 Fringe Flower

Aww, who can resist Jill Stuart cosmetics? My heart melts each time I bumped into their makeup line, so classy and elegant.

My cousin sister helped me bought this baby few month ago when she came back for her engagement, so I asked her to help me grab this before she headed back. I have Jill Stuart Jelly eyes which are so glittery and bouncy and... oh, too many words to describe how much I adore them.

I've never own any JS blush simply because it isn't available in my country and since our MYR dropped like crazy, I really not in the mood to spend so much money on something that hardly to access.

If I'm not mistaken this is the newly release from spring 2015. JS products always come with its unique feminine fragrance that capture my heart. It isn't a matte blush, more like a satin with some fine shimmer blush. I like how compact it is and you can get assorted shades from a single blush palette. The blush comes with plastic packaging (sadly), but it is what makes the whole thing so light and easy to travel.
Another plus point, the blush also comes with a brush, which is super soft and I'm pretty sure it is goats fur. It feels so soft but at the same time it has that goats odour. haha! The brush head can be adjusted according to your preferences, what makes the blush so pricey (my point of view) is the brand itself, quality and the swarovski decor.
All it all, I'm happy with my purchase if not because of our poor currency, I think I might grab another few more blushes. They are just so lovely whether to use or to collect.

Review: Kose Infinity Refining Massage Cream

Hello. The weather has been really extreme these days, is either rain all day long or being sunny, burning my skin all day. I'm really glad to share about my wonderful experience using this massage cream in this post.


I've been using this for months and honestly it lasts me really long because the jar is still quite full and seems barely touched/used.
Normally I cleanse my face, follow up with a deep cleansing mask (Kose SEKKISEI Clear whitening peel off mask - amazing!) then top up with this massage cream and viola! It always makes my skin softer and bouncier, this is a fact that I noticed and it will never change.
It comes with a thick cream, I will scoop a dollop of cream, warm it up between my palms and massage the entire face, the scent is very mild and soothing. When it warms up, the cream will turn into oil like consistency, not worry it will not make skin becomes more oilier, instead it nourished it nicely.
I like to massage my cheeks and forehead and when the cream touches my skin, OH MY... it feels so luxury and so pampering. I like to massage for about 10-20mins, really depends on my mood and how sleepy I am to rush into bed. Then, add some water and gently massage again, and slowly rinse off with water. I suggest to use a cloth because it makes the removing part so much faster and easier.
Later on, follow the rest of my skincare routine. I'm really amaze how well it works on my skin, it never fails me because it just makes my skin feels, looks so much better the next morning as if I've had an expensive facial treatment.
It is a weekly treat for me, and it seems to be a must for me after the peel off mask, definitely hydrates and nourishes my skin. Sometimes, I bring it together with me for a quick hand facial at the Kose facial counter, it feels so, so good.

Price: RM242.70 (include GST)

I highly recommend this product especially for those who are in their mid 20s and want to try some anti-aging products, off course people who have more mature skin are recommend to try this too. It is such an amazing and wonderful massage cream, not oily at all. 1 jar definitely able to last more than 6months, it all depends how much and how frequent you use it.

Give it a try, I'm sure you will like it!

Recipe: Flourless Banana Pancake

- 1 banana ( ripen will be better flavour)
- 1 large egg
- 1/4 cup of oat ( grind with food processer until fine and powder texture)
- 1 tbsp of olive oil
- milk (full cream/ low fat)

- a handful of blueberries
- pinch of cinnamon
- 1 tbsp of creamy peanut butter (I'm using Peter Pan brand)
- drizzle with honey

** I don't use vanilla essence, I want it more natural, please feel free to add in if needed. **

1. Mashed the banana, then heat it in microwave with 1/4 milk for 20-30 secs.
2. Heat up sauce pan, add some olive oil
3. Pour a desire amount of pancake mix with shapes you fancy
4. Turn both side until fully cooked
5. Serve & garnish
6. Snap picture and eat it.

** Tip: banana smells better after been baked. Please feel free to adjust the amount of oat into the batter till desire consistency **

Good luck 
Have fun trying the recipe!

Jumping Into Healthy Eating Bandwagon

Greetings to everyone. I've been MIA for a quite awhile since my last update, as usual, I'm busy with work and other personal stuff. Although I have pretty hectic work schedule, I am happy to say eating healthily makes me feel so, so great.

I workout (weight training) as usual and incorporates with some dance, pilates, zumba once a week, it might sound crazy for someone but I'm freaking enjoyed it. I read some blogs whenever I'm free and the healthy eating trend sort of suck me in. I don't think eating healthy is hard, you just need some interests and passions. Eat healthy fats, proteins and reduced refined sugar makes me feel lighter and happier.

What I've noticed after eating in a healthier ways?
- better complexion
- less GI problems (bloating, indigestion, gastric)
- more energy
- happier

My order just arrived few days ago, I thought to share with you all what I've ordered. A lot of Youtubes owned these books, and there's some good feed back from the reader. After discuss with my hubby, I decided to give it a try, whatever it is, I just love cook books especially these health related recipes, they seriously have a place in my heart.

I'm not going to do any reviews about the books yet since I'm just started to read it and glance through some of the recipes, same goes to the spiralizer. My purpose for this post is to share what I've been into lately and share my first impression about the books and spiralizer. Just let me know if you need me to do an in depth review.

