Review: Skinfood Coffee Almond Nail Scrub

Nails. I used to love and enjoying nail polishes. I think they make my nails look better and more polish. However, long term of usage, definitely make nails turn yellow. Ahhh!!!

When come across nails, I only know about trimming and buffer, and I don't know that there's such thing called NAIL SCRUB.

Before taking my pre-wedding photo, I have to get my nails done. Asking me to get my nails dress on from nail salon seems to be harder than paint it my own. So, I decided to take a walk in the shopping complex. I don't know what shades should I wear for the photo shoot and I lost my nail buffer before that. Well, I then got myself some nail polishes and too bad nail buffer was out of stock that time. I went to the next booth - Skinfood. The SA recommended me nail scrub, wow, sounds very interesting.

We usually just have our face, body, feet scrub, yet never have our nail scrub. After thinking for sometime, I bought it but with some hesitation. Hah~ back home, I immediately try it on and now here's my review.

(adapted from website)

The nail scrub comes in a tiny plastic jar. The packaging is simple.
It contains 10g of grained coffee and almonds. I bought it for about RM35++, quite pricey actually.

Once the jar is opened, you can see some beads (grained coffee and almond I supposed) soaked in oil. I'm not sure what oil is that, but it is quite thick and moisturizing. I also attached a picture of the beads. The crystal beads I believe is either sugar or salt crystal.

A little goes a long way. I scoop out a pinch size of nail scrub, put it onto my nail and rub for around 1min. Personally I think the beads are pretty coarse and able to exfoliate the nail surface, but using it around the nail is slightly painful for me. I only use it on my nails and gently massage around the nail and wash with tap water. Sometimes, the oil get emulsify by water and leave some semi-solid oil around the edge. I dislike this part, so instead of wipe it off, I will take my shower gel to wash my entire hands again.

I will put a piece of clothes/ tissue on table before start nail scrub. The process is a bit tedious and messy but still able to achieve the silky smooth, polished nail.

Here's my outcome. I think the nail look shinier. You can apply some ointment or lotion later on.
All in all, I don't think I will repurchase this, but a jar might able to last me for a long time, maybe 6months or so.

You can always DIY yourself the nail scrub with some simple ingredients.
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil
- 3/4 tablespoon of salt/ coarse sugar
** mixed well, and you're done **

Have a nice day!

Review: Naruko Mandarin Orange & Pineapple Pore Refining Mask

Aloha, how can I get my hands off ?!
I pretty much use mask 3-4 times per week, I love mask, especially sheet mask, they are my skin rescue ranger.

Previously I'd tried the hydrating and brightening mask from Naruko, I love it so much and decided to try the others. This time I only bought the pore refining mask, I think I have large pores, not sure if this mask helps, but for the price and quality I'm pretty sure Naruko skincare is worth to try. Not to mention the very simple yet practical packaging, every items we bought, is actually donated to charity.

Let's jump into the review part. Any sheet mask I've used, I prefer something that thin enough yet hold up the  essence nicely. Thin sheet mask must be able to adhere onto my skin perfectly, else, I will never ever buy it again. The whole purpose using sheet mask is to ensure skin get well nutrients, if the masks doesn't sit nicely, is totally no point.

Talking about pore refining, when your skin get well hydrated, pore will shrink significantly. Water helps to plump up the skin and brighten the complexion. I like how well the mask hydrate my skin, but in terms of pore refining I will give it 80%, well better than nothing. I notice a better pore tightening effect after using the MBD apple polyphenol sheet mask. Once your skin is hydrated, the oil secretion will also reduce.

The mask itself is very light scented, more like a fruity orange scent. Each mask is well soaked with essence, I like the mask doesn't dripping with lots of essence. It comes in perfect size whether is the mask/cotton/packaging.

Same as the other Naruko sheet masks, 1 box contains 5 pieces, cost round RM19.90, sometimes when Watson having sales, you will get 10-15% off.

