27 weeks & 28 weeks

Entering week 27th was so tiring and I feel hot all the time. Besides putting on more and more loose fitting clothing, I also enjoyed mingling around in shopping mall only when the crowd aren't too pack. Sometimes, I experience back pain when I've been sitting too long doing all my never ending paper works. Also, it hurts my butt too and I will want to have a short walk to ease the almost numb butt. When I sit in yoga post, my legs and feet got numbed and all I can do to help myself is to sit and gently massage my leg. Thankfully, I still haven't experience any restless legs syndrome (RLS) 'yet'.

Talking about my appetite, gosh, I eat 6times per day because I feel hungry all the time, or my stomach just been way too efficient in digesting all the food that I've consumed. I also feel dehydrated easily especially after awake from a mid night pee. I literally drinks a lot of water, probably half of my 1.5L water bottle and back to sleep. Oh, I enjoy things that cooked with tomatoes, especially the bolognese sauce, yummy!

Time flies, entering week 28th I started to feel pain every time I wake up in the morning, not sure is due to long time lying on bed or the muscle stretched. Doctor told me it is the round ligament pain but seriously, it is very uncomfortable. I feel like I wake up like an old lady in a very clumsy way @.@"""
Also, I really can't stand for too long in a same posture, it hurts my legs especially my calf. Somehow, things are very