Diet: What I've been Eating lately & Benefits from Plant-based Food

photo adapted 

As the saying goes, you are what you eat. So, consider including plant-based food into your everyday diet.
This year my new year resolution is about shed off some fat, and so I put weight loss as my priority. After I done my body check, I was so shock that I've too much fat compared with lean muscle in my body. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not pointing fingers on those fat people, is just that the health report alarmed me.
I thought I'm very okay with my current body size but actually, after I got my health report, the whole impression has changed.

Few days ago, when I was working, I read about an article about food and diet which inspired me to share some of my thoughts and information I obtained from the article. At the beginning of this month, I begin my diet plan. Since I still not able to workout as much as I should, I decided to start from food I consumed.

Basically I have breakfast as usual but with some changes on what I eat. Since I live together with my in-laws, most of the time breakfast is already been prepared by maid before we all wake up, she used to cook fried noodles, keow teow and fried rice which I'm quite sure is taught by my in-laws. I noticed taking these in the morning isn't as healthy as I used to have when I was still staying with my parents. I decided to get back to my simple and healthy breakfast and you know what, it keeps me fulled.

As for my lunch and dinner, I try to eat as much vegetables as I could. I've been cutting down my rice intake as well. At first, it was terrible, I felt hungry almost every hour and started to look after something to munch. But then, my determination of shed off weight keep me safe from all the food tempt. At night, it was the worst, since I had my dinner earlier than before, I struggled with hunger till the next day. What I've done?
I started to eat dinner earlier, probably around 5-7pm, but never after 7pm as I believe the extra food that have not been digested and been metabolized will end up as fat store in my body. Oh my, the 1st week of diet was terrible for me. But now, I'm glad I've gone through .

For your information, everyday once my work done, I normally reached home at 10.45pm and then I will have supper together with my hubby and his family. Holy moly, when I flashed back what I've been doing the  pass year it was a really bad habit and diet I've developed. I have very heavy supper with meats, curry, pizza, fried chickens, McDonald burgers, name it I have almost all the fast food and instant noodles in my stomach. This year, I'm aware that these food will kill me soon and shorten my life, so again I decided to get rid of it. Sometimes it is hard, but if there's a will there's a way.

Here's some of my tips and foods I've been eating lately. I don't want to have all sort of modern disease such as obesity, heart attack, diabetic, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

For Breakfast:
- 3-4 tablespoons of oats (add hot water will do)
- 2 slices of wholemeal bread (with St. Dalfour jam & a slice of cheese/ chunky peanut butter)
- 2 hard boiled eggs (not everyday)*
- 1 cup of plain greek yogurt & fruits (not everyday)*
- 2-3 small sweet potatoes (not everyday)*

- 1/2 scoop of rice
- stir fried vegetables ( have at least 2-3types of vegetables)
- fish (preferably steamed)
- a bowl of soup
** sometimes, I wake up around 11am, so after I have my breakfast, I skip my lunch because I'm too full to eat my lunch **

- Same as my lunch but with more vegetables and less rice
- Sometimes, I have bread/cereal as dinner
- Sometimes, if I'm not in the mood to eat, I will just have salads (no mayonnaise)

- I still have my supper, I tried to get rid of this bad habit, but you know I'm too hungry to go to bed.
- 3-4 tablespoons of oats  or
- an apples or
- 1 cup of plain greek yogurt with fruits ( if I had it during my breakfast, then I will not take it again) or
- 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and jam / a bun    or
- a bowl of soup ( avoid starchy soup)  or
- a glass of hot beverages (soy milk no sugar added)

I like vegetables more than meat. I believe meat these days contains too much growth hormones, they aren't healthy as the organic one. Below are what I've had mostly:-

  • Pumpkin - rich in beta-carotene and alpha carotene, which fights lung and ovarian cancer
  • Broccoli - triggers anti-oxidant activity that can last for days. Contains sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol that are heroes in fighting prastate, bladder, colon and other hormon related cancer
  • Berries - blueberry, raspberry and strawberry are rich in anthocyannis that helps to prevent tumour growth 
  • Tomatoes - contains lycopene, the active ingredient  that can reduce the risk of several types of cancer. Rich in antioxidant helps maintain youthful skin (not recommend for gout patient)
  • Tea - whether is black or green, both have anti-cancer properties. Helps in boosting the metabolism 
  • Carrots - rich in beta -carotene and vitamin A, helps improve vision, reduce risk of lung, breast and colon cancer
  • Mushrooms - good source of vitamins B which is important in providing energy for protein, fats and carbohydrates break down and B12 is important for our nervous system. It is rich in anti-oxidant gluten free, low calories, fat free, cholesterol free and very low in sodium (not recommend for gout patient)
  • Sweet Potatoes - contains vitamin B6, which can reduce homocysteine in our body and this reduce the degenerative disease such s heart attacks. I found that sweet potatoes helps my digestive system and reduce constipation. It also helps in boosting energy levels and keep me in happy mood
Taking more vegetables not only keep me full, it helps my health too. I noticed vegetables that are rich in fibre helps my bowel movement and reduce constipation. Tomatoes and berries truly helps my complexion, tomatoes seems to work very well for me as I noticed my acne scar heals faster and almost to unnoticeable.

