Review: Naruko Arbutin Intensive Brightening Mask

Is time for my another review for the Naruko sheet masks. I just think they work wonderful to my skin. I've decided to try out almost all of the Naruko Essential line sheet masks simply because they are amazing!

Without further ado, here's my thoughts for the arbutin intensive brightening mask. Same as my previous posts regarding about the Naruko sheet masks, it comes in 5pcs/box with a very affordable price and great quality. Someone asked me if Naruko sheet masks is better than the famous MBD (My Beauty Dairy) mask, so here's my answer. Yes, I personally do think it is better and the cloth itself is thicker and able to stay on my face for about 20-30mins without drying out and still remain very wet and soaked with all the essence. If you are looking for more quantity go for MBD but if you don't mine about that, you can give the Naruko sheet masks a try. Just to clarify, I do like MBD but if I'm looking for a more luxurious one, I'll go for Naruko sheet mask. Price wise, I think it is almost the same, doesn't gives too much burden to my wallet.

I don't think I've noticed an incredible outcome after used, all I can tell is,  it is really hydrating and smells good. My skin definitely feels more plump and less oily.

As compare with the Naruko VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating Mask, I think that one works better and truly can notice a huge difference before and after. Arbutin is marked as one of the key ingredients in brighten up the complexion but for this, I'm sorry to tell, it just didn't show any significant difference.

Overall, it is still good for the intense hydration feel to my skin. I don't think I'll repurchase this, instead, I'll just stick my hands on the VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating series, simply because it seems to work more effective to my skin.

Have a great weekends ahead~

Weekends Highlights

Talking about weekends, seriously it just makes me feel more homesick. I enjoyed last weekends very much, I got to see my parents and sibling, and my grandma. So, tell you what, I ate 3 cakes in a week. Haha, that's a lot for me, thank God for giving me such wonderful time with family.

This cake for my mother-in-law, we celebrated earlier before I heading back home. 

This is the strawberry cake I baked for my mom, I was in rush so I used those ready made packet but I also added in some blueberries.

And the last cake, is for my grandma.... made of Pandan leaves, super delicious and most important, grandma was very, very happy on that day!

Lastly, I decided not to bake muffins so I baked a quick bread for hubby!

** everyone seems liking this quick bread, it was completely gone from the dining table the next morning **

How's your last weekends? I hope it was a good one and a memorable one for you too.
Looking forward for more lovely weekends ahead~

Buying Just Makes Me Happy

Hello, the title itself simply describe how happy I am right now. I've bought some skincare as well as makeup  stuff, not too much but is already enough to create a happiness impact to me.

I joined Sephora spree with a sweet blogger aka Cynthia last month, and turn out I bought them home. Hooray! I've been wanted to try out the Anastasia brow wiz for so long, everyone in the blogger/Youtube seems liking and raving this a lot. Can't wait to try it!
Also got my wishlist Josie Maran travel size cleansing oil with Argan oil and Korres lip butter in pomegranate. Since I've really into simply makeup and skincare these days, I decided to try out the bareMinerals Complexion Kit. Cynthia also include Clarins and Givenchy samples for me... thank you!

The highlight of my Sephora spree, I invested on a Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush. I saw swatches and review from the famous blogger and Youtuber -- Raeview and I just hooked by the gorgeous outcome. Moreover, this product seems to be one of the hype in 1st quarter of 2014, how can I possibly missed it. I discussed with Cynthia and she recommended me to try this and so she helped me placed my order...
It looks really pretty, can't wait to try it!

Now, move to my Kiehl's skincare part, I enjoy using products from Kiehl's very much, especially their serums, they are amazing and my skin loves it. I got the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, oh my, this is so important for me to clear my dark acne spots and marks. This month Kiehl's is having jumbo size for the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, since I'm already in my mid twenties, it's better for me to start my anti-aging skincare. I got some samples to try out as well.  The Ultra Facial Cleanser is really nice and gentle to my combination skin, thinking to get the full size. ha!

