36, 37, 38 weeks

Hello there, time flies, I can't believe my little baby will be born soon. Nothing too special happened between weeks 36, 37 and 38. My weight has been increasing a lot but in a very consistent pace, which I think is good.

Sorry as I really not in the mood to take any pregnancy photos for those week but I think, let's hope, I will take a few more picture just before my delivery date. I've had all my things packed, which I think is really important to get myself ready for any labor symptoms occur.

My legs swelling is getting me nuts because it hurts around the ankles each time I tried to touch it or hubby tried to massage it. That kind of pain is like the aftermath effect after a tough battle. Even if I put on a good pair of compression stocking, my legs still swell. So, my shoes size increase from size 38 to size 40. Well, I guess probably because the delivery date is getting nearer and nearer.

Other than that, I'm officially become a penguin. I walked like a penguin, first of all my body is getting heavier each week and sometimes, I feel like my baby almost coming out from my V. Next, when I sit for a certain period and the moment I tried to stand up my back bone (if that make sense) hurts. So, everything need to be in a very, very slow motion. Even walking down the stairs I need to be extra careful, make sure my eyes and legs worked co-coordinately.

Skin changes... Hmm, I started to have little zits around my chin, not severe but it feels like I'm prone to clog pores these few weeks. The skin around my tummy also stretched out a lot which makes me very itchy and uncomfortable. I've been layered my tummy with oils, lotions, cream etc... but at the end it feels really dry and flakes. The stretch marks also seem to develop non-stop. I even use shower oil during my shower and sometimes, I just shower without using anything, just water, yet my effort is still in vain.

The appointment in clinic also increase from monthly--> every 2 weeks--> weekly. Yesterday I weighted at 84.5kg, increase 1 kg from last week and baby is around 3.173kg increase around 100g from last week. Today I'm officially enter my week 39. Exciting but like all new mom, I'm very anxious with the labor thing. Oh God....

Wakilala - Solution for Dark Armpits

Ahhhh... dark armpits! I think it looks really " not nice '' especially for people who likes to wear sleeveless clothing. But then, nobody wants to have dark armpits, so here comes the wakilala!

I was introduced this brand long time ago, I used this before and the result is very clear and almost instant. Some pregnant lady tend to have darker armpits, well, I'm one of them. Few weeks ago, when I was trying to remove a toothpaste stained on my glass mirror, I noticed my armpits looks so dark and it horrified me. I quickly tell my hubby and I showed him my dark armpits, yes, hubby is so straight forward too. He told me my armpits look so dark and dirty as if I'm never wash my armpit at all during my shower. Oh dear...

The next day, I went to Sasa and bought a set of wakilala, a tube of exfoliating cream and a bottle of armpit toner. I went home happily and immediately popped into shower AGAIN!

So, I applied the exfoliator onto my dry armpits and massage it gently for few minutes, then, add some tap water and massage it for another few seconds. Later on, I went for shower. Using a cotton pad, apply the armpit toner, apply onto the dark area, more like rubbing of the dark stain at my armpits.
Have a look on the cotton pad, yucks! the dirt on my armpit was transferred to the cotton pad.  Well, I would say the exfoliator and the armpit toner works really well also it deodorize any body odour too.

I have been using it for weeks now, the results is good but because the main cause of having dark armpits is due to pregnancy pigmentation I only hope it reduces the appearance of dark armpits instead of getting back my fair armpits. Haha... too much information!  Some people will have darker bikini lines too, and this can be used around the bikini area too.

All in all, I really enjoy using this Wakilala set. It doesn't mean this set targeted consumer must have dark armpits/ bikini line, those who have body odour can use this too because it smells really clean and fresh. Unlike other deodorant in the market, which actually blocks your sweat glands to keep you smell good, but this actually works like a sterilizer, killing/removing the smelly bacteria from your armpit surface to keep you fresh. At the end of the day, you'll still sweat, but with nice smell.

My Pregnancy Skincare

Good morning.... I think for being able to wake up early in the morning feel so amazing. I know that are days that I dragged my body out of the bed and feel terrible too. Anyway, I hope today will be a productive day for me. 

Getting into pregnancy during my 1st trimester, well, my skin feel so dry which I ended up signing a lot of intensive hydration treatment for my skin because my face feel itchy and flakes. Later on, when I entered my 2nd trimester my skin condition become better and people starts to give some good compliments on my skin condition even I've no makeup on or only have a touch of powder and eyebrow powder. However, when I entered my 3rd trimester (currently week 37) my skin gets oily easily and with little red spots (acne), also it is so true that pregnant lady got skin pigmentation easily.  Anyway, I'm enjoying the whole pregnancy process because who doesn't get excited to be a momma!

Let's see what I've for my cleansing routine...

1. Cellnique Vital Repair Cleansing Milk - since I don't really put on tons of makeup I think using this makeup remover will be just fine for my skin. I like how it smells very vanilla and coconut -ish. Pump out as a lotion to cream texture and apply all over the face. Gently massage to remove any dirts then rinse of with water or use a cleansing towelette. I like how gentle it is but I definitely wouldn't recommend for people who have heavy makeup.

2. Aveeno Brightening Cleanser - this is a drugstore products and smells so nice. I like how the liquid cleanser looks, very fine shimmery and glowy. Normally I use 1-2 pumps, mix with water and massage onto my face. It is very gentle and not to drying. I always have issue with drugstore cleanser because most of them makes my skin feels too dry and flakes, glad that this works. Also, it has a brightening effects, so it is great for dull and spotted skin.  Somehow, I don't think it has any significant brightening effect on me.

3. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser - this stuff is amazing. I mean if your budget is there, try this, you'll never regret of getting it. It foams up nicely but most important is, it doesn't stripped your skin. For those who has sensitive or dry skin, this will be something nice to have. It doesn't have any fragrance too. I will get the large tube after this little freebies ran out.

4. Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub - when your skin is dull a good facial is very helpful, but no one will have that much of time and money to visit a beauty salon regularly. I think this facial scrub is super gently and the little exfoliating bits is so fine. I mean, you certainly feel it but really not to be too worry that you'll over exfoliate your skin. It has the same smell like the Aveeno brightening cleanser. Some people like to use it daily, I don't see it will give any problems if use it daily but myself, I prefer to use it once or twice per week.

5. St.Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub - compare this one to the Aveeno scrub, this is way hard core. The bits are definitely bigger and grainier which is always more suitable to be used once a week or every two weeks. I like to use this in my deep cleansing routine which I will top up with a hydrating mask later on. Because the grains are very big, it is very easy to over scrub or hurt the skin if used too often. My face always feels amazingly soft and smooth after using this. And a drugstore product normally wouldn't hurt your wallet that much! 

Next, move to my toner, serum, lotion and eye care. I try to keep my skincare as simple as possible because I'm really not in the mood to spend tons of my times putting this and that on my skin... but it doesn't mean I don't care about my skin. I think a good skincare is keep things simple but choose those that works well and suits for your current skin needs.

