Workout at Curves & Post Workout Food

After posting about joining to Curves gym workout for almost 3 weeks now, I've been trying to eat clean and less carbohydrate. Happy news, I've loss 1 kg. Yeah.....

Here's how the Curves workout gym looks like. There are different types of 'exercise machine' targeted for each part of body muscle. Coaches will be standing in the middle, guiding each of the members. We also workout together with the music tempo, mainly just make sure you're keep on moving. Each machine is separated with a recovery board for you to dance/shake your entire body/ follow the coaches instructions.

Once I've completed my 2 rounds of workout using all the machines, I'll walk to the stretching part. There are 4 sections at this stretching station. Stretching is so torturing, seriously is like pulling the muscle making it looks more elongate. Well, that's just what I think.
The whole workout only takes 30mins, short but pretty intense. I sweat a lot and my heart beats just keep on accelerating!

** Pictures with permission by the Curves center manager **

I workout every single day except for Sunday because the gym close on Sunday. I normally will start of the food of the day with fruits juice.  It has been almost 3 weeks since I started to workout and having fruits juice every morning seems to be a must for me.

I don't blend fruits together with vegetables, simply because I don't like how it tastes later on. 
eg: bananas, apples, oranges, kiwi, blueberries, pears (sometimes I just picked 2-3 types of fruits as listed)
What type of fruits juice I've each day depends on the fruits that is available in the market, but having an apples and orange everyday is a must have ingredients. 

I've talked to pharmacists and capsicum is a very good vegetables for detox and boost up metabolism. I don't fancy the scent and the taste of it, but for the sake of its benefits I just gallop it. This is what I've as my detox juice, I don't take this everyday, normally once a week is good enough for my taste bud. I don't enjoy it very much. Review about this detox juice, I would say, it is amazing, I feel hot after drinking it because it is working in boosting my metabolism, and also helps bowel movement. I only use 1/3 of capsicum, 1 tomato. 1 lemon and 1 stick of celery.

After I have all the fruits juice, I will take a shower and then, enjoy few glass of hot tea if I'm not in the rush to work. Currently, I'm obsessed with this tea. It smells so good, I don't think it has any taste though.

I don't just take juices/ tea for my breakfast. That's so not my style... I don't think starving myself will be benefit to my health. I reduced my carb intake but at the same time, I've added more protein, vegetables and fibre into my dietary. Well, I'm not a nutritionist but common sense, eating wisely without starving the body is utmost important.

Here's the example of my post workout food after the juices. Normally I eat them all after shower, so that the fruits juice I've consumed earlier has better absorption in my stomach (I think).

Semi cooked eggs with pepper and soy sauce.... wooo, I'm super happy with the food goes into my hungry stomach. haha!

That's all for today sharing ~

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