Overall, buying my skincare and cosmetics just makes me feel so happy. Thank you Cynthia for your recommendation and suggestion. I'll do a review and swatches next week, so stay tune.
Have a nice day! 

Workout at Curves & Post Workout Food

After posting about joining to Curves gym workout for almost 3 weeks now, I've been trying to eat clean and less carbohydrate. Happy news, I've loss 1 kg. Yeah.....

Here's how the Curves workout gym looks like. There are different types of 'exercise machine' targeted for each part of body muscle. Coaches will be standing in the middle, guiding each of the members. We also workout together with the music tempo, mainly just make sure you're keep on moving. Each machine is separated with a recovery board for you to dance/shake your entire body/ follow the coaches instructions.

Once I've completed my 2 rounds of workout using all the machines, I'll walk to the stretching part. There are 4 sections at this stretching station. Stretching is so torturing, seriously is like pulling the muscle making it looks more elongate. Well, that's just what I think.
The whole workout only takes 30mins, short but pretty intense. I sweat a lot and my heart beats just keep on accelerating!

** Pictures with permission by the Curves center manager **

I workout every single day except for Sunday because the gym close on Sunday. I normally will start of the food of the day with fruits juice.  It has been almost 3 weeks since I started to workout and having fruits juice every morning seems to be a must for me.

I don't blend fruits together with vegetables, simply because I don't like how it tastes later on. 
eg: bananas, apples, oranges, kiwi, blueberries, pears (sometimes I just picked 2-3 types of fruits as listed)
What type of fruits juice I've each day depends on the fruits that is available in the market, but having an apples and orange everyday is a must have ingredients. 

I've talked to pharmacists and capsicum is a very good vegetables for detox and boost up metabolism. I don't fancy the scent and the taste of it, but for the sake of its benefits I just gallop it. This is what I've as my detox juice, I don't take this everyday, normally once a week is good enough for my taste bud. I don't enjoy it very much. Review about this detox juice, I would say, it is amazing, I feel hot after drinking it because it is working in boosting my metabolism, and also helps bowel movement. I only use 1/3 of capsicum, 1 tomato. 1 lemon and 1 stick of celery.

After I have all the fruits juice, I will take a shower and then, enjoy few glass of hot tea if I'm not in the rush to work. Currently, I'm obsessed with this tea. It smells so good, I don't think it has any taste though.

I don't just take juices/ tea for my breakfast. That's so not my style... I don't think starving myself will be benefit to my health. I reduced my carb intake but at the same time, I've added more protein, vegetables and fibre into my dietary. Well, I'm not a nutritionist but common sense, eating wisely without starving the body is utmost important.

Here's the example of my post workout food after the juices. Normally I eat them all after shower, so that the fruits juice I've consumed earlier has better absorption in my stomach (I think).

Semi cooked eggs with pepper and soy sauce.... wooo, I'm super happy with the food goes into my hungry stomach. haha!

That's all for today sharing ~

What I Got from Yunnam, China

It has been almost a month since I've came back from my Yunnam, China vacation. It was so much fun and wonderful memories. During my vacation, I bought some skincare, jewelries, tea and silk and of course souvenir for family members. I thought to share with you all about what I thought really worth to get, so next time if any of you decided to travel there, you got an idea about what to get.

As the saying goes : '' Sharing is caring =  " 
Here we go......

Lavender pouches from the flower market. Tell you, if you love flower, whether is real/ fake/ dried flower you'll love that place ALOT.  Everything made/came from flowers are available in the flower market! I also got lavender essential oil 10ml and a rose face mist 50ml. Oh man, now I wish I got more from there, the face mist is AMAZING! and things are pretty affordable and tourist entitle extra discount... wohoo

People said, when you visit to China you can get/ find/ bought good quality of silk. I'm not sure how good the silk quality they have but with the price and the touch of silk linger around my skin feels incredibly good and great.  I got 1 bottle of pearl cream, can use all over the body and face and 2 jars of Bio-silver ginseng gel with silk extract. I got 3 because it was sale whereby I bought 3 for RMB100. I look at my hubby and he said go ahead. The pearl cream smell super good and make my skin feel so soft and seriously very, very smooth.