After my cleansing routine, these are what I use for my skin =]

1. Kose Moisture Skin Repair - this is the 1st thing to use after my cleansing routine. Apply this onto clean, dry face before toner. It helps to increase the hydration level of skin, keeping it soft and supple. Normally I use 1 to 2 pumps and apply it all over, then top up with toner or face mist.

2. Kose Sekkisei Toner - mine is the Save the Blue environmental friendly edition, 2pumps onto cotton pads and wipe all over the face, then use the other side, pat in the remaining toner. This toner is light and cooling which makes my skin feels very nice and soothes. Sekkisei toner is also famous for its brightening effects. I don't really worry using toner like this because the ingredients are mainly chinese herbs. Sometimes, I soaks my cotton pads or a plain cotton face mask sheets with this toner and leave it on for 5mins. It brightening effects is very obvious and my skin temperature instantly decrease!

3. Kose Infinity Protective White XX - this bottle only consist of 40ml essence. Well, I think it works more like a serum which I use this after my toner. It has a runny texture, white in color and smell like most of the Kose Infinity products. I only use this during night time because I find the texture is slightly moist for day use, especially hot days. It claims to reduce pigmentation and dark spots, well,  as a pregnant lady and my pigmentation just pop out here and there, it is very hard for me to justify whether this really helps or not. But, I can certainly tell, my pigmentation is there but hardly noticeable after I put on my sunscreen and a thin layer of face powder. Also, the area of my pigmentation is spotty not patches.

4. Kose Infinity Serum Complete I - this is the moisturizer. I think this works very well during the night time. I think it is moist enough for my skin during the night time, not too oily and keep my skin really soft and smooth to the touch. Half pump and rub between my palms before apply onto my face. This is be nice for people who have dry to combination skin but certainly not suitable for people with oily skin because it might be too rich/ overly moist. If the weather is cold and dry it can be used during the day, but in my country, I don't think it will feel that comfortable to use as a day time moisturizer. So, I only use this during the night.

5. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer - oh my, my skin loves this so much! It truly keeps my skin hydrated but look fresh and clean. I think for those who have acne prone skin, this moisturizer will work just nice too. Very good skincare product for my current skin condition and budget friendly! I plan to buy another tube to use during my upcoming confinement.

6. 1st Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller - this little glass tube comes with 8.5ml. First of all, I'm used to my Kose eye jelly as my eye area skincare and it has been so long that I didn't get hook up with any eye roller. When you wake up constantly during the night, running in and out from the toilet, I bet you the little panda will never leave your eyes. True! the next day, not only you look and size like a panda you also have puffy little CUTE eyes! So, I think this eye roller really helps my puffy eyes because the roller itself has a cool tingling effect for the eye area the massage effects also helps a lot too. This is a very small handy tube so I consider it to be travel friendly too. The liquid itself looks slightly shimmery but after apply the liquid just sink into the skin nicely and non sticky at all.

Overall, these are my little pregnancy skincare sets and reviews. Hopefully it will give some idea for mom-to-be. Just remember, pregnancy is a very enjoyable process, no matter how tired you are, do not forget to take care of you skin. The products that you use doesn't need to be high end/ expensive, as long as it works and suits your skin, just go for it. Just make sure it is safe for pregnancy will do.

Have a nice day!

Leg Rescuer: Mama Bee Leg & Foot cream

Having swollen legs during the late pregnancy is normal but it will always be nice if there's something to be there to help sort out the problems.

During me late 2nd trimester I noticed I've slight, just very slight swollen legs which mainly targeted around the ankles and a little sore at my calf, but it was bearable. I'm very cautions with products that I'm going to use, so I searched and watched some Youtube videos, most people recommend Burts Bee and good to know that it is made from naturals ingredients. So, I ordered a tube of Mama Bee leg & foot cream. It has a mixture of reviews from internet but because I'm so eagerly to make my legs and feet feel better, I placed my order.

The scent is very fresh sort of minty and upon application it feels cool and nice. It comes out as a white thick cream and all you have to do is rub onto your swollen legs, ankles... wherever you need it. I really enjoy the cool, tingling sensation, around 5mins later, I will put on my compression stockings and off to bed.

Oh well, there are days where I only put on cream and have a good thorough massage around my calf, ankles and feet. It always feel nice after having a good massage around the legs. Some people even recommend to put a pillow under your leg before bed, which sort of lift the legs higher than usual so that the swelling can be reduced. Also, some people choose to soak their legs with warm water. The water should above your ankles and if possible fill the water until your knee and have your legs soak for 5-10mins with temperature around 40celcius. Anyway, if I'm just a housewife, I think I would really spend the time enjoy myself with all these but working is always tired especially if you're entering the final stage of your pregnancy.
So, after shower, I just rub the cream onto my legs, easy peasy!

I think using a compression stockings during your pregnancy really helps, especially for those lady who prone to have veriscous veins, swollen legs, overweight or those whose work requires a lot of walking and standing. I only use it during night time because I'm worried of the veins issues and also to reduce the swelling. There are a lot of brands and length in the market, somehow, I just prefer the length starts from my knee till my feet, personally I think it is easier to wear and I feel more comfortable with the shorter length.

Now, if your legs sore and swelling way too much, do visit your doctor and get advice from them. I hope my little sharing helps and have a nice motherhood journey!

Prenatal Supplements


These 3 supplements are the main which I have everyday. I took Pharmaton Matruelle since the beginning when I started to plan for pregnancy. One thing I really like about it is 1 capsule for everything. Well, sometimes, especially those busy days, it is quite hard to be compliance and consistently to have your supplements. I do miss out a day or two too. I will take 1 capsule right after I have my breakfast which I think is the best way to prevent miss out pill again. Aha~

During the night time, I will have 2 tablets of Moo (calcium) tablets before bed. This is a tricky one because when I'm too tired, all I can remember is the bed and Zzzzz.  Before I started to take calcium tablet, especially at the beginning of pregnancy, my legs tend to cramp a lot but after taking some calcium pills all things get better. Less body ache and less sore legs. Another thing is, it is made from milk instead of calcium carbonate which normally found from shells.

When I entered my 3rd trimester, my OB-GYN advised to add on fish oil which is very important for baby's brain development. Normally, I take the fish oil together with my prenatal multivitamins and have a chewable vitamin C. Fish oil can be very stinky sometimes which makes me want to vomit. 

All these 3 supplements are still recommended by my doctor as postnatal supplements especially if you are still breastfeeding.

Other than the 3 supplements above, my cousin sister is kind enough for sending me the pregnacare vitamins from UK. I tried it for 45days, so far so good. I think it will be good to take this during your early pregnancy because the content doesn't include omega/DHA. So, if you're in your 3rd trimester, you can always add on a capsule of fish oil (get those specially for pregnancy)!

Talking about the content from Pregnacare and Pharmaton Matruelle, a healthcare professional told me selenium plays an important role keeping the mother and little one from overly stressed. I, myself agreed very much with this fact. Also, selenium will reduce the risk of miscarriage too. 

Overall, I hope my little sharing helps. Have a nice day! Currently in week 36... weeeee~~

35 weeks

Entering week 35th makes me feel so excited but I started to feel anxious on certain things. 