Lastly, think before eat and eat wisely. My current diet helps me lose about 1.5kg, which I'm happy to tell and share, vegetables diet works! Not only that, my skin has improving so much and I'm now more happy and more energetic. 
Before I put this post with a full stop, do remember to drink more water as water helps to remove toxin out from our body through sweat and urine. Drinking plain water instead of high sugar drinks is important as well. I strongly believe, a well balance diet not only keep my body energetic it also keeps me in happy mood. Always remember, we should not have something too much or too less, moderation is the key. 

Current Skincare Product -- Kose Infinity Pure Advance

My current skincare routine using Kose Infinity Pure Advace. I bought this set last month, after my wedding. I've been using Cellnique skincare for quite some time now, I'm just bored with it and my skin seems not liking some of it anymore, so I thought giving a try for Kose. Previously, I bought Kose Sekkesei Set, it doesn't work well for me and it took almost a year for me to finish it. This time, I decided to try out their Infinity Pure Advance.

Basically the Infinity Pure Advance series is recommended for:
  •  women in their twenties and early thirties
  •  women who noticed visible pores, dryness and fine wrinkles

When I noticed my pores becomes more and more visible, I started to take countermeasures hoping that I'm not too late to start an anti-aging skincare. Everyone will age but age gracefully is another story. I visited to my nearby Kose shop, yes there's Kose shop instead of outlet nearby my house. The SA is very helpful. I told her I was looking for a moisturizer and toner because I was running out of these items. She checked my skin and recommended me to get Kose Infinity Pure Advance set. I am happy with her recommendation.

This series cares for opened pores due to many reasons such as dryness, sagging pores, and blackheads cause by dirt and excess sebum. It helps to create a hydrated and elastic skin that appears poreless. 
My skin condition is dry at the outer layer but oily inside. I experience dry skin but I can't use thick texture moisturizer, else I will experience clog pores and acne breakouts.

Below are the Kose items I'm using, not all are full size some are samples I received from the SA to try out and all these made a complete skincare.

 After my cleansing, these are what I apply onto my face accordingly:

  1. Infinity Clear Force (sample)
  2. Moisture Skin Repair
  3. Pure Advance Essence Lotion I
  4. Infinity Astringent (sample)
  5. Pure Advance Serum I

Pictures attached are the texture of each products. Clear Force has a thick gel like texures, Moisture Skin Repair has a liquid serum like texture. The Pure Advance Essence Loion I is toner , so does the Infinity Astringent.

Reviews & how I use each items:

Infinity Clear Force (sample)
  • this item belongs to another group of infinity skincare. It is a gel emulsion with strong moisturizing and softening effect.
  • pour a 20cents size of clear force onto cotton pad, then wipe over the entire face
  • the product claimed to remove dead skin cells, clears roughness,dullness and provides better products absorption and penetration
  • I find this works just nice, and after wipe, I noticed some dirt on the cotton pad. Sort of another cleansing steps after face wash. 
  • full size :200ml, not sure I will repurchase after done with the sample size
Moisture Skin Repair
details adapted from
  • I  use this after cleansing my face and before toner. According to details in the website, it suppose to help absorption of the following products, sort of prep the skin before further skincare
  • It feels like a runnier gel but more to liquid consistency. 
  • Normally I will use 2-3pumps on my palm, pat it all over my entire face, feels good.
  • But if I've finished up this bottle, I don't think I will not repurchase it as I don't see the need or the purpose of having this item. But overall it is quite good.
Pure Advance Essence Lotion I
  • the 3rd product I apply, I like the packaging, it comes with a dispensing pump which is very easy to use. I will pump 2-3pumps onto my cotton pad, wipe all over my face, flip to the other side and pat the toner onto my cheek, forehead and chin.
  • the toner isn't moisturizing as what I expected it to be, good thing it helps in control my sebum secretion around my T-zone and helps the next product(s) to absorb more easily.
  • Price: RM 169 /160ml
Infinity Astringent (sample)
  • surprisingly, I use 2 toners in my current skincare. 
  • the SA told me to pat 20times each time I use, I was like what? she said it will shrink the pores. Oh my, 20times is a lot and by the time I reach that 20th pat, the toner might all evaporate to no where.
  • each time I use it, I can feel my skin is refresh, I'm not sure if it helps to shrink pores but this definitely helps a lot in control sebum secretion
  • down side: it contains alcohol which may cause dry skin to become even drier
  • I'm not getting the full size after finish this, I think 1 good hydrating toner will do just fine for my skin

