Review: Naruko Arbutin Intensive Brightening Mask

Is time for my another review for the Naruko sheet masks. I just think they work wonderful to my skin. I've decided to try out almost all of the Naruko Essential line sheet masks simply because they are amazing!

Without further ado, here's my thoughts for the arbutin intensive brightening mask. Same as my previous posts regarding about the Naruko sheet masks, it comes in 5pcs/box with a very affordable price and great quality. Someone asked me if Naruko sheet masks is better than the famous MBD (My Beauty Dairy) mask, so here's my answer. Yes, I personally do think it is better and the cloth itself is thicker and able to stay on my face for about 20-30mins without drying out and still remain very wet and soaked with all the essence. If you are looking for more quantity go for MBD but if you don't mine about that, you can give the Naruko sheet masks a try. Just to clarify, I do like MBD but if I'm looking for a more luxurious one, I'll go for Naruko sheet mask. Price wise, I think it is almost the same, doesn't gives too much burden to my wallet.

I don't think I've noticed an incredible outcome after used, all I can tell is,  it is really hydrating and smells good. My skin definitely feels more plump and less oily.

As compare with the Naruko VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating Mask, I think that one works better and truly can notice a huge difference before and after. Arbutin is marked as one of the key ingredients in brighten up the complexion but for this, I'm sorry to tell, it just didn't show any significant difference.

Overall, it is still good for the intense hydration feel to my skin. I don't think I'll repurchase this, instead, I'll just stick my hands on the VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating series, simply because it seems to work more effective to my skin.

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  1. I have never heard about this mask before, I think it's not available in my region.


    1. Hi Mitch, in case you are wondering where to find it, you can get it from Naruko website =)
      thanks for stopping by.


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