Well, lets talk about physical changes. This week, I do really notice swelling on my feet and a slight numb sensation when I wake up or walk down the stairs. Not to very serious but I can feel it, so the Burts Bee Mama Bee foot cream come up for help for the time being.

Skin changes, more and more dark spots on my face and even my armpit and inner tight looks dark and dull. People said the dark spots on face will go off eventually after give birth and it is normal to have dark spots and skin looks dull and dark. Anyway, I bought my trusted Wakilala set last week from Sasa, so far it has been working quite nicely. At least, I saw some improvement on the pigmentation around my armpit. Shame!!!  As for my face, I just stick with my usual skin care regime because I'm so not in the mood with all these skincare and makeup stuffs at this moment.

Energy level, oh gosh, I think I nap almost everyday for an hour. Once my body touches the bed and pillow I just fell asleep. Even right now, 12.36pm, just afternoon, I already feel tired and sleepy. Today, I woke up at 9am doing nothing but boiling a big ceramic bowl of white fungus sweet soups for tea break. Energy level is low and got tired very easily although I only do a little bit of things. Hmm... which makes me even anxious on the preparation of hospital bags and baby stuffs.
Somehow, not all seems to be negative. I'm glad I have a good night sleep other than toilet visit during early morning or middle of the night. Sleeping side way definitely makes me feel better and less suffocating. As usual my nose blocked every single day for nothing, I don't sneeze but it just blocked! It goes off after 15-20mins after I off to bed. Also, the side that I sleep tends to have more pillow than my hubby. 2 pillows for my head, 1 small pillow for my face, 1 rectangular pillow for my tummy, 1 regular pillow for my feet, 1 bolster for my back and etc... Holy molly! One main reason why I need so many pillows because it makes the bed feel cozier and softer. I also need a pillow between my leg, I feel my muscle between my V area pain every single morning and once I stand up, I can hear bones cracking sound. Oh dear, I feel like an old granny!

By the way, I weighted at 81.5kg last Friday and baby at 2.53kg. Looking forward for next Friday OB-GYN visit. I walked like a penguin too. Many people advise me to walk more because it helps the delivery later. Some claim that my tummy looks huge whereas some think it looks cute. Huh... sometimes their compliment can be quite annoying for me. Oh well, too busy body I supposed.

I still left some bits and bops to purchase and to pick up, baby clothes, baby bed sheets, pillow cases to wash, bag to pack to be done. " Finger cross'' I can get all these done latest by next Sunday... hopefully things got ready without stressing myself too much.

29,30,31,32,33,34 weeks

 the most awkward position of taking photo (>.<)
taken during week 32th 

Ohhh... time flies and I'm getting really nervous but excited at the same time. Baby is growing and is moving sporadically these days. Despite of that, I also done a little bit of baby shopping which is so enjoyable. We'll touch to that in some other post. Besides, I'll be posting my pregnancy photo regularly the for the weeks to come.Getting into 3rd trimester feels like reaching target soon.... uhhhh.

One thing for sure is I'm getting tired easily these days. Also, I tend to feel hungry easily too. My appetite is good but I can eat up that much of food already because it is either making me feel too full or trigger stomach discomfort such as acid reflux and burping and indigestion problems. So, small and frequent meal is the best for the time being.

I'm craving for sweet things especially desserts a lot. Since I'm having gestational diabetes, I got slightly worried too. Anyway, when the cravings hit, I just need to eat the cakes and donuts, Man, it feels so good! but later on, I got to control my carbohydrates intake and poke my fingers to ensure my sugar level stays within the limit. hmm~

Well, for stretch marks, I don't know whether this is the genetic thing or what but I starts to have little strokes of stretch marks under my stomach. It is not nice at all! Although I have been using anti stretch marks cream and lotion twice daily, at the end, I still got to deal with it. Anyway, it is not a big issue.

Oh, any mom-to-be has the similar problem like I do? I pee on my panties few times when I cough or sneeze. Oh dear, it is really embarrass, but it is really hard to control not to accidentally pee on it. I feel want to pee all the time even if I had just finish the business in toilet.

Talking about sleep position, I used to sleep flat till week 31-32 ish? Well, I can't sleep in that 'comfy' position now, my whole body hurts the next day and I feel like I'm suffocating in the middle of night. I'm either lying on my left or right side or both side, depends how my baby wriggles, any side that both of us feels really comfortable. Visiting the toilet before bed is always very helpful because it ensures me a good rest. Normally, I will only need to visit the toilet somewhere around 6am or 7am OR if it were good enough, I can awake somewhere around 8-9am..Wee, happy mood!

Some people started to have restless leg syndrome (RLS) around 29weeks, but glad to tell, I don't. I have pain butt syndrome most of the time once entered this 3rd trimester. It gets so obvious when I got to sit patiently during Sunday service in church which I got to sit at the same spot for almost 2hours... oh, my butt just move a lot! to the left and to the right. Now, week 34th I started to feel the RLS. I noticed a minor swelling on my both legs, not to obvious but it is noticeable. I'm glad the Burts Bee MamaBee foot cream come to the rescue. Then, with the help of compression stocking, my legs feel much better the next day. I try not to stand or walk too much during working hour because I'm worried of thrombosis. Other than that, I think everything move on nice and smoothly! Thank God!

27 weeks & 28 weeks

Entering week 27th was so tiring and I feel hot all the time. Besides putting on more and more loose fitting clothing, I also enjoyed mingling around in shopping mall only when the crowd aren't too pack. Sometimes, I experience back pain when I've been sitting too long doing all my never ending paper works. Also, it hurts my butt too and I will want to have a short walk to ease the almost numb butt. When I sit in yoga post, my legs and feet got numbed and all I can do to help myself is to sit and gently massage my leg. Thankfully, I still haven't experience any restless legs syndrome (RLS) 'yet'.

Talking about my appetite, gosh, I eat 6times per day because I feel hungry all the time, or my stomach just been way too efficient in digesting all the food that I've consumed. I also feel dehydrated easily especially after awake from a mid night pee. I literally drinks a lot of water, probably half of my 1.5L water bottle and back to sleep. Oh, I enjoy things that cooked with tomatoes, especially the bolognese sauce, yummy!

Time flies, entering week 28th I started to feel pain every time I wake up in the morning, not sure is due to long time lying on bed or the muscle stretched. Doctor told me it is the round ligament pain but seriously, it is very uncomfortable. I feel like I wake up like an old lady in a very clumsy way @.@"""
Also, I really can't stand for too long in a same posture, it hurts my legs especially my calf. Somehow, things are very different when I walked for about 20mins doing my jobs, it feels better, weird! Oh, week 28th is also means I'm entering 3rd trimester. Let me tell you, the morning sickness issue appears again. Awww, not that I want to vomit but I sometimes feel like my stomach can't digest my breakfast which makes me want to throw up. So, I will have some chewable kiddy vitamin c 100mg or I will have some probiotics or culture drink such as Yakult or Vitagen.