Infinity Kose Pure Advance Serum I
  • a light gel texture moisturizer though on the packaging it written as serum
  • the website claimed it able to adjust the balance of sebum in skin that is prone to stickiness/shine
  • I find that this gel moisturizer is light and very suitable for my day time use but when it comes to night time skincare routine, I feel my skin need more hydration, and I need a heavier gel cream/cream then.
  • I recommend this for anyone who have oily skin, it truly helps in oil control by providing the right proportion of oil and water in the skin. Bear in mind, we all have different skin, what works for me might not works for you, but you can get sample from the SA before commit to a full size product
  • Because it is so light, the product absorb easily without leaving stickiness behind. So, by topping up my sunscreen in day time skincare routine, everything starts and ends nicely.
  • Price: RM169/50g
  • Repurchase: Yes 

In a nutshell, Kose Infinity Pure Advance skincare works pretty nicely for me but I'm not super overwhelming with it. I'm already in my mid twenties and I truly need to start include anti-aging products into my skin. I think the whole range is not bad but I was expecting something more, something wow me. Since it claimed to shrink pores, I was hoping to see a visible result after almost a month of usage. I'm not sure if my pores look smaller but I do experience less oily skin. My skin is more stable now and less clogged pores and breakouts. The whole skincare set works so far so good.  I sleep in air-conditioning room, if I didn't use a heavier moisturizer, my skin will look like old haggard the next day. I'm pleased to tell, my current skincare using the almost complete Kose Infinity Pure Advance skincare set,  I only need to incorporate some other night cream into my night time skincare routine since the moisturizing is way too light to be used during the night. I might look into other Infinity series skincare, who knows I will find something nice to treat my skin. Tee hee... hope you enjoy reading my review. Have a nice day!

Review: Kiehl's Skin Rescuer

Did you see or notice any visible signs of stress on skin? Well, you might be wondering, what are they so that you can check on yourself. I'm not a skin specialist nor guru, but these are what I understand and I try my best to interpret into words.

  1. Skin Fatigue - skincare doesn't seems to work as what it promised or your skin doesn't seems to eat up the nutrients provide from skincare products
  2. De-hydration - skin dries out and form flakes/ peeling. Lack of dehydration will make us more prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will loose its elasticity and less bouncier
  3. Blotchiness - discoloration on skin/ pigmentation/ blot of dry parts on skin
  4. Redness - when it comes to redness, it normally relates with inflammation/ sensitivity 

I bought the skin rescuer awhile back. So here's are my thoughts.

Not to mentioned Kiehl's packaging anymore, I like the simple, practical, travel friendly packaging.

The below 2 attachments from Kiehl's website:

The ingredients sounds so amazing and it has been scientifically tested. I've been using the products awhile but is sort of on and off using it. Hmmm, I kind of reluctant to use this during the day time. I find the texture is a little too thick for my preferences.

Even though the SA and in the website it claimed to be light weight, I still find it is a thicker cream.
Sorry to tell, the texture is really thick. I only use 1 -2 pumps max. It is thick but not creamy, so it's hard to spread onto the skin. I only get to use the products 1-2 per week during the night time because up to date, I don't like it at all, yes, I don't. It might be me or the products itself, I'm not sure. But for me, it is too thick (major reason), thicker than the ultra facial cream and this clogged my pores. Each time I use it for a week before got my facial session, my beautician will say : ''My goodness, what you've been using lately?"

From the ingredients used, it is majorly soothes the redness and dry patches. It doesn't hydrate my skin at all, it soothes my dry patches because it contains glycerin, squalene, chamomile  but it doesn't increase the water level on my skin. It serves more like a protective barrier, prevents further dehydration from the skin. As for the soothing part, yes, it soothes my redness, I can't lie on this part, my redness has been reduced after used.

I don't recommend this for anyone who have oily combination skin. It suits for dry to drier skin types. I'm still trying my best and looking for alternatives way to finish up the whole bottle. Layering with other hydrating serum and toner might work but still have to beware of clogged pores issue.

Price: RM145/75ml
Where to buy: Kiehl's outlet
Repurchase: No

I don't find it helps my skin, not the hero for my skin at this moment. I'm living in tropical country, I stay nearby the sea and island, I need something hydrating instead of only thick in texture. After use, I still experiencing visible signs of stress on skin. Ultimately, no matter what scientists said I'm just a normal human being, I do know not everything suits everyone and every skin.

By the way, always learn from experience, I truly believe, a more practical way to reduce visible signs of stress on skin are to set a healthy lifestyle, eat more fruits that rich in anti-oxidant, don't stress yourself too much, just don't sweat the small matter and be happy!

All in all, I don't recommend this product. It just not the cup of my tea. I would like to know what do you think about this products IF you've tried it before. Maybe people in snowing country will like this, I'm not sure. I hope my review helps by giving readers an idea about how the products work for me, it is not a perfect review, but it is just my 2 cents of it.