1. Get The Glow by Madeline Shaw - I like the intro a lot, it gives me a clearer idea of eating healthy without cutting of every thing. Plus, she is a nutritionist so I'm pretty sure you turn into unhealthy zombie after try out the recipes and cut of some unnecessary foods. Is very friendly for those who just going to start on a healthy eating journey, nothing is too crazy. I love the hard cover and photos too, very well presented to the readers.

2. Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward - I enjoy reading the intro too, a lot of information about the foods and ingredients, the explanation is clear and easy to understand. Sometimes when I go through some recipes, I have difficulties in understanding the name of ingredients and making the whole cooking process harder. I think is a good book for people who are on special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free. The photos are so pretty, is just nice. I don't have to be a great cook to try out the recipes which is so great.

3. Spiralizer - There are tons of brands/ model in the market, I'm just a beginner so I don't want to go over crazy with the new toy. I ordered the Paderno spiralizer exchange rate and etc. It costs me around RM180++ which is crazy and expensive. I tried making zucchini pasta and baked potatoes (curly fries), quite easy to use. The only complain is the whole thing is made of plastic, so it feels quite flimsy. I got the basic type which comes with 3 blades (thin noodles, thick noodles and ribbons). I would advice to get the basic one because from price aspect is cheaper and I don't think you will able/going to use all the blades. All in all, if you are into the healthy eating bandwagon/ vegetarian it is something worth to invest.

Here's are some of my dinner meals which I have every evening in office. Just chop and cut, simple and they are all ready to eat. I eat lots of leafy veges, they tastes so good, sometimes I will have an egg, quinoa, tuna chunks and whole meal bread.

Hope you guys enjoy my non beauty related post.
Have a nice day!

Most Frequently Used Products At The Moment

Oh dear, I've been using these everyday, if not, every other day. Some are samples and my recent purchase (March purchase). So let's see what makes they so special and able to conquer part of my heart.

I have 3 face powder & 3 lip products and few skincare items to share

- Kose Supreme Sekkisei Supreme Powder Foundation #OC 410
Medium to almost full coverage. I should be a shade lighter but #OC405 was probably discontinued, so the SA recommend me to get this shade. It is slightly darker but not too obvious.However, it does oxidized after 4-5hours. It applies like a dream, smooth and non cakey.

- Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Compact #O20
Sheer coverage. I love this one so much. The shade match almost perfectly with my skin. It leaves a beautiful sheen after application. Skin looks so nice and flawless with a hint of glow. I don't even have to put on highlighter. Now, I see why my mom has been a loyal Shiseido fans for almost 30years. Love it!

- Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder  #001 Translucent
Affordable drugstore pressed powder. Perfect for touch up. Most important is wallet friendly for beginners and students. I noticed it has a soft powder scent and the imprint is just lovely.

- Clinique Chubby Stick baby tint #02 Coming Up Rosy
One reason I got this is because its lovely color. Pretty, soft and feminine. In terms of moisturizing, I think it is just normal, nothing too outstanding nor wow me. The only issue I have is the weird scent, not sure if all the Clinique Chubby Stick has this kind of weird scent.

- IOPE Water Fit lipstick #44 Forever Pink

Still remember the K-drama ~My Love From the Star 来自星星的你? This is one of the lipstick that been used by Jun Ji-Hyun. A lovely friend helped me got this, actually she is the one who recommend this shade to me. At first I was really skeptical because of the bright colour, but it turn out to be sheer yet buildable. For a natural look, I dabbed it onto the lips. I am and it will probably take me a long, long time to jump into the neon, bright lipstick bandwagon. Nice colour and worth to give it a try

- Baby Sebamed Lipbalm
Life savor in the office.

- Kose Sekkisei Toner
semi milky toner, very watery but cooling. It makes the skin feel so nice and soothing. I even use this as a quick face mask. Soak few cotton pads with the toner, and put onto face. If I'm not mistaken the formula remain the same after 30 years since it launched.

- Kose Infinity Pure Advance Serum I

A gel moisturizer, control the oil nicely but doesn't gives the super matte look. I like how it leaves and stay on my skin, totally non sticky and no issue with balling problem. Sometimes when you use gel moisturizer, you'll noticed those weird eraser dust like things appear on skin. I have 1 full size in my skincare storage box. Haha!

- Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream
This is actually a sample given by the SA. Tiny amount last a long time. This seems to be the new no.1 products on Kiehl's Malaysia rack. I like how it smell, really soothing, the jasmine scent isn't too strong, it just add a perfect hint of scent to the whole product. I actually find it is quite hydrating but non oily. I glides on like a dream, almost like a butter been spread nicely onto a piece of bread. Gosh... my illustration is really funny. Oopss... I wake up with soft, dewy skin the next morning. Sometimes, I will reduce some of the amount and drops 1-2 drops of Kiehl's Mid Night Recovery oil, warm it with the cream between my palms and gently massage on my skin. It feels so luxurious and relax.

- Kose Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel SPF50, PA++++
I think besides than my regular use sunscreen (cream texture) which I love, this is another sunscreen that reserve a sit in my sunscreen list. It is gel texture, non sticky, non oily and it actually didn't have much colour, so don't expect it will cover/brighten the skin. What I like about it is not only texture, the moisturizing effects that leaves on my face is truly wonderful. It hydrates it and tame those dry flakes, oh yes, I put on some face powder after that and my skin still looks nice and hydrates. No sign of dry flakes been detected. And I don't need to worry about white cast that makes my face, neck, hands look so much different from one another.

That's all for this time, how about you? Any products that you've been using almost every single day like I do? Share it, I would love to know about them...