Baby is 1.35kg on week28 day 6, I feel so happy and excited to see my little baby growing. Ouch, I also got injected with my pregnancy1st Tetanus, my arms swells for about a week, it feels more like muscle sore. I will be injected with my 2nd Tetanus by the end of Sept too and do a vaginal swab to check if there's any Gram positive Streptococcus (GBS). Oh, I weight 77.5kg too, no wonder I begin to walk like a penguin some days. One more thing, I'm very into organic guava these days, it helps my toilet business too.

Lunch Ideas for Gestational Diabetes

 Here are some lunch ideas for gestational diabetes. I'm not a good cook but these food are just really easy to prepare and the ingredients are easy to find too. I'm not going to share the recipe because these food were prepared by a very good friend of mine.
I told my gym coach that I have gestational diabetes, and I told her what I want to eat, so she helped me made lunch plan for 2weeks now. I'm very thankful to have such a wonderful and helpful friend. She is the cook behind these yummy lunches. I'm the pregosaurous that eat them ... haha

-stir fry macaroni with mushrooms
- mushroom soup with wholegrain garlic bread
- grill chicken thigh
- vege skewer (aubergine, pumpkin, capsicum)

- chia seed pudding with soy milk (add gelatin to solidify) and nata de coco
- cashew nuts with pumpkin seeds
- corns and carrot

 -wholemeal long bread with olives, vege, mayonnaise and tumeric chicken (add on any vege you like)
- stir fry spinach 
- grill salmon
- brown rice
- steam broccoli and carrot
- sweet sour tomatoes, corn, carrot and tofu

 - wholemeal bread with eggs, mayonnaise, coral lettuce, turmeric chicken, tomatoes and olives
- wholegrain garlic bread with thick mushroom soup
- chia pudding with soy milk
- corns and carrot

- tuna tortilla wrap
- baked potatoes
- apple and carrot coleslaw
- strawberry and banana smoothie
 yummy grill chicken ! finger licking good...
even my baby feel very happy after I had my lunch!
- strawberry yogurt
- oat, banana and cranberry energy balls

25 weeks & 26 weeks

 **Ahem, tired face ** just woke up from afternoon nap. 

Hello dear, I've been really tired and slacking in blogging for the pass weeks.  Works and life has been busy too and I think I napped a lot too. Oh my!

Well, week 25th I started to feel slight sore on my leg and feet not that I stand or walk a lot but it just felt that way. I need a good massage almost every night from my hubby on my legs before bed. Other than that, I also started to crave for bakeries and western breakfast. It was really weird and funny because I'm really not a person who has sweet tooth nor choosy with my food, but now, I really do. I like egg tarts and sugary donuts, it was sort of a comfort food and I just felt really good after had them. Although it might cause my blood sugar to spike, I just really need to eat it. Haha!
Talking about the movement, it has been increased sporadically. Hubby and I are so happy and excited. Hubby played a lot of classical music for our baby before bed. My working shift for that week 25th was slightly short but I was on evening shift 2pm-10pm or 4pm-10pm, but man, it was still quite tiring. Basically I was on stand by mode to take over any shift at any branch that lack of staffs. Not fun at all! I can't plan anything because I might on any shift suddenly. Moody....
Oh, and I started my healthy menu on week 25th too. Will share it in coming post, pink promise!

So, entered week 26th, my colleague went for her maternity. I'm so glad she gave birth to a baby girl at 3.3kg, strong women! Now, my turn to take over her job while she is away for 2months. My working hour changed again, not only myself but my whole body too, started to feel confuse, especially during the 1st day, I felt so tired and grumpy. A week passes by, I'm getting more used to the new working shift which is basically Mon-Sat 9.30pm-5.30pm. So far so good I guess.
I started to awake more and more during the night because of the sleeping position that cause my backbone feel really uncomfortable and sore. Later on I will awake between 6am-7am just to pee and drink water and fall asleep again till 8.30am. I also need supper before bed now because I'm hungry most of the time. Shh, I'm around 77.5kg now, completely no idea what my doctor will response later on.
Besides, everyday is summer day for me. I don't know because the weather has been really hot and humid these days or myself feel really hot all the time. I need air-cond  all the time and if I didn't, I feel as I'm going to faint. This happen almost everyday up to today.

Regarding the sore legs, I think my feet swell a little bit? not sure but will continue to monitor for few more days because my shoes felt tight. I begin to wear my compression stocking again. I got the compression stocking under my knees and it really guarantee a good night sleep, at least not that much of awake compare to previous week. About my sitting position, I need to have frequent break every now and then because the entire muscle of my back feel terrible sore as if I had many hours of gym workout. Oh !

I think, that's my update for week 25th and 26th. Hmm, really sorry for the lack of blogging. I need to have a good time management again. ** both hand covers face **
Today is Sunday and I'm entering my week 27th with happy face. I had a good 2hours nap just now with a lot of sweat because today is damn hot. Hubby on air-cond for me before he went to work. I had a bath and now what..... I'm thinking about what to eat for dinner later on. Haha... pregosaurous!

24 weeks

I'm so thankful to God for every wonderful things He has given to me. This month doctor visit done and will have another checkup on week 28, very excited!
Little baby grows so fast these days and it is so true, the more I'm approaching my 3rd semester, I started to feel tired and exhausted again this week. I also starts to feel slightly out of breath when I'm in a rush whether at work or climb stairs. My hubby always imitates the way I sound and breath and most of the times, it turns out into laughter.

This week, I started to eat more smaller meal because I think I've some digestion issues. I tend to hiccups after my meal, then I have some discomfort like acid reflux  and burps. So, other than taking my prenatal supplements, I also top up 2 sachets of probiotics powder after my lunch. You know what, I feel very hungry later on but in order to control my blood sugar, I will snack on some fruits, bread and etc.

Talking about the bump, I'm still able to fit in some of my clothes (XL) in size of course. But I also realize the front of blouses and T-shirts tends to lift up a lot, so I've placed 2 orders from Asos maternity, hopefully it will reach soon. As for pants, I think the yoga type maternity pants feel the best, they are very stretchable and soft. Hmm, I will do maternity clothes post once I received my Asos order and go more in depth about the clothing part.

As for sleep, I starts to sleep on my side more and more. I think when I lying on bed flatly, my back sores even if I've put pillows under my leg, it just doesn't as comfortable as I hope it would be. Good thing, I'm still able to sleep throughout the night and only got up to pee around 6-7am. I also starts to feel slightly difficult to get myself out from bed because I'm getting heavier and clumsier. At certain days, I also have some weird nightmare and I'll awake for many hours with eyes blinking and envy how soundly my hubby can sleep. During my off day I tend to nap for hours and for my evening work shift, I'll ensure myself to have at least 15mins nap, which I think rejuvenates me a lot.

Few days ago, the weather was very bad, it rains and it feels really cold and hardly see any sunshine. There are also days that felt like heatwave and making me feel so tired and headache. I took some photos during sunny days and it just cheers me up .

snacks before off to work!