Happy Sunday! I'm off for Chinese New Year Shopping!

Project Re-love: Thought of Revlon Lip Butters

I decided to start a project called Re-love. Basically it is something I used to love but been forgotten as time pass by. The quantity of having lipsticks for a women is infinity, is never enough for us and we never stop buying things we love. But then, how much can we really use? Few days ago I spring cleaned my makeup box, I threw away some expired and long ignored eye palettes and lipstick. I did struggled a short while before putting some loved products into rubbish bag. So, to prevent further wastage I thought starting a 'project re-love' will be just nice.

Basically this whole project is about finding and alternate using some used products. It can be anything I've missed out after stored them in boxes or left aside. I owned 4 lip butters from Revlon, all of these were purchased during BOGO sales. I'm quite conservative on lip products, I don't go for neon or super bright colors, I prefer something more flattering and suits for everyday use.

Here I represent my 4 Revlon lip butters (from left to right):
Cherry Tart, Berry Smoothie, Sweet Tart, Strawberry short cake

color swatches (from left to right ): cherry tart, berry smoothie, sweet tart, strawberry shortcake

Personally I think these color suits my asian skin tone very well. I enjoying using these color so much. The colors are very build-able.

  • For day to day, I like to use berry smoothie, it is a very easy to go with color. 
  • Cherry tart appeal to be redder than  I thought, so I only use dabbing motion during application, I like the red tint, not overly done, just very natural. 
  • Sweet tart is a brighter blue tone pink. I don't really use this during working hour. I prefer to use it during weekend, or on a relaxing day. A plain shirt with a nice part of  shorts/jeans, 1-2 swipe of this on lips and you are ready to go.
  • Strawberry shortcake maybe the least favourite. The pink is more blue tone and light. Sometimes the color accentuates my lip lines and making my teeth look yellow. I might look a bit sick too when my complexion is dull and tired. But overall, this is still a nice color to have, I only apply with light handed and it looks okay and still flattering.
The only complains I have with the lip butters are:
  • doesn't last long. I do need to reapply every 3-4 hours
  • it is drying and makes my lips peel (sometimes)
In a nutshell, I have love and hate relationship with these lippies. Since I mentioned it is Project Re-love, which means there are still parts of the pros from these lip butters that had a stand in my heart. I advice anyone who wants to try and use, please get your lips scrubs and moisturize before apply the lip butters. This really helps in terms of colors and reduce the appearance of lip lines. Well, I love lip butters and I don't mind to tolerate with the dryness, I apply lipbalm every now and then when using the Revlon lip butters.

Happy Saturday, any plan for this weekends? 

Review: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

Looking close into the mirror and you see something like this: Dry skin? Flaky skin? and then...
you shout: Ohhhhhh skin ?!

Hi lovely ladies and gents, dealing with extremely cold dry weather or hot weather really dry out the skin. Dry skin will flakes and peels and worst is it hurts too,too much. Some people gets these issues due to weather changes/ natural skin condition/ over exfoliation either using chemical peel or exfoliation/ 24/7 in air conditioning room or heater and NOT using enough moisturizer.

Personal experience tell me a well moisturized skin will keep all the flakes away. Different skin types requires different texture of moisturizer. I own 3 types of moisturizer, some I use everyday and some I use when necessary. I have sensitive skin, sometimes it flakes like crazy with few red patches and certain days it looks oily. Currently I'm using a gel moisturizer during day time and cream moisturizer during night time.

Anyway, for today I'm going to share my thoughts on the Kiehl's Ultra Facial cream. I'll talk about my other moisturizers next post.

I really appreciate the product I'm using is made with simple ingredients yet delivers wonderful results.
Free from mineral oil, colors, parabens and fragrance, which means less allergic factors to trigger my sensitive skin.

As I've mentioned before in my other Kiehl's products review, I love simple and practical packaging which means travel friendly. It comes in a jar, mine one is only 50ml, sometimes you can get Jumbo size from the store, but I don't see the need to do so. Of course in any marketing, bigger packaging cheaper price but the whole daily dipping fingers into pot is really not hygienic. Thus, I still prefer getting a 50ml jar.
It comes with a lid but still without a spatula really cause me some troubles. Is either I wash my hands thoroughly or use cotton buds to scoop out the product. You know after the whole day work and you are so tired, sometimes you just feel so lazy to move around get cotton buds and will end up dipping your fingers into the pot. I have this problems most of the times... ahem.. Since it is parabens free, germs may multiply faster and product may spoil easily.

This white cream spread onto face easily. It is not too thick but good enough for my skin type and skin issues. I don't use a huge amount, about 2 pea size will be fine for me. The next day, I notice my skin is soft and glow. Issues such as flakes, tugging skin, peeling and red patches are reduced too.
However, I do noticed it is sometimes a little bit oily when use in the day time (hot and humid weather). So, normally I prefer use it as night cream after apply all the toners, serum and etc. When my skin is oily, I do avoid this as much as I can, I find it gives my forehead some bumps. I like to apply the cream from face down to my collar bone, it just feel nice.