That's all for my short review. Have a nice day!

Back with some Random Updates

Hello, I'm back. Too much things happened recently and some issues still going on. Well, not to mention too much about my personal things, just keep fingers crossed, things will be better and can resolve soon.

I started to feel time passed way too fast and  we can't control much but just live to its fullest. Few months back, I was so obsessed with traditional clothing, I think there are pretty and comfortable to wear, it looks nice and formal. I think I've almost 20 baju kurung which has been tailored made this year. Haha!

Besides, I've finally finished my pre-wedding photoshoot. It was freaking tiring, we've browsed trough our photo and once the photo album design is done, we'll be able to view it before photo printing! All I want to say is, the tiredness is worth it.

I've been enjoying taking care my little niece. She is so bubbly and cute. Watching her growing up day by day, I can't deny life is too short, appreciate your love ones, the older one because the time we spend together with our grandparents is getting shorter.

Other than that, I will never, ever, missed out my skincare. I've been a loyal Cellnique skincare users. As much as I love and enjoy using it, I started to realize my skin doesn't react well with the products as previous. One factor is the beautician service level has significant decrease: not extracted thoroughly, after facial the skin doesn't seems to look good or feel MUCH better.

I'm currently trying out Cosmecnique foam cleanser and face scrub, I will review these 2 lovely items soon.
My current beautician is so much helpful. For me, as much as I love facial treatments, I love seeing, visiting my beautician. They must be helpful and informative enough, service is of course important, counselling and advice also part of reasons I have my facial done monthly.

Understanding my skincare steps and products makes me happier than ever. I thought to share my beautician advice, but of course, these advises are for me and it might be different for others.

- always double cleanse: makeup remover -> foam cleaner
- exfoliate 3-4 times a week (my skin is clogged and oily)

-toner, always use cotton pad, this way we can remove other dirt that failed to be removed during cleansing step
-always follow with a hydrating mask (because my skin condition) after face scrub
-moisturize well (I'm currently using Cellnique D'sensi calming cream, still haven't hit pan)
-always use sunscreen in the day time whether is sunny/rainy/gloomy day

* I'm currently not suitable to use products contains AHA, it will dries up my skin and skin become flaky even though I'm belong to oily and combination skin type *

Lastly, I'm getting least in doing makeup, which is why I'm no longer posting makeup tutorial, EOTD (my favourites) and NOTD. I think my work not suitable to put on nail polish and heavy EOTD.
However, base makeup seems to be more and more interesting for me. Might do some review on drugstore base makeup together with my current natural lip color application.

Have a great day and week ahead. Thanks for reading!


Review: Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment

Hi everyone. Since the weather and the air aren't in the best condition my skin tends to break out like crazy!
Months ago, I bought some skincare from Kiehl's and I thought most of the products works pretty good for my skin. But currently my favourite acne treatment is this baby!

Whenever I'm stress or not enough rest or doesn't practice the proper night time cleansing routine, the evil acne is one step closer. I know cleansing is very important, but sometime workload and working hours really drench my energy. I believe clog pores and PMS are the major cause for my acne.

Previously, this item is not in my Kiehl's purchasing list. It was recommended by the senior SA. She mentioned how great this product works and will not trigger redness/burn/sensitive on skin. Okay, so I decided to give it a try.

Here's some products details.

First of all, I have to mention that it comes in 30ml packaging. I'm hoping Kiehl's will come out with LE bigger packaging like its other moisturizer. Personally, 30ml can last 2months or more or my face. Sometimes I will use it all over my face or only emphasize on the pimples.

It costs RM115 which I think is pretty standard. I'm no longer love or crazy with fancy packaging these days. The product comes in tube form, very simple packaging yet practical. Plus, after finish the whole thing, you can keep it and join the Kiehl's Malaysia recycle project. Upon 10 full size empty container (Kiehl's product) you can exchange the Kiehl's lipbalm.