Drugstore Cleansing Items: NIVEA Creme Care Line & Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser

1. Nivea Daily Essentials Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash
I spotted this newbie when I was walking around in my local drugstore, I don't really use drugstore products unless I've read good reviews about them or I'm really in the mood to try out something new. Since my skin feels quite dry these days, I decided to try the cream wash. Well, it was totally my mistake, I never thought this is a cleansing cream. I thought it is a face wash because my eyes and brain was so focus on the cream wash thingy. So, I follow the instruction, wet my face and neck, then massaged the cleansing cream all over my face and rinse off with lukewarm water.
Unlike other cleansing cream I've tried which need to be tissue-off, this just rinse off easily with water. Wow, I am really surprise because it leaves my skin feels really soft and comfortable. Anyway, I still think this would be good if I'm on really light makeup such as sunscreen and little bit of face powder.
Besides, I also experienced a light tingling sensation when I massage it onto my face, not really sure because of the ingredients or my sensitive skin. Although the tingling is very mild, it didn't make my skin turn red or itchy.

2. Nivea Daily Essentials Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes 25's
I don't know it is just me or most of us, I got really lazy with using cleansing oil these days. When I'm off from work, especially if I'm on evening or afternoon shift I reached home around 10.30pm. Gosh, all I want is food and a good bath that is really quick and hassle free. Now, it makes sense that I reached cleansing wipes more and more rather than using cleansing oil, get it emulsified, bla bla bla.... Still, I'm very concern with my cleansing routine. So, I will use the Nivea Cleansing cream wash all over my face, then, I will take a piece of wipes to remove all the cleansing cream and makeup. I only use very light makeup such as sunscreen, face powder, blush and eye brow pencil. Then, I wash the wipes with water and using the same wipes, wipe my face again and again. I'm impressed with the quality, the wipe is really thick but soft and able to reuse for 3-4times. I wash it with water again and again, it still in a good condition. But then, I only use 1 wipes for 1 cleansing session. Highly recommend this and I'm going to repurchase this soon.

3. Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser
After all the cleansing cream and wipes, I will pour out a descent amount to cleanser, massage all over my face and using the same wipes (after wash with water), wipe off the cleanser. This cleanser is very gentle for people who have flaky skin or sensitive skin. It doesn't lathers nor has any scent. After that, I will splash with tons of water to ensure my face is thoroughly cleanse. Then, I'm ready for my shower.

We Have Movements

image: Pinterest

Oh yeah... this is very exciting. During each monthly appointment I got my baby scan and see the baby wriggle inside my tummy is such an enjoyment. Dr said we will not feel the baby movement yet until week 16 or so. Some women may experience it as early as week 16, but some may experience it in weeks later, it is all depends on the mother size and also how big the baby has been growing.

At week 16, I felt a very light movement, mostly like a fish swimming inside your tummy or some bubbling gas, well it feels quite awkward actually but you'll get used to it. Which mommy doesn't gets excited with their beloved baby moving around inside their tummy? 

At week 17, the movement become stronger and more prominent, I feel really happy and blessed too. So hubby and I started to play Disney songs for baby, well, I think baby likes and reacts towards the music and tempo, very interesting!

Each day, I will make sure I feel my baby moving around in my tummy. Baby also reacts towards animals sounds such as dogs barking, duckling quacking etc. It is really funny. And during early morning, when I got hungry, not sure, or maybe the little ones is hungry, baby will kick, asking me to wake up and eat something. I think baby enjoys spicy and sour food because every times when I had those food, baby moves A LOT! 

As the tummy grows, I put on more loose clothes especially dresses instead of pants. Sometimes, the pants sit right under my belly and it is really uncomfortable and hurts too. During my off day, I will wear blue Batik dress make with 100% rayon. Let me tell you, it is super duper comfy and airy. Days when I need to work, I will either wear dress or a loose blouse with stretchable maternity pants. Hubby even bought me granny types of maternity panties, which I laughed so much when I first got it. It doesn't look like granny when I put them on.  

Feeling the baby movements is so overwhelming. I can't wait for my 24th week scan next week. Wee....

The Pregosaurous Myths

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Hello, today I thought of share some of the pregnancy myths the was told by granny, in-laws, aunties, friends. So, things get really superstitious especially when it deals with pregnancy in family and I'm not sure if this only happens in an Asian family. Sometimes, we as a newer generation think that it is just the old superstition spread from ancestors but then, it can get really funny and annoying too.
I know, moms will always say... bla bla bla, it is for the sake of your baby, and most of the time is either we listen or we ignore it compleeetly. Argh!

Lets see how many of it you've been heard and just laughed if you think it is way, way, way too much!
  •  The most common one, keep the whole pregnancy as a secret till you've pass your 1st trimester, or else, the baby will get angry if you told people earlier. It might lead to miscarriage
  • Do not do gardening, no touch the soil/ plants
  • Do not visit to hospital even if the closest one admitted to hospital
  • Do not eat any food that has been worshiped/ full moon food
  • Do not travel, especially on bumpy roads
  • Do not go to zoo and see the creatures
  • Do not go to cinema and completely avoid horror movies
  • Do not climb on chairs
  • Do not pluck fruits
  • Do not sewing or use scissors
  • Must pun a safety pin on your bra to avoid bad/evil people
  • Do not eat fruits that are cold such as: watermelon, wintermelon, oranges, pears
  • Do not do any renovation around the house, especially your bed room
  • Do listen to musics, drawing, make hand crafts, puzzles (baby will learn and become smarter)
  • Do not go out during rainy days
  • NO SEX
  • Do not attend wedding party/ birthday party
  • Drink more milk and soy milk so that your baby's skin will be fair as snow
  • Look at cute baby photo, baby will be pretty later on
  • Do not drink cold water or cold juice. Stick with warm water
  • Do not go for shopping, maximum 1-2hours
  • Do not eat lamb, baby will get epilepsy
 So, what do you think? For me, some of it should be listened, whereas the rest are really silly and nonsense. However, most of the time, pregnant lady will just follow because we all want the very best for our little baby. Don't you think so?

My Current Glowing Kit

I've received lots and lots of compliments from friends and people I've met on having glowing skin, well I think mainly because of the blushes and face products I've been using religiously these months.
I wouldn't go into too much details on the products but something that has a pinkish sheen such as the Ambient Lighting blushes and powder work really well to enhance your complexion. For lazy days, I will use only the Cellnique sunscreen which I think is amazing. It pumps out as a white pinkish cream but it gives the skin these very nice, glowing and dewy finish. For better coverage I will opt for the BRTC BB cream which has a really lovely jasmine scent. Honestly, it works better than its version of cc cream which feels heavier and ashy look. It is light because I only use tiny pea size for my entire face. Either with or without powder, it still gives my skin a really lovely finished. 

For hotter days, I will use my kabuki brush and swipe on some Rimmel powder for a cleaner, fresher look without looking too powdery as if I just done baking cakes. The Shiseido powder is great too as it is very  light but leaves the skin really smooth but not too matte. Of course, not to forgot the brows, sparse brows will make you look tired. Recently I've been trying the Esperique Precious brow pencils, I think it works really well and my brows look good and very natural.