Price: RM100 / 50ml
Where to buy: Kiehl's outlet
Repurchase: Maybe

In a nutshell, Kiehl's Ultra Facial cream works well for most skin types. If you have oily/ oily combination skin just use a small amount or for the safe side skip this, look for a gel moisturizer. If you have dry skin, go for the ultra facial moisturizer (bottle). And if you are not sure which moisturizer suits your skin and still eager to try out any Kiehl's moisturizer, just visit the outlet, ask for a skin analysis and they will recommend what suits you. I will not say this is something must have and without it, it is the end of the world. It is a good moisturizer but I know and sure I can get better moisturizer out there. I enjoy using it. It is certainly something good to try and own but to the point of repurchase is still under consideration.

My Current Cleansing Routine Products

When the sun goes down, daily activities end..... it is the time most of us off to bed but never, ever, skip the cleansing steps. I'm very agree on this, sleep with makeup / without proper cleansing will not only clog your pores but also trigger acne breakout, accelerate skin aging and allow more color pigments sink into skin.

Now, lets move to my daily cleansing routines products. I have sensitive skin, sometimes it dries and flakes around my chin and cheek area, sometimes my skin is oily when I used unsuitable skincare. Basically my skin  condition changes according to the products I used and weather. So when my skin doesn't behave nicely, I will just use very simple products and avoid makeup as well.

I'm currently using these items. Daily cleansing items are the Simple Purifying cleansing lotion and Simple cleansing wipes, follow with Cosmecnique Bio Oxygen cleansing mousse. This is a fast cleansing routine.
When I use heavy/higher SPF sunscreen/ foundation, most of the time I will use use Shu Uemura cleansing oil. So far I've only tried the green cleansing oil, I think it works wonderfully, make my skin super clean. I like to use Mandom Cleansing water (Sebum control) as well. The cleansing water just helps to remove most of the makeup. I like how well the cleansing water works in removing lipstick/gloss, very effective.
Well, so much products shown, don't get me wrong, I didn't use all these everyday. It is depends on how my skin behave and that particular day makeup.
If I'm opt for a more thorough cleansing product, I will go to cleansing oil. Fast cleansing,  I will go for cleansing water or simple cleansing set. Then, using the mousse cleanser as my second cleansing steps. I do double cleanse my face, it is just to ensure most of the dirt been removed.


Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is the best I've tried so far, the new version of this green cleansing oil works even better. It emulsified faster than the old version, the texture is lighter as well. I tried other cleansing oil too, but non of them squeeze into my HG list. As for price, I think it is fair, you get the quality you had paid for. I don't feel it is drying or making my skin more oily. It just works perfectly.

Mandom Cleansing water works fast in removing surface makeup, it doesn't cleanse deep into pores, some makeup might still stick inside the pores. However, I find it works nicely in removing lip products. I even tried the Avene Micellair cleansing water, same thoughts as this. If you only use sunscreen or light makeup and lazy to remove makeup, maybe this is something to go for.

Simple Cleansing sets. Start with the cleansing lotion, the texture is light yet emollient enough for my drier skin. I prefer the hygienic squeeze bottle than a jar of cleansing cream whereby I've to dip my fingers in everyday. It is slightly similar to the Cellnique Vital cleansing milk but without any oil left behind.
I squeeze out about size of old 50cents coins on palm, massage on face, wipes off with the cleansing wipes. Voila! I'm done.
As for the cleansing wipes, it contains 25 pcs of facial wipes. It comes with few types: oily skin and anti-aging skin. I've yet to try the other two. My skin love this wipes. It does helps in removing makeup. I love to use these when doing swatches or a quick skin refreshments. These are suitable for sensitive skin, it cleanse pretty well without irritate my skin. It also makes my skin feel refresh and soft. The price is every affordable too.Basically, I use these every single day, my skin is happy!

After the 1st cleansing steps, I will use a foam /gel cleanser to wash off all the residues. I'm currently using Cosmecnique Bio Oxygen Mousse cleanser. It is recommended by my current beautician. I use this morning and night. I use 1 to 11/2 pump(s). The mousse is very fine and airy. The scent is soothing and refreshing. I don't think it dries out my skin. I've tried some foam cleanser, all are very drying and makes my skin flakes as if I'm a fish. It rinse off easily too and I can feel my pores inhale as much oxygen as they want. This is my 2nd bottle, a bottle didn't last long since I use it day and night. It made in France, cost around RM118-128 depends on which beauty salon you visit too. Price wise, I do think it is slightly expensive, anyway, since it works for my skin, I don't mind this little investment. But I will alternate this cleanser with Cellnique Seaweed Cleanser later on. Cellnique Seaweed cleanser will be used in the morning and Cosmecnique cleanser in night time.