Next, during the introduction of silk products/goodies the sales representative kept on promoting really high end, high thread count of bed sheets/blankets/ multipurpose blanket which and be folded into tiny pillow. As she introduced, everything getting pricier and pricier. Most of my tour members went out of the shop. Hubby and I totally no intention to buy since we already have and using one right now. Suddenly a young man SA came over and said he will sell the bed sets with free multipurpose blanket/pillow and bed sheets and blanket cover (I think the thread count is near to 1000) at price of RMB 2180 for king size. There are various pattern to choose and hubby decided to pick the dandelion print. I chose a cozy printing for the multipurpose pillow/blanket. Well, surprise, surprise, we bought it and the little pillow/blanket (pink color with rose printing on it) will be used when our little baby born. I'm still hoping to get pregnant soon...everything is totally worth it. Later on, more aunties and uncles came in a bought the set we got offered.

from left to right are the shawl/scarf I got from the Lijiang Old Town night market. The printing is nice, the price is even nicer. I got 2 for RMB30. Wow, such a great deal. The white one is really pretty and great to mix and match with a lot of dresses while the pink one is more matured look. 
Oh, by the way, I also got 4 Burberry blouse and Polo shirts. According to my tour guide, the Burberry at the outlet in Dali Hotel is authentic, it is cheap because was made in China, some are rejected items because of some very small, minor and almost flawless flaw. Seriously, I've never own any Burberry clothing and own 2 polo shirts feels great. The texture and the quality of the clothing is super, super soft and wonderful.The other 2 blouses were the gave to my mother-in-law.

Since we also visited to Dali which is famous for its silver jewelry, I got some studs, necklace for my mom, grandma and myself. It is super, super bright and stunning. I only shown mine because I've already sent out the gifts to my mom and grandma.

  I got the infinity studs, I'm quite regret actually for not getting more studs. haha.. Each studs cost RMB180. Since I bought more than RMB1000 for my total purchase I was entitled to buy this color silver, cute fish necklace (14''inch) I believe at RMB60. Very happy. I recommend to buy the bangle for the old folks as the silver purity reach 9999.99%. But of course the price will be lots different. I'm looking forward to get more silver jewelries next time. Perhaps ask someone to CP for me... heheheh

Last but not least, how not to get tea leaves when you visit to China. Yunnam is famous for the PuEr tea. PuEr tea also famous for its healthcare benefits such as reduce cholesterol levels in our blood serum, helping in weight loss, breakdown the fats compounds ant etc...

I got bunch of PuEr tea leaves age 9year old and I also bought the Dai minorities 21year old tea brick for my dad. I've never like drinking tea until I got older, and married, each time I got back home, I will enjoy PuEr tea with my dad. This time visiting to China, I also got the newly released Jasmine PuEr blend tea. It smells so good, the jasmine scent so very soothing too.

All in all, I hope my little tips of shopping in Yunnam, China help. Hope you all enjoy ~

Have a great day!

Life Update: Everything Goes on Pretty Well

Hi lovely readers, I'm very content about my current life nowadays. Thank God for giving me all the good stuffs, good people around me. 

I'm just back from vacation with my hubby, well, consider it as our honeymoon it was awesome. I will do a review about the place I went, I think it was very fun, sort of a close to nature trip. I'm content and happy.

Regarding my blog, I don't blog as regular as previous (during my university life), I hope I can blog for full time, but it seems too difficult, I work, so I only blog whenever I'm free. It feels good, I'm not constrain or force to blog every single day. And since, I'm not living in big cities, I've less access to big shopping center, checking out the latest trend of makeup/skincare. It has pros and cons but think for a brighter side, it might be a good thing too. You might think, why not just online shopping? I just don't really like it anymore, simply because I like to see and hold the products, tested it out before purchasing, UNLESS I'm very frustrated to have it/ own it. I noticed changes about myself, I'm less overspend, sometimes I just bought because of hype and some items just end up in 'box of museum', waiting for the day they hit pan. Holy gracious! 

