Review: Kiehl's Skin Rescuer

Did you see or notice any visible signs of stress on skin? Well, you might be wondering, what are they so that you can check on yourself. I'm not a skin specialist nor guru, but these are what I understand and I try my best to interpret into words.

  1. Skin Fatigue - skincare doesn't seems to work as what it promised or your skin doesn't seems to eat up the nutrients provide from skincare products
  2. De-hydration - skin dries out and form flakes/ peeling. Lack of dehydration will make us more prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will loose its elasticity and less bouncier
  3. Blotchiness - discoloration on skin/ pigmentation/ blot of dry parts on skin
  4. Redness - when it comes to redness, it normally relates with inflammation/ sensitivity 

I bought the skin rescuer awhile back. So here's are my thoughts.

Not to mentioned Kiehl's packaging anymore, I like the simple, practical, travel friendly packaging.

The below 2 attachments from Kiehl's website:

The ingredients sounds so amazing and it has been scientifically tested. I've been using the products awhile but is sort of on and off using it. Hmmm, I kind of reluctant to use this during the day time. I find the texture is a little too thick for my preferences.

Even though the SA and in the website it claimed to be light weight, I still find it is a thicker cream.
Sorry to tell, the texture is really thick. I only use 1 -2 pumps max. It is thick but not creamy, so it's hard to spread onto the skin. I only get to use the products 1-2 per week during the night time because up to date, I don't like it at all, yes, I don't. It might be me or the products itself, I'm not sure. But for me, it is too thick (major reason), thicker than the ultra facial cream and this clogged my pores. Each time I use it for a week before got my facial session, my beautician will say : ''My goodness, what you've been using lately?"

From the ingredients used, it is majorly soothes the redness and dry patches. It doesn't hydrate my skin at all, it soothes my dry patches because it contains glycerin, squalene, chamomile  but it doesn't increase the water level on my skin. It serves more like a protective barrier, prevents further dehydration from the skin. As for the soothing part, yes, it soothes my redness, I can't lie on this part, my redness has been reduced after used.

I don't recommend this for anyone who have oily combination skin. It suits for dry to drier skin types. I'm still trying my best and looking for alternatives way to finish up the whole bottle. Layering with other hydrating serum and toner might work but still have to beware of clogged pores issue.

Price: RM145/75ml
Where to buy: Kiehl's outlet
Repurchase: No

I don't find it helps my skin, not the hero for my skin at this moment. I'm living in tropical country, I stay nearby the sea and island, I need something hydrating instead of only thick in texture. After use, I still experiencing visible signs of stress on skin. Ultimately, no matter what scientists said I'm just a normal human being, I do know not everything suits everyone and every skin.

By the way, always learn from experience, I truly believe, a more practical way to reduce visible signs of stress on skin are to set a healthy lifestyle, eat more fruits that rich in anti-oxidant, don't stress yourself too much, just don't sweat the small matter and be happy!

All in all, I don't recommend this product. It just not the cup of my tea. I would like to know what do you think about this products IF you've tried it before. Maybe people in snowing country will like this, I'm not sure. I hope my review helps by giving readers an idea about how the products work for me, it is not a perfect review, but it is just my 2 cents of it.

Happy Sunday! I'm off for Chinese New Year Shopping!

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