In a nutshell, these are my current cleansing products use during the night time. I really enjoy using them, always go for something suitable to your skin and doesn't burden the wallet. Understand what your skin needs and use skincare appropriately. Expensive doesn't mean is good, drugstore might have some good skincare too. Look around and read reviews. I will update my cleansing routine products again when I've replaced them with other new things.

How's about you? Did you cleanse your skin before off to bed?

2014 a Brand New Year

Hello, 2014! I'm so excited to paint this new year with lots of colour.
It is the best time to set new goals at the beginning of the year. I personally think resolutions must be something achievable and realistic.

This year, I decided to break it into 5 important parts:

After I've been through the loss of family members, I must spend more time with them. I'm sure they will be happy to see me talking/visiting them.

  • If I'm not able to phone my parents every single, at least I text message them daily.
  • Maintain a good relationships with in laws, siblings and hubby. Well, toleration, respect and understanding  are the key to succeed. 
  • Be content = happy
  • Visit relatives in Malacca this CNY
  • Get a baby this year? (planning)

I learnt, without money is hard but without a healthy body and mind is worst than anything.

  • Try to sleep early everyday instead of 2am everyday. Terrible! 
  • Sleep early & wake up early. Early bird always earn more than late bird 
  • Start to love my health because money can't buy me a life or a 100% good health.
  • Exercise regularly. Loss 5 kg of fats?
  • No more supper.

Whether is makeup, skincare, clothings.... keep everything simple without burden my wallet.
Keep an eye on my little bloggie.

  • Finished up my current skincare before shifting to the next brand
  • Don't prick my acne/face when I'm boring
  • Buy what I need instead of follow the hype and ended up with " I Hate this product"
  • Do a 2months cosmetics clean up in my vanity drawers/boxes.
  • Blog regularly. Instead of just reviews, I'll add in more interesting topics.
  • Leave comments on each blog post I've read. 

Continue my 2013 routine. I find that set an amount of $ or a percentage of you month ly income, keep it in bank is such a life savior. Whether the money will be used or not, just save it. By the end of the year, you will  astonish,how much you've save from the nonsense buying.

The best activities throughout the entire year. Haha. It might just me or everyone.
Have a nice vacation with my hubby. We missed our vacation in 2013 because we were too busy with our wedding and family business.

  • I plan to visit Taiwan this year, but the schedule clashed with my in-laws trip. Will see how
  • Visit to KL again this year. Friends meet up, I'm on top of the world.
  • A short local trip (1,2,3 days is just fine for me)

It sounds easy but if I didn't follow I might loss my steps. 
Lastly, plan your time well, step by step. Don't rush, I'm sure all the resolutions can be achieved.
I'll monitor my goals from time to time and make sure it gets done by the end of this year.

Have you planned your 2014 resolutions? 

Best of 2013

oh.... I'm late, yes and I'm so sorry for the delay. I've really loss the actual timing to post this topic. Without further ado, here I present you my best of 2013.

It will be 13 best of for me to highlighted. After all, it was 2013 and 13 best of is just purrrrfect!

1. Best of Family Moments
This has to be my wedding. All of my relatives attended, those who not manage to get leave really made effort to attend. I've so happy and thankful. Whether is happy/grievance, a family should always care about each other and give a full moral/spiritual support.

2. Best of Thing I Did For Myself
Since I just married a month ago, I'm still very proud to say that, I plan the almost 80% of my wedding details myself, 20% would be a helping hands from my mother-in-laws and my parents. I literally planned the home-stay for about 30-40 relatives, meals for 2 days and all the cleaning works. It was tiring, but worth it!

3. Best of Skincare Tip I've Learn
Each time I visited my beautician, she will say: your skin is very dry! Do you ever put on a hydrating mask after exfoliation?! Opps... I didn't but now I DO. Always, always remember to put on a hydrating mask after face scrub/peeling/exfoliation. It really helps to keep all the flakes at bay, leaving your skin baby soft and almost zero pores.

4. Best of Drugstore Steals
Simple cleansing sets. OH, I must give this simple cleansing set a big shout out. It works perfectly for my very sensitive skin. As much as I love makeup, I don't really 'decorate' my face everyday before go to work. I will only put sunscreen, face powder, lipstick/lipbalm. The Simple cleansing lotion is amazing, not oily nor harsh to my skin, followed by the cleansing wipes! Viola! I'm done removed my makeup and ready for my next cleansing step. Plus, it doesn't kill my wallet.