I enjoy the runny liquid texture. I use it day and night but sometimes only use on night time depends on my skin condition. Since the active ingredients salicylic acid might dries out the skin, I only need small amount for entire face and emphasize on the S.O.S area. So far, I've yet to have any dries spots after using it. I like how it works. It kills the acne but doesn't irritate my skin. It doesn't dries and flakes my skin. This is very important, else you will not able to apply any makeup/ face powder. Going out with a bare face and lots of acne dots is not cute at all!

Besides helping in killing the acne, it helps the skin to recover from red/darker acne marks and skin healing too. I always use it after toner and followed with moisturizer. I enjoy using this very much and can't even imagine how my face looks without it. It is completely oil free, fragrance free, paraben free, no mineral.
Upon application, its runny texture allows it to blend and absorb easily into the skin. It smells okay sort of a clean scent, not sting or what so ever.

I find that using acne product such as clindamycin is effective but long term of antibiotics usage is still not recommended. I only use when I need whereas other time, I'm really rely on this item. So far, it works better and beyond my impression.

I highly recommend this for people who suffer acne breakouts. If your condition are very serious, still please visit a dermatologist. Anyway, this is just my review based on my personal experience after using it for nearly 2months.

I hope, Kiehl's Malaysia will launch a online purchase and deliver to consumer because seriously Kiehl's outlet are majorly in PJ, KL,Penang. Whoever live in other states have difficulties in getting the skincare products just like me.

Thanks for reading. 
Have a nice weekends

Review: Naruko VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating Mask

Hello, it has been so long I've not been blogging at all. Gosh, time flies, lots of things happens.
My beloved grandpa passed away last month, I felt terrible and regret for not spending time with him for his very last time. The rest of the incident, I prefer to keep for myself as memories.

Well, busy schedule on work and in life. I've been visited by some acne germs as well. I'm currently change to some new skincare, combination of drugstore, salon and high end. I will update my skincare routine some time later.

I just bought the Naruko face mask few days ago. My skin feels very dry after using some skincare with salicylic acid. Since Watson carries Naruko brand and I'm pretty sure I like this brand as much as an ant meet sugar! I decided to pick up this mask. There are another face mask for pores and whitening.
But when the skin is thirsty, the most food it needs is water for hydration, and so, I picked this back home.

It comes in a medium size box with 5 pieces sheet mask. The packaging isn't attractive but I'm very sure with the product quality. I've tested few pieces, the mask is dense and well soaked with essence. Good thing is, everything comes in good and perfect portions. No extra essence dripping, the mask itself is similar like the beauty dairies mask but thicker. 

After complete my cleansing routine, I will open 1 piece of mask and put nicely onto my face. It feels cooling and very hydrating. The essence is translucent but not too sticky. My sensitive skin also get soothes and hydrates. Because everyone has different face feature, such as smaller cheeks, bigger nose and etc, I will always tear the ends of eye ares on the mask, so that it adheres better.

I basically will leave it for about 20mins. Then gently massage the mask over my face. Rub my palms and using my own body temperature, massage my face for the essence to absorb. Let me tell you, it feels so nice and my skin looks brightens and plump. Later on, I follow up with moisturizer.

I highly recommend people who are on budget, skincare fanatic, anyone... to try it out. 5 pieces in 1 box cost only RM19.90. Cheap and very effective! I'm thinking to try out another 2 types of its mask.

Thanks for spending time reading my blog, I appreciate it very much.
Have a nice day

Diet Food in Bazaar Ramadhan

Hello, as much as I enjoy my diet food, sometimes, I will look for other interesting food. I'm not a great cook but there's truly some simple and easy diet food that we can find in Bazaar Ramadhan and also make ourselves (if you want).

I noticed a lot of Ramadhan food tend to be a tad bit fatty, most of the food smell good but you'll regret if you break your diet rules. So, I'm pretty much start off my diet plan again. Why? I'm huge in sizes and my body starts to alarm me. I'm so worried that I can't fit into my wedding gown by the end of this year. Then, I decided to cut down my food intake. I avoid rice, but I still consume a little bit of bread, noodles, vermicelli, macaroni and etc .