Of course, I don't use my Hourglass every single day as I'm enjoying trying different brands of blushes and blushes I've mentioned are the ones that I got compliments every single times. MAC blushes are nice especially the ones with satin finish. It leaves a really nice sheen on the cheek as it got mixed with your face oil as time passes by. Benefit Dandelion is lovely too and if you're a beginner with blushes, trust me, you'll never go too abroad with color like this. Also, these shades lean towards warmer shades which suits my yellow undertone very well.

One more thing, my belly is getting bigger and bigger each day, I sometimes feel really tired to put on too much makeup by sitting in front of my mirror putting this and that. So, anything that makes me looks good within 5mins are good to go. Besides, I don't put on eyes shadows, eye liner and mascara too, because for me it is way too troublesome. I would rather get myself more rest than waking up early, waking like a zombie in toilet.

Glowing Kit list as below:
1. Rimmel Stay Matte # translucent
2. Shiseido Sheer & Profect Compact #O20
3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder #Mood Light
4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette #Luminious Flush, #Incandescent Electra, #Mood Exposure
5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush # Diffused Heat
6. Esperique Precious Automatic Brow Pencil #BR300
7. Cellnique Total DayTime Protection SPF30, 50ml
8. BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream SPF 30, 35g
9. MAC Powder Blush # Peaches & Cream (Satin)
10. MAC Powder Blush # Cheeky Burger (Satin)
11. Benefit Powder Box # Dandelion

Mama Whale: 1st Trimester

Many of you may start wondering if this whole blog will become a pregnancy blog or not, I'm telling you now, yes and no. Yes because right now I'm just overwhelmed with this whole wonderful news, and sooner or later this blog will not only share about pregnancy but motherhood, parenting as well as beauty related items.

When I started this blog, I guess I'm only around 19?20? it has been awhile and things like removing this whole blog did cross my mind before. I though whether people are still reading blogs or not, I blog because it is fun and sometimes it is a space to enjoy myself doing all the girly stuffs and share about my recent addictions, making some new friends although many of us don't actually meet each other.

During my 1st trimester, I feel nauseous all the time especially early morning once I awake. I have very sensitive nose that I can sniff or smell anything from far especially the scents that I hate the most. I feel tired all the time and just want to stick with my cozy bed. Mostly because of frequent toilet visit in the middle of night. I hate hot weather too, I would rather freeze myself in air conditioned room with super low temperature. Oh, and I have mood swings too, I get annoyed easily and I 'm very impatient too. I like to nag A LOT, hubby said I'm such an old granny these day. Rawr!

For me 1st trimester is a huge journey and I'm so glad that I'm half way through this pregnancy now. One thing I want to share is I prayed real hard and after that month I tested earlier than my expected period date. You know what, sometimes after certain incident you just want this rainbow baby so hard. I'm glad that God hears my prayer. Hallelujah! The tested result was a very pale double line, so we waited for a week and tested again before we visit to OB/GYN.

I had bleeding during week 6th and I was on medications till for week 14th. I also got injected twice too and area between my but and waist hurt the 2nd shoot. Praying harder and harder to make sure everything will be fine and be very compliance in consuming Prenatal pills, folic acid, calcium and my medicine 3times a day. My working hours also got shorten because I was advised to bed rest more during these important period. Hubby was very protective, so, other than going to work, I was persuaded to stay at home. Basically, it felt like jailed at home. And even if I'm allowed to join the trip to supermarket for shopping I was asked to sit on bench, sniffing the oxygen in shopping mall, waiting others enjoying their shopping. Thinking back all the weeks, I felt so grateful for the love and care God has given to me and my family. When you have trouble, always remember to have faith in God. Do not doubt and do not afraid. This is what I've learn till today and days to come.

Moving to the food part, I crave for salty, sour food most of the time. I remembered, there's this one early morning I awoke and got my teeth brushed, I drove out even though it was drizzling just to buy packets of Nasi Lemak (sss) because I've been craving so badly since yesterday night. I like deep fried fish fillets too, it tastes so good with tartar sauce. I also phoned my mom to cook me yummy soups and foods before she pay me visit just to satisfy my taste bud. Seafood such as prawns which I enjoyed a lot become no so nice simply because of the smell I think. I like corn but each time I ate it, I vomit probably because of indigestion. But things just gets better during 2nd semester.

Looking forward for more mama whale posts soon . tee hee~

Be Gone Itchy Skin

At the very beginning of this mama whale journey, my skins all over the body itch and sometimes it is very nerve wrecking because parts like boobs are getting bigger and it hurts to even just a slight touch. I do scratch my boobs more than my tummy and sometimes when I'm work, I wish I could just grab it out and scratch as hard as I could. TMI (-.-|||) So, getting some body lotions, oil, creams, body butter... anything that works will be my cup of tea. The whole belly growing journey is fun and exciting!

When it comes to body care in pregnancy, I'm very concern with ingredients and always opt for the pregnancy version or natural ingredients because my brain said these items are safer and almost risk free.

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion - this is lotion is scent free and what I do really like about it is the texture. It feels like a thicker, denser type of lotion and absorbs nicely after apply. Sometimes, I just use this all over my body before heading to work. Anything the scent free sooth my sensitive nose.

2. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Spray Lotion for Stretch Marks - I started using this since the beginning of my pregnancy. Most of the Cocoa Butter series smells terrible in my opinion. The cocoa scent just linger around for the whole day and I don't like it at all. Somehow, this spray version has lighter scent and even though there's still a teeny weeny smell, it isn't that strong and bearable. I use this everyday too, especially after morning bath and my tummy, boobies feels nice, I mean, no more itchy skin. Haha~ happy!

3. Burts Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter - another recommended item from fellow bloggers and Youtubers. I even saw it in my pregnancy books to. So, I think this must be something good about it. The label there written 99% natural and infused with shea butter and vitamin E. I think any mom-to-be should try this, it is amazing. It is very thick and creamy but it absorbs so well without leaving any oily residue or glued your skin with your clothes. Sometimes, if my skin itchy and flakes, I will use this on top of my spray lotion and immediately it soothes my skin issue. One more thing, no worries as it wash off easily even without soap and your hands still clean and oil free. yay!

4. Burts Bee Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil with Vitamin E - I bought this to replace my skin itchy oil from Palmer's. The oil is thick and dense, so basically I just smear it all over my skin after shower. It smells like yummy lemon tart, only IF it is edible. If compared with the Palmer's oil, this one feels thicker and of course a little goes a long way but it will leave some stickiness behind. Other than that, it works just nice and skin feels more hydrate after use. Good thing to tell it is 100% natural.

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula For Dry, Itchy Skin - this is a nice oil for dry skin and it contains vitamin E, collagen & elastin. Honestly, I really dislike the cocoa butter scent, it is way to strong and it makes me feel like cocoa pudding. I will say it works better for dry skin and keep the skin super soft and moist. I prefer to use this during night time because the cocoa scent bothers me a lot, no no when I'm going to work. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law use this during their pregnancy and they didn't develop any stretch marks. Anyway, it is a good oil for those who have dry skin, not that you must be a mama whale criteria only allow to use.