5. Best of Skincare Routine I've Practiced
Apply sunscreens no matter what. I'm not a perfect person, I do get lazy from time to time, sticking on a certain routine sometimes really pissed me but this one was really different. Since I got engaged with my hubby and before we had our wedding. I've moved and stayed at his hometown. The sun is stronger than I can imagine when I was in KL. I noticed I got more and more freckles on my face, my beautician started to complain about my laziness. I was then started to put sunscreen everyday. I'm happy I still practiced this good habit

6. Best of Sunscreen Discovered
Different skin types required different sunscreen. I like my sunscreen to be creamy but ended with a matte to semi-matte finished. I hate shine/shimmery sunscreen, it looks terrible as if I have not wash my face since morning. I love Cellnique sunscreen SPF30. It adds a pink glow to my skin.

7. Best of Personal Growth Experience
I like this one. I think as we aged, we definitely need to look into our personal growth. It shows we've learned and gained some valuable experience after time. It would be my understanding of the life.
A family should be unite all the time, love, understand, tolerate and respect each other. Nothing is perfect, but we learn from mistake and every flaws is unique on its own.

8. Best of IT Gadget I've Owned
A big thanks to my beloved husband who bought me Samsung Galaxy S4. I love it to bits. I like everything I need fit into 1 gadget. One of the star program I enjoyed is the S Health, it helps to keep track my diet and workouts.

9. Best Magazine I've Read
I love Women's Weekly magazine. I think it is very informative from all aspects. From makeup, skincare, recipes, parenting advice, self development and etc. The recipes is always mouth-watering.

10. Best of Skincare Product Discoveries
Kiehl's Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment - amazing acne treatment I've encountered so far. I've done a review on this, check it out if you're interested. It doesn't leave scar on the red pimple spots, not drying, no tingling, no burning sensation. 30ml last a long way too. Here's the link Kiehl's Acne Treatment Review

11. Best of Travel Experience
Last year, hubby and I didn't travel by plane. We were too busy with works and our wedding. But I managed to spend 1 day to Pangkor Island. It is not a high class place to visit, but I enjoyed the 1 day tour ourselves, checking the tiny map and hubby ride motorcycle. Shhh, it was my 1st time hubby rode motorcycle with me. It was a relaxing short trip and new experience we gained.

12. Best of Healthy Food
I love Greek Yogurt. It tastes wonderful, so creamy and feel so..... luxury? I like to eat it plain, with pancakes, with papaya or bananas.

13. Best of Self Help Book I've Read
What I mean self help book here is, a reading material that I make me feel comfort, give me a lot of reflections, inspirations. I would definitely recommend Chicken Soup. It comes with various series for different ages. I got mine from book exhibition and it has been translated into chinese. Read 1 topic a day or a week truly helps me a lot.

Oh dear, that's all I would like to highlighted for 2013. If there's more you would like to know, do ask, I'll try my best to reply in the comments. Have a great weekends ahead!

A Year Full with Joy & Tears 2013

Hello everyone, it has been months I didn't put on any update. Time flies and it is true as I found out too much things I've missed but also gain. It is truly a year full with memories, joys and tears in my life. I thought it is important and it is a need for me to flashback and recap. We learn from history and our mistake and shall always remember not to make the same mistake again, as we have no time machine that can carry us back to what have passed by. Well, I only managed to upload 26 posts last year, keep finger crossed more blog posts coming up in 2014.

January began with much of loves, hopes and joys. As usual I enjoy the journey of my life with families and hectic work life. Chinese New Year fell on February, lots of preparations done with my mom and in-laws.

February was a sweet month. I love February so much, it was the month of Chinese New Year, my birthday month and Valentine's Day. This year was special as it was the last time I celebrate New Year eve with my parents, siblings and grandparents. According to Chinese customs, once the daughter had married, they can only back to celebrate CNY with her own family on the 2nd day of CNY. On CNY eves and 1st day of CNY, married daughter will have to stay at her husband's family. It was the last time I celebrated with my beloved grandpa. Besides, I managed to persuade him for cataract surgery. It was a tough decision, but for a 92 year old man, he was so brave. Since I wasn't off to my hometown on my birthday, my mother-in-laws and hubby gave me a very heart warming birthday celebration and I'm very grateful and thankful for what God gave to me.

March was a big month for my brother and parents. He finally graduated from university. My parents and I attended the graduation ceremony. It was the birthday month for my dad and hubby. Sadly, because of very packed working schedule, I missed my dad birthday celebration, left him at home with my mom and siblings waiting for me to be back. I was sorry for that. On 27th, a new family member was born. My sister-in-law gave birth, it was a little baby girl. She was the cutest, seeing her growing up everyday was a blessing.

April was another busy month. We were so busy submit our income tax. It was all about busy, and I was so regret for not spending more times with the old folks in my family. Till then....

May, I managed to grab the opportunity visited my parents and had a wonderful Mother's Day with my beloved mom. Well, to be fair and square, I did celebrate Mother's Day with my mother-in-law too. That's how life goes on.

