Review: Naruko VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating Mask

Hello, it has been so long I've not been blogging at all. Gosh, time flies, lots of things happens.
My beloved grandpa passed away last month, I felt terrible and regret for not spending time with him for his very last time. The rest of the incident, I prefer to keep for myself as memories.

Well, busy schedule on work and in life. I've been visited by some acne germs as well. I'm currently change to some new skincare, combination of drugstore, salon and high end. I will update my skincare routine some time later.

I just bought the Naruko face mask few days ago. My skin feels very dry after using some skincare with salicylic acid. Since Watson carries Naruko brand and I'm pretty sure I like this brand as much as an ant meet sugar! I decided to pick up this mask. There are another face mask for pores and whitening.
But when the skin is thirsty, the most food it needs is water for hydration, and so, I picked this back home.

It comes in a medium size box with 5 pieces sheet mask. The packaging isn't attractive but I'm very sure with the product quality. I've tested few pieces, the mask is dense and well soaked with essence. Good thing is, everything comes in good and perfect portions. No extra essence dripping, the mask itself is similar like the beauty dairies mask but thicker. 

After complete my cleansing routine, I will open 1 piece of mask and put nicely onto my face. It feels cooling and very hydrating. The essence is translucent but not too sticky. My sensitive skin also get soothes and hydrates. Because everyone has different face feature, such as smaller cheeks, bigger nose and etc, I will always tear the ends of eye ares on the mask, so that it adheres better.

I basically will leave it for about 20mins. Then gently massage the mask over my face. Rub my palms and using my own body temperature, massage my face for the essence to absorb. Let me tell you, it feels so nice and my skin looks brightens and plump. Later on, I follow up with moisturizer.

I highly recommend people who are on budget, skincare fanatic, anyone... to try it out. 5 pieces in 1 box cost only RM19.90. Cheap and very effective! I'm thinking to try out another 2 types of its mask.

Thanks for spending time reading my blog, I appreciate it very much.
Have a nice day

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