Now, I buy when I need , not because for the sake of blogging nor catching up the trend or products fever. I'll still haul once awhile, topping up some skincare/trying out new things. Spend within my own credit limits and save more in bank for future use and future baby (IF I got one).

Oh, last month I also signed up for gym workout at Curves. So, basically I workout every single day for 30mins except for Sunday and public holiday. What I think about Curves, it looks simple but intense. I sweat a lot! It feels good though. After workout, I feel very refresh and energetic. Besides, coach will monitor my weight and percentage of fat that's been shed off and as well as muscle gain. Great!

So, since I've decided to join the gym, I might as well change my dietary to a healthier way. Less sugar, lower carb intake, more vege, more fibers... all these leads to a better and happier me. After workout I will blend fruit juices/smoothie and hard boiled eggs with oats/whole meal bread. Looking forward for results end of May. Nervous!

As usual, work has been really busy, some colleagues went for maternity leaves, longer working hours soon. Anyway, I believe that well management of time is important, you manage it well, you able to do a lots of stuff and vice versa.

I bought 2 cookbooks during a book sales, everything is cheap and I enjoy reading it, even though I, myself is unsure when to have that mood to try making those dishes. Haha... 
I've learnt to make granola bars and fruits Popsicle few days back, very enjoyable.
Oh, and if you still hanging there, reading this blog post, I've instagram now, I find it is very addictive and I enjoy taking pictures, captures all the good, sweet moments of my life. Feel free to drop by - click here

All in all, everything goes on pretty well, I'm thankful and thank God for such great arrangement for me. Hallelujah! I hope you all having great times as well, my mood is like a blooming flower in spring season.

Enjoy ~

Empties: Mainly Skincare + Short Reviews

Hello.... it has been a month I did not blog, well, sometimes I just need a break for holiday and get myself recharge with more positives energies! woo~~

Since it is the new month, I thought to start my blog post with products empties and then I will have more posts coming up. 

1. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer
- this stuff is amazing, I used it for quite awhile and I think this is my 3rd tube. I like how it moisturize my skin without leaving any stickiness/oil residue. Skin feels hydrates but not oily, most important is it gives a nice matte finish and pores do look better.

2. Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution - HERE (I've reviewed it in my previous post)
- amazing texture and heals/lightens acne scars and pigmentation

3. Cellnique Advance Bio Renewal Masque
- my 3rd jar, I like how it unclogs my pores, it is a scrub mask. You apply it onto face, leave it for 5-10mins,
wet your palm, massage and rinse off.  I don't recommend it uses on sensitive skin as it contains AHA. Upon application, a mild tingling sensation is normal, so no worries. I find it helps brightens the complexion too. Skin feels really, really smooth after that. Down side, quite pricey.

4. Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment - HERE ( I've reviewed it awhile back)
- saviour for the skin disaster aka zits

5. Cellnique D'sensi Calming Gel Cream
- good for dry, dehydrated, itchy, sensitive skin. Sooth my skin during its disaster time especially travelling and cold, dry season. Normally I use this at night, overall it is a great product. I used to love this very much, but as my skin condition changes, I only use it during night time. Down side, quite pricey.

6. Kose Moisture Skin Repair
7. Kose Infinity Astringent
8. Kose Infinity Pure Advance Essence Lotion I
 - HERE ( review for Kose items)

9. Cosmecnique Bio-oxygen Mousse Cleanser - HERE ( I've reviewed it awhile back)
- very gentle, mild yet effective cleanser. I'm currently addicted with mousse cleanser, I think they cleanse well and less hassle.

That's all for my empties. Good thing, bye for the empties, yay for the new skincare items and more reviews to come.