June more birthday celebration. I missed my final chance to talk with my grandpa aka my mom's dad. He was very ill. Yet, I was still busy with my work and didn't even pay him a visit during his sick period. He was barely able to recognize my mom. Once awhile he will murmured about his life and asked when will he die. How sad! As people aged, especially the older family members, health and memories will be defeated by time.

July was a month of grievance. Grandpa passed away. Mom phoned me in the middle of night, she was crying. I was sad and broke into tears. I knew the taste of childhood soymilk and tofu is gone FOREVER. Grandpa worked very hard throughout his life. He was a great friend with soy bean and although his hands was rough, the soymilk and tofu made by his tasted incredibly yummy. I rushed back home and back to mom's hometown. For a week until grandpa's funeral. It was my 1st time experienced the lost a family members without a chance of saying goodbye nor I LOVE U grandpa. The whole month was terrible and tiring for me to go through. Other than that, hubby and his sister bought a new Samsung Galaxy SIII as birthday present to his mom, my mother-in-law. All of a sudden, I realized I've been staying too far apart from my family. With the loss of my grandpa, more concentration of my other grandpa aka my dad's papa was been given.

August. The aftermath effect was still huge in my heart. Hubby and I started to busy planning our wedding. We had to meet up with the wedding studio planner,the photographer, gown testing etc. Mom was more nervous than I. I started my diet journey again. Besides, each time I backed to my hometown, dad will bring me to visit my grandpa. Grandpa didn't know he was on cancer fighting, each time he asked I will lie to him, saying that he will be okay and recover after finished all of his appointment and injections from hospital. Dad was very worried about grandpa's health, he was thinner and I was sad to see grandpa in such bad condition. Thank God, he was cheerful everyday. The priest will come for house visiting and pray for him.

September night was fulled with phone calls. Grandpa fell down when he was trying to walk to his bed. He was shocked and mom drove hims to hospital. Dad and brother rushed to hospital. The night was long and scary. Brother told me grandpa seems to die soon. Heartbeat was stronger than ever. Soon after, he wasn't able to walk. Dad came to my pharmacy and bought some rehab for grandpa. Supplements and home care was arranged and given to grandpa. Uncles and aunties applied long leaves, by planed, by car or by bus, one by one came back to visit grandpa. We all knew very well, grandpa was very old and need support from us. Mom will send pork with oyster porridge to him every week. After grandpa tasted, he will phone to by mom thank her and praise her delicious cook. Mom was very happy. I had my pre-wedding photo shooting too. It was tiring.

October, again dad, mom and brother was busy back and forth from hospital. Grandpa cannot passed urine. He became very anxious and barely able to walk. Dad bought more supplements and fed grandpa, sometimes he refused to eat. It was the month I last visited him at his house before he was admitted to hospital for 2weeks and again back to hospital. During my visits, he will immediately asked my aunties to make him a bowl of oat with Glucerna milk powder. Sipping fast from the bowl, and then gulping all into his stomach. Aha... he told me he wanted to walk without the walking cane. No choice but to lie and give him hopes, I told him as long as he willing to eat, he will recover. I told him he must try his best to eat even with no appetite, then only he will be alright and able to attend my wedding on December. The impact after he felt on floor was huge but no one realized because we was not told. Actually he had internal bleeding in his brain, which leads him unable to talk. He was in great pain. Still he sang songs and prayed to The Mighty Lord, I believe he found peace and comfort from that. During his time in hospital, hubby bought me a new phone, I received updated from uncles and aunties who took care of grandpa in hospital every single day. I'm happy to receive watsapp update but the sadness grew stronger each day.

November angels came, I believed. Grandpa was gone. I managed to see him before he exhaled his last breath. Another funeral was attended by me and parents. Deep in my heart, I will always remember and be grateful for once I had such a nice, loving, caring, thoughtful grandpa who had taken good care of me from baby till I graduated from university. A grandpa who always played with me and my brothers, bought nice food for us, prepared hot water for me to bath each day before headed to school, prepared healthy breakfast for me. He was a good grandpa. I missed him so much.
After a week, I was backed to my hubby's place. I worked and started to prepare my wedding. I feel heart broken each time I think about grandpa.

December, exactly the month for me to get marry. After 6years of relationship, 1.5years of engagement, I got married to a man who I loved and love who I am. Relatives came back Malaysia attending my wedding. I was very happy, sigh, grandpa not managed to wait and see I got married. This year, dad took us for family trip in Penang. I cherished every second of this trip.

Flashback 2013, it was indeed a year full with happiness and grievance. I gain and I lost, someone I truly loved. Appreciate people around us, spare sometime for them instead of keep yourself loaded with works, because by the day they gone, it will be a forever farewell. Care about the old ones, parents, siblings and let them know how much you love them.

Well, that's all for my 2013 recap. How's yours? I bet everyone will have their up and down moment. Just keep moving on, that's how's life should be. As we aged gracefully, we became wiser, we care more and we love more.