Life Update: Everything Goes on Pretty Well

Hi lovely readers, I'm very content about my current life nowadays. Thank God for giving me all the good stuffs, good people around me. 

I'm just back from vacation with my hubby, well, consider it as our honeymoon it was awesome. I will do a review about the place I went, I think it was very fun, sort of a close to nature trip. I'm content and happy.

Regarding my blog, I don't blog as regular as previous (during my university life), I hope I can blog for full time, but it seems too difficult, I work, so I only blog whenever I'm free. It feels good, I'm not constrain or force to blog every single day. And since, I'm not living in big cities, I've less access to big shopping center, checking out the latest trend of makeup/skincare. It has pros and cons but think for a brighter side, it might be a good thing too. You might think, why not just online shopping? I just don't really like it anymore, simply because I like to see and hold the products, tested it out before purchasing, UNLESS I'm very frustrated to have it/ own it. I noticed changes about myself, I'm less overspend, sometimes I just bought because of hype and some items just end up in 'box of museum', waiting for the day they hit pan. Holy gracious! 

Now, I buy when I need , not because for the sake of blogging nor catching up the trend or products fever. I'll still haul once awhile, topping up some skincare/trying out new things. Spend within my own credit limits and save more in bank for future use and future baby (IF I got one).

Oh, last month I also signed up for gym workout at Curves. So, basically I workout every single day for 30mins except for Sunday and public holiday. What I think about Curves, it looks simple but intense. I sweat a lot! It feels good though. After workout, I feel very refresh and energetic. Besides, coach will monitor my weight and percentage of fat that's been shed off and as well as muscle gain. Great!

So, since I've decided to join the gym, I might as well change my dietary to a healthier way. Less sugar, lower carb intake, more vege, more fibers... all these leads to a better and happier me. After workout I will blend fruit juices/smoothie and hard boiled eggs with oats/whole meal bread. Looking forward for results end of May. Nervous!

As usual, work has been really busy, some colleagues went for maternity leaves, longer working hours soon. Anyway, I believe that well management of time is important, you manage it well, you able to do a lots of stuff and vice versa.

I bought 2 cookbooks during a book sales, everything is cheap and I enjoy reading it, even though I, myself is unsure when to have that mood to try making those dishes. Haha... 
I've learnt to make granola bars and fruits Popsicle few days back, very enjoyable.
Oh, and if you still hanging there, reading this blog post, I've instagram now, I find it is very addictive and I enjoy taking pictures, captures all the good, sweet moments of my life. Feel free to drop by - click here

All in all, everything goes on pretty well, I'm thankful and thank God for such great arrangement for me. Hallelujah! I hope you all having great times as well, my mood is like a blooming flower in spring season.

Enjoy ~

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