All in all, I hope my short reviews helps and if you have any recommendations, please share, it will be great to know more about items that works for itchy skin.

OMG!!! Gestational Diabetes

(image: Pinterest)

Oh my... it was such a relieved when my blood test report showed that everything is normal until last week...
Since my cousin sister just gave birth and telling me that she had gestational diabetes for both of her pregnancy I am always cautions with my food intake, I am so worried that I might have it too. Although our parents didn't have it, our family history, our granny has type II diabetes.

During my monthly appointment with my OB/GYN last Tuesday, I was so surprised to know my blood sugar reading isn't good enough, it was higher 1 unit compared with my previous appointment. Well, I passed my glucose test last month by swallowing the whole cup of freaking concentrated glucose water - yuck! Now, it just turned to the other way round. Dr told me to control my diet and you know what, it seems hard because I feel hungry all the time.

Other than that, when I googled about gestation diabetes, some articles are just way too much. It makes me worried and having weird nightmares. Only few blogs and website are helpful enough by showing tips and tricks, diet menu for gestational diabetes. So, I think the less I google the better it will be for this moment. I've also printed some notes and diet plan too. So far, I think it works pretty good just that I need to be very, very careful with my choices for food.

Thank God that I'm don't have sweet toothed, anything sweets such as ice cream, cookies ,cakes, desserts and etc, I'm glad to tell I've not have any craving for these food yet. The only issue is - I consumed way too much starchy food such as bread, biscuits and rice. So, when I reduced my carbs, I feel so, so hungry till I need to munch something in order to comfort my stomach before I'm able to have a good night sleep. Else, the stomach will just making lots of noises.

Besides, checking my own blood sugar is quite torturing too. At least for now, I'm just very reluctant to poke my own finger for at least 4 times a day. One side of my brain telling me to poke for the sake of my baby, the other side just telling me, ouch, ouch, it's gonna hurt ! Oh dear... pull hair** eyes rolled **

It has been a week and this morning when I poked my fingers, it doesn't hurt that much. Before breakfast my blood sugar was 4.5mmol/L, 2hours after breakfast it was 5.3mmol/L, so it seems pretty normal. I shall continue to monitor my diet and blood sugar till my next appointment. **Finger crossed** everything will be alright. God, please help me to have a smooth pregnancy! I'll update more on this topic after I figures a diet plan that suits me.

P/S: please do not share any scary news on gestational diabetes, I'm very sensitive towards all these news because it just freaks me. More blog posts is coming soon.


SURPRISE!!! I'm so glad to make this announcement. Sorry for the MIA for months, I do miss blogging but you know sometimes I just get really tired. Anyway, here's my happy news to share with all of you and I bet more mama whales topic will be uploaded soon.

This whole process is just really amazing and I truly thank God for such wonderful blessing He has given to me. And then, I'm so freaking excited to share this news after keeping this secret for months. Oh.... 

Have a nice day and more blog posts coming up next!

Favourties of The Month: January'16

Wow, I can't believe that January is almost end. The whole month just flew by like that but I'm glad to tell that the entire month was a fruitful one. As usual the beginning of the year is busy because every company is rushing on their account side, doing lots of documentation works, cash flow and stock forecast....phew!

My favourites for this month consists some skincare, an eye palette, shower gel and the long lost (I thought I've lost it during last year spring cleaning). My hubby said, I'm too good in hiding stuffs @.@|||

Lush Showe Gel -- Hot Toddy
This stuff smell so good! It  has the combination of Christmasy spices which I actually only use it during my night time shower. It has a very warm, cozy, cuddling scent that makes me want to jump into my bed after the hot shower. Great for cold weather...

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser
This comes in my Sephora order early this month. It smells like oranges. I've heard people raving about it for a long time but just never thought to give it a try. Well, it is a translucent gel with tiny little beads which meant for a gentle exfoliation. Actually the beads are very gentle and the gel actually lathers quite well. I use this in the morning and just like its name ... REFRESHING! 

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream
I have difficulties searching a good eye cream, most of the eye cream is either too rich or too light. Plus, some eye cream just rolled into eraser dust and mess up during concealing under eye circles. I'm quite surprise that this eye cream has been working very well on me. At least it hydrates for not oily, and I do not have any issue with messy eraser dust on my skin. It looks like shimmery cream in the little jar but glides on like a dream. It is almost fragrance free and leaves a mild tingling feeling around my eye area. I think it has some firming effects too.  Because it is a shimmery cream, it helps to brighten up the eye area. Not to worry because the shimmer is too fine to be detected.

Olay Total Effects 7inOne Advanced daily moisturizer with cooling essence

Night time moisturizer. Olay is a drugstore brand that creates good quality of skincare in a very affordable price. It soothes my flakes in just few days. I have AHA peeled this month and blah... my skin just can't take it, my whole chin flakes till my hubby thought it was my saliva that dried up. So, after I cleanse my skin, I apply this as my night cream, the next morning, my skin becomes soothed and no more flakiness.

Kose Infinity Deep Moisture Concentrate
This is a semi gel like serum, because of the thick consistency I prefer to use this during night time. It helps a lot on my drier skin.

Bath & Body Works 3wick Candle -- Lemon Verbena
*shouder shrugs* I have no idea where I've kept this but I'm glad I found it. I always have a soft spot for lemon. It smells so refreshing and clean. Even my hubby can't stop light up the candle!

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette

OMG! this is such an amazing palette. It actually released last year but after reading good reviews from bloggers I decided to own it. Whether is from packaging towards the texture, pigmentation it definitely worth an A. It is very versatile because most of the colors are very wearable. The darker matte colors can be used as eyeliner whereas shades like African voilet and bamboo are good to be used as its own. I'm so in love with this palette!

The Newbie Life Planner & Journal

Hello, this year I try to have a life planner and a journal. I see lots of bloggers and Youtubers are talking about journal and there are actually a lot of brands with different price range and attractive bargains. Since I'm just a newbie I thought to pass all those and just jumped into the planner and journal bandwagon.

Basically what I used are just planner and journal given by customer and also business supplier. Then, I purchased some extra bits and bops such as stamps, stack-able ink pads, colored ball pens, colored pencils and highlighter. If possible, try to add on some stickers, post it notes will be great!

What do I do with my life planner? 
I only put in my daily to do list so that more tasks can be done within a day, also I add on my medical check up, facial appointments and date which I plan to have sauna. You can have a life planner by using a stack of blank paper and books. It is very easy to DIY and have fun with it. If you prefer to have a life planner that is ready to be used, just ordered it online, there are so many choices out there with pretty covers, accessories, ring combs etc! So much to choose... 

What do I think about life planner?
I think it is such a great idea to have a life planner. Although it is a digital world, having something written on and ticked if it is done make me feel accomplished. I find it is another way to reduce my stress level too. I have started my life planner this year and it has been almost a month, I think the outcome is quite positive. I tend to get it check every night after shower. If some things couldn't be done, I will postpone it to some other days and make sure it be done the next time.