Okay, back to the actual topic. I love to have 'popiah', 'pecal', 'tauhu sumbat' and soy milk. These are my top favourite food that I will get when I get the chance shop around in the Bazaar Ramadhan.

Popiah or known as spring rolls. Normally I prefer it wraps with long  beans, bean sprouts, stir fried eggs, a little bit of ham, lettuce, mengkuang shreds. Tell you, this food taste so, so good and no worries of getting lots of excess fat.

image from

Pecal or Pecel is an Indonesian sauce based on chillies, peanuts, tamarind and coconut sugar. It is commonly served over boiled vegetables and ketupat rice or vermicelli . I love this to death, seriously. I think it is healthy because all the vegetables served without oil. Sometimes, my mom will make this though we aren't Malays. Well, just embrace the food no matter what races you are. Today I bought a packet of pecal from the Bazaar Ramadhan, it was too spicy for my taste, but overall it still deserves a credit. 

Tauhu sumbat is another my diet food this month. It serves best if you refrigerate it for a little while.
There are some variation in the vegetables part. Some people prefer using just cucumber whereas some enjoy it with cucumber shreds and carrot shreds. I personally enjoying both but think the sauce serves as a very important part in order to make it taste even greater.

Lastly, in order to fulfill the hunger, please eat more fibre. Diet doesn't mean that you don't eat anything and starve ourselves, it is all about eating healthy and in a smaller portion. Off course, a nice cardio workout will help to burn off more fats and calories. All ways remember, you are what you eat!

Oopss, I haul !

Ohlala.... I had a short trip with my hubby a week ago. Seriously I miss and love KL so much, not to mention the traffic jam. During my trip to KL, I was sick, I don't have much time to shop for clothing as it isn't part of my plan. Each time when I traveled, I would plan things I want to buy. I think I'm more concern on my skin, so I sort of missed and forgot to stop by some brand such as Zara, F21, Dorothy Perkins.
Oh well, it was Haze season, I caught flu too, everything was quite rushing actually.

I stopped by at Kiehl's twice in 2 different department store and got myself and mommy our all time cleansing oil. I've been using cellnique skincare for almost a year now, I hit pan very often, their items seems to run out faster than any skincare I've tried. So, I gonna stock up every 3months.

Start with Shu's famous cleansing oil. My mom always have the green bottle. I know Shu has pink, purple,yellow,etc... Recently the 'green oil' got re-formulated, the SA told me the texture is thinner, but the function was improved. I've yet to use it because I still have 1/2 bottle Shiseido cleansing oil. But, pinky promise, I will share my thoughts on this new version green oil. The SA gave me some samples, I think I might just include'em in review.

As for my ultimate skincare, I restock the toner,seaweed cleansing gel and the milk cleanser. I got the promotion set which cost around RM307.Sometimes, it is better to stock up when there's promotion, things kind of more worth it. I got a box (5pcs) of mask, very soothing and hydrating for free, LOVE it!
Seriously,I don't think I will repurchase the milk cleanser (I've mentioned in my previous review) but since it comes along with the promo set, I just take it. Plus, I seldom wear heavy makeup, so I shouldn't have any problem with the cleansing part.
 * always do double cleansing - cleaner skin and better skincare absorption *

Before I hit pan for my cellnique D'sensi calming cream, I always start searching other moisturizer. I can't use heavy moisturizer as it clog my pores and giving me tiny oil bumps. Grhhhh!!! I can't use scented skincare as it make my skin itch when exposed under the sun. I've read some blogs reviews, Youtube reviews. Then , I decided to give Kiehl's skincare a try. For the volume and price, I consider it as fair trade. I was very happy and pleased with the senior SA in MidValley outlet. She is very nice, clear guide and helpful. She gave some good advises too. I ended up buying the ultrafacial cream, skin rescue and blemish control treatment. I got some samples too, happy! The next day I stop buy at Empire Gallery, the SA isn't helpful, more like a self-service outlet, but they do give samples to try but not clear like senior SA in MidValley. I got hubby the oil free moisturizer, I didn't get the jumbo size as hubby sometimes don't like to use skincare. But so far, he is quite please and happy with the oil free moisturizer.

