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Dear blog readers,  

     If you're still here.... ( I hope so, and my heart feel so comforting to know that). As you may aware, I've not been blogging much this year and even I've been saying I will blog more regularly but it is HARD. Lots of things being going on whether is from work, family, life and health... It makes me feel very frustrated, sad and then lots of bad emotions just came in. I hope and pray hard that things will settle down and get better.

   At this moment, I'm in the midst of typing more blog posts for this year before it comes to the end. All I can say is I'm trying but really, I can't promise I'll blog consistently. Life is just like a roller coaster and I think the best way for me to do right now is follow the flow. What really happened started from the end of Sept till now are just very unpredictable and I still mostly in the grieving mode. Oh dear, I just hope after all these storms I can see a beautiful rainbow SOON. Seriously my emotion has been struggling a lot, especially the bad incident that happened recently, I literally just soaked in tears for weeks. Towards certain points I even questioned myself if I'm depressed because I've been too and overly sad.

  Anyhow, let's not touch too much about that matter anymore. I hope if any of you are in the sad mode like I do, or being very depressed, feeling helpless please always remember to be brave and be positive. I know it sounds easy but it takes a lot of effort to succeed. Just try our best and have faith.

   Till next time~




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