How about Journal?
I think I enjoy the whole journal thing but not on daily kind of personal journal. Most of the time I find myself using my current journal as a prayer's journal where I jotted down inspired quotes/ notes from the bible or any Christians article that really touches my heart. Besides, I also list down the things I want to pray. In my point of view, journal helps to express my emotions and also make me feel relieve as I wrote down the prayers. Well, well.... it is just something very personal and I do it almost 5 to 6 days in a week.

Journal is very different with life planner, some people choose to have either one, whereas some prefer to have both. For me, I prefer both because it feels weird to write down everything in the planner regardless MUST DO or HOW I FEEL TODAY.

If you are a newbie like me, I suggest not to buy any expensive planner or journal straight away. Try it on small note pad, DIY stacks of paper first because it will be such a waste if you decided to quit in the middle. I still find that doing daily life planning to do list and journal need perseverance. It something you need to do constantly and daily without feel burden or bored
Once you think you are ready and can't live without a life planner and a journal, you are then allow to order your very own personal life planner and journal. Oh well, if you feel you're ready for it, you may order or buy it anytime now.

Will I buy A Life Planner & Journal?
 Yes, I think I will order a life planner next year or probably around Oct-Nov. I want something that is very practical without too much fancy things. However, I don't think I'm ready to buy a journal because it is just a book and *ahem* a stacks of paper will be just nice too. Getting into the life planner bandwagon is really good as I got to have a checklist of things to do and able to write down things I've planned for.

Motivation : Look At the Bright Side

( image: Pinterest)

Last week when I watched Youtube and newspaper I came across a lot of negative incident happening to people all around the world. Whether it is a disaster, bad news, bad economics the days still have to continue and instead of feel sad all the time, why not just look on the brighter side, at least your mind isn't immerse in all the negative thoughts.

I've faced with sad incidents too and I feel very bad about it, even until now it still cause an impact on me. When I browsed through Pinterest (let me tell you, this place is really interesting), this positive notes just caught my eyes. It feels so true and so real, even someone with a broken heart will still able to look on the bright side, it makes me feel so good and filled with positive vibes.

Talking about the intense economy in Malaysia, a lot of people lose their jobs, companies started to cut cost and sometimes we just can't help it especially if you're the bread winner of the family. Almost everything are costly right now, the streets are not as busy as previous years although Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Almost everyone has their problems and difficulties to deal with, I experienced it and I know it isn't easy. But instead of mingle around with all those issues why not just take a break and look on something better, something nicer with hopes. I bet, it will be a good one and it's gonna be alright, it is just the matter of time to heal those pain, to boost up our economy and to get a new job.

Happy Friday !

Top Picks for Sensitive/Dry Skin

When it comes to weather changes and hormonal changes my skin reacts the most. I don't fall sick but my skin suffers a lot especially my face! But I've noticed with proper use of cleansers and boosters the redness and flakiness have clearly reduced.

I've few cleansers recommendation over here:

1. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
This is a very gentle cleanser with a little bit of foams. The more water you add in between massage the more foams you'll get. Surprisingly, it cleanse my skin nicely and without all those pulling and drying feeling. When I have flakes around my cheeks, this cleanser doesn't sting on any dried almost wounded skin.

2. PureViVi Cleansing Lotion
Just like any cleansing water, it is the fastest way to remove any residue of makeup. I suggest to use this for quick cleansing routine but always follow up with a cleanser, I prefer double cleanse to ensure my skin is thoroughly cleanse. The cleansing water has a very similar scent like the Hada Labo cleanser. It feels cooling on the skin, so it soothes the redness and irritation. Only to use on light makeup if you're a heavy makeup user, please use a cleansing milk (mild than cleansing oil).

3. Philosophy Purity Cleanser
One of the famous cleanser, it feels like gel and almost foams free. The scent of this cleanser is very earthy more like a sandalwood scent. It removes dirt and makeup residue gently. If you prefer gel like cleanser, this will be the one to try. As you massage when cleansing your skin, the gel glides on smoothly and just rinse off with running water. The skin feels clean and fresh.

4. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
The texture is similar like the Philosophy Purity cleanser but this is way more silky and runnier. I like how it helps to remove the last trace of makeup such as lipstick stains, mascara stains under the eye area. Good to tell it doesn't sting my eyes. Yay! I find it is such a good travel companion because it helps to remove my light makeup as well. 

5. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser
This stuff smells clean, nothing too fancy but works really well on my sensitive skin. Tiny bit goes a long way so my actual size of this cleanser last me for 3 months I believe. It foams up really well, so if you prefer a good foaming cleanser, this is the one.

6. Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Face Wash
As for a budget friendly cleanser, opt for this. I find that a lot of whitening cleanser is either too dry or too rich (leave a film on skin). Hada Labo cleanser actually works really well and all have the similar clean smell. Although it foams very well, it doesn't strip my skin nor making my skin feels too dry nor still dirty. 

7. Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam
Just like the name printed on the tube-- extra creamy! You actually have to squeeze it onto your palm, mix water and whisk it, ya, whisk it till it have soft peaks, just like making cake/bakery. Then use those foams to cleanse your face, tell ya it feels so comfortable and fun. My mom use this for a long, long time and I just so glad that she lend me her deluxe sample to try out. 


1. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub
Normal scrub but the beads are really tiny, so no issue with over scrubbing your face. When your skin is dry and patchy, facial scrub comes in, after removed the flakes and dead skin cells, apply a good amount of moisturizer and have a good sleep. Your skin will be so smooth and glowing.

2. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask
A quick perk me up. I recommend to keep it in fridge (summer day), room temperature ( normal weather). I feel so good and soothing. After I deep cleanse my skin with all those peeling, peel-off mask, I apply a thick layer of gel mask, leave it for 15-20mins, take a wet cloth and remove the gel mask. No more redness, no more flakiness on the skin.

3. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
When I 1st come across facial oil, I think yucks! This completely change my perspective on facial oil. A good facial oil will do wonders to you skin, this is so true. It actually helps to moisturize it, some sort like a deeper layer of moisturizer. The oil just sinks into the skin, unlike other oil floats on the skin. What I like to do is use this alone after my serum or add 1 drops into my freshly pumped moisturizer, mix well and massage upwards onto face. The lavender scent is so soothing and relaxing.

A Comforting Dinner

Dealing with loss isn't easy especially on something that meant so much to me. I feel very down most of the times even it has been almost 2months. The working environment and the workload itself also suffocates me a lot. I just can't help myself and when I'm alone, I soak my pillows and bed sheets with gallons of tears.

I've been always thankful and grateful to have my hubby who is so understanding and loving. We had a nice dinner twice last week although both of us are really busy. I think people nowadays tend to work way too hard, seriously I've been working 7days in a row per week too! Often, we tend to spend most of our times in office and missed out happy family times. In my opinion, this is a very unhealthy trend and one day you will be so, so EMO.

No matter how busy you are, spare some times for your loves one and for those who are important. Having a short break from work and enjoying the rest of the time with family or friends make me feel so good, at least I can feel the warmth of love. Take a break and have a nice meal, nothing is better than this.