I decided to try some drugstore skincare. Nive pure& natural set cleansing lotion and toner RM18.90 only and the St.Ives green tea cleanser was on sale for RM20.80. I bought them and will post up a review soon.

Oopss, I did it again. Well, haul once a while like such is quite enjoying. What did you haul recently? Please share, I would love to know too....

Review: Biore UV Aqua Rich BB SPF50

Talking about current weather, the sun seems to bite my skin more than ever. The weather isn't good at all, most of the time it is extremely hot and dry. Things become even worse when I stay somewhere near the beach. Though I'm not super fanatic with fair skin, but seeing my skin become slightly tan make me feel a tiny bit uncomfortable and dang! freckles!

Few months ago, I saw some fellow bloggers posting about getting free sample for the newly release Biore UV Aqua BB. I went to facebook and click, I got a free sample, but it seriously make me wait until * neck long like a giraffe*.

Before the samples arrived, I went to Watson and got myself 1 big tube. I believe it was having promotion, so I bought at price around RM27.

As for the product details, everything pretty much already revealed in pictures attached.

First of all, I'm very pleased with the packaging. I think as I aged, I prefer simple packaging, not too fancy, so that I can travel with them easily. I like how it comes in a squeeze tube, hygienic wise and I'm able to control how much product I need.

It works more like a tinted sunscreen with SPF50. If you're have good skin/ minor skin problem, using this on its own is just fine. Concealer is needed for those who looking for a higher coverage. This item works best for paler skin probably people not tan than NC35.

I usually used it as sunscreen then set with my Stila Illuminating powder #10watts. I like how it looks on my skin, semi matte + glow. It does help in brighten and even out my skin tone. Sometimes I just apply it and I'm ready off to work. It doesn't feel sticky or heavy. Normally I will apply it from 9am-10pm, in between I do use some blotting paper to remove excess oil. I will consider the application is quite long lasting.

Next, talking about the texture, more like a combo of liquid and mousse. It blends on easily. I do feel and notice it hydrate some dry patch. A tube probably can last up to 3months.

Nevertheless, I will repurchase if I ran out the whole thing. Perfect for travelling.

Thanks for reading!

Project Used Up #1

Hooray, it is so, so good to see things we bought got used up. Sometimes, I tend to buy a lot, and a lot backups for items I like too. But then, when it becomes too much, it will only end up as trash, what a waste!
Thus, project used up came in. I'm glad I did it and yes, more to come. Then, only I allow myself to haul more skincare.

Some samples, not bad just serve as usual skincare.

All time favourites so far are skincare from Cellnique. I think this is the 3rd time I hit pan, the mask is perfect and works amazing for my skin.

Product I use maybe every other day / when I need. The Kose liquid wash took me forever to hit pan. Goodness, I like how foamy it is, but I hate it strip out my skin every time I use it. Avene cleansing water works just nice. I'm still wondering how compatible is it towards Bioderma H2O

2 tiny green bottles. The fragrance -- nice + fresh! (LE) so, don't think I can buy it anymore.
The It's Skin PO Effector: shrink pores, doesn't works for me at all. It feels smooth on skin. (not going to repurchase).

That's all for my vol.1 project used up. I feel proud and happy when these babies hit pan!

Have a nice day!

I'm Back

Hello, I'm back. I've a personal issue going on which makes me feel terrible and uncomfortable. Since I'm far away from my friends and family members, I literally went through alone and off course I burst into tears when I saw my Momma..... anyway, by gone were by gone. I decided to take a break and rest awhile from blogging, wondering lots of lots of things. Well, now I'm back and my moods seem to be more stable and relaxed.

Month of May was a bad month for me, but I had went trough. I miss blogging, those days when I was in my university, I used to blog actively and I met lots of super nice ladies here, but some of them no longer blog and slowly  I think we sort of lost contact, how sad. Beauty community in blog-sphere is strong, I find that at here (blogging community) we support each other, either morally,mentally or both. Eg: if you were divorce, these people are here for you, helping you, listen to you. I'm so thankful for all these. By the way, I miss doing swap and chatting with them so much.

Month of June, things went a bit better for me. Hubby and I went for a short trip. It has been awhile we didn't have our time together (just 2 of us) doing things that we love, meeting people that we missed, etc...
we even managed to survey our wedding bands which will be used by the end of this year ^_^

Tomorrow, month of July, I hope I'll be able to continue blogging in a more frequent pace.
Besides, I'll try to make this blog more like a lifestyle blog, I find that myself prefer reading blogs as such than  something that just talking about makeup and skincare...

Lastly, nice flowers from hubby =]

The Belated March Favourites + Short Review White Perfect Night Cream

Hello, is April, time flies.
Work has been more hectic than previous month. My sister in law just gave birth, we all have a new born in our house.

I've pretty much stick with my skincare regime but I did tried a new skincare product, salad recipe and exercises.

As for the skincare, I really enjoy using the Loreal White Perfect Night cream as part of my night time routine.
White Perfect Night Cream contains a breakthrough ingredient - Melanin Vanish™, 1 drop 50X more powerful, which helps to inhibit melanin production at the source. Night after night, spots are reduced, skin looks fairer and more radiant.
adapted from

Volume: 50ml
Price: range between MYR 28-30
Texture: light watery lavender color cream
Scent: soothing scent, nothing floral.

Review: I find that the cream itself is not too heavy for my skin type, it just nicely hydrates and brightens my complexion. As usual, I will apply my Cellnique toner, skin action sebum gel then top up with the night cream. Like my previous night time skincare routine, I always use water gel cream, it hydrates but not enough. I still notice and feel my skin tugging every morning after cleansing. Some times I see flakes around my cheek/ chin, it truly helps a lot. My skin texture seems to be more supple and more stable, less redness.

As for salad recipe, I mainly make this version. Less carbo, less salt, less fat... More vege and healthier


  • cherry tomatoes / vine ripe tomato
  • toasted walnuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • sesame (black)
  • bread crumbs (if needed)
  • blueberry (if needed)
  • raisin (if needed)
  • lettuces/ alfafa/ crunchy leafy vege
  • plain vanilla yogurt
or any sort of dressing you prefer. I just think using mayonnaise is fatty.

The last item is exercise. I don't believe that just by control the food intake and omit exercise can loose weight. At least, exercise helps burn fat, strengthen muscles, joints. When I was checking for diet plan, I came across this blog Blogilates. She is such an inspiration. Although some of the workout is ''torturing'', it is truly worth it when you see the results. I've still have lots of workout to learn, but part of my favourites are Call Me Maybe Squats and Drive By Inner Thigh. OMG..... my leg muscle sores until now.... Haha... 

I hope it is not too late for me to post my March favourites. I will do some products review tomorrow and keep finger cross, I will do some EOTD or FOTD.

Have a nice day!

Review: Cellnique Soothing & Hydrating Lotion

Hello lovely ladies out there.... I'm off from work today and the 10days new born in my house is well behave today. I decided to do a review and my thoughts for the toner that I'm currently using. Even hubby is obsessed with it!

I do enjoy and love Cellnique products because I found that their products heal and help my skin very much.  It really soothes my sensitive skin and hydrate it. I like the refreshing ginger scent, not too over powering and it acts like an antiseptic for my skin when it has invader(s) = acne!

Most of the active ingredients have the antiseptic properties. I enjoy using this before and after my makeup and after blotting. The refreshing scent gives the skin and mind a really nice boost. Normally I spray 3-5 times for my entire face, depends on my skin condition. I only spray toner on my face, I seldom use cotton pad to put on toner, unless the toner is in a thicker consistency.

The item itself has a very simple yet practical packaging. So when consumer purchased the item, we are actually buying the quality and the product instead of the packaging. I'm getting less addicted with cute packaging for my skin. As long as the product serve me well, I'm happy enough.

Here's the summary of products details:
Price: RM79
Volume: 200ml
Scent: Ginger
Color: Pale yellow
Texture: watery
Skin type: Perfect for all skin type

For more information on the product, please visit the link attached.

Overall, I really like the toner, a bottle normally can last me about 2-3months, depends the how frequent I reached it per day. I'm on my 3rd bottle now, I really convinced by the quality of this toner after getting more and more compliment on my skin. Tell you what, my hubby always steal my toner till 1 day, I got him 1 bottle for himself. At 1st he is a bit reluctant to try and to use, but after the skincare treatment I provided, he loves it ALOT. Now, he is a loyal fans to this toner.

Have a nice day! Do give it a try!

Weight Loss: Step 1 Planning Meal

Hello.... I've decided to start my 2013 weight loss program. I'm hoping that by the month of Aug I will manage to shed of at least 5kg. I've joined a weight management program last year, a community service organized by The Board of Malaysia Pharmacist. The program last about 3 months and I managed to reduce 3kg. In addition, I also practice yoga and it feels soooooo good.

This year, I decided to plan my own weight loss program. I've bought some supplements such as Lecithin and fat burner powder.
Lecithin will help to increase fat metabolism
Fat Burner taste like hot chocolate drink, this will help to burn fat (not sure how it will works)

Haha... I will monitor my weight for 3weeks from now onwards.

Here's my 1st step:
these are the food of my choice after considering my working routine

Morning Breakfast

  • 1 hard boiled egg + Fat Burner (chocolate Drink)
  • 2 slices whole meal bread (with peanut butter & fruit jam)
  • pancake + bacon
  • Nestle cereal with skim milk


  • 1/2rice with stir fried vegetables + 1 fish (steam fish preferably)
  • fried vermicelli (meehun)
  • noodles
  • spaghetti

keep it as light as possible

  • fat burner drink with oat
  • salads (fruits/ vegetables)
  • soups (avoid creamy/starchy)

Get into weight loss isn't easy for anyone. I feel it is a very hard task because I'm not tiny at all... Hahaa
I've searched some website and the salads seems to be very nice. Do check them if you find them interested by click on the link below.

Salads Recipes, Salads from, Simply recipes

Let's start from now.... No more excuses.... If you would like to join me with this weight loss program, do share your tips, we can encourage each other. Simply drop a comment so that I can drop your blog a visit
Thanks and lets do it!

Lips Food with Dark Chocolate & Peppermint?

Hello..... Hmmmmmmm.... who doesn't love Dark chocolate & peppermint, perfect combo!
But. Wait. It is now in form of lipbutter. How nice is that!

After watching the monthly favourite from Zoella I decided to give it a try. I like lipbalm, especially the handy version, no fingers dipping in and out, on and off from the tin. 
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula always have really nice things to try and the signature cocoa scent is a yay for me, but nay for those who hate sweet cocoa scent.

Item retails for around RM11-13 depends which drugstore you're visit to.
I like the slanted application part, makes life so much easier, not a problem at all if you got no mirror.

It leave a cool minty hint on the lips, it feels nice. Haha! The lip butter is translucent but give a nice glossy finish, look great even apply on its own. I like to use this during night time, as a lip therapy. I love to put on a thick layer, it doesn't feel sticky at all. The next morning, no more flaky dry lips... Hurray!

Lastly.... have fun trying tasty lipbalms.... I know Smackers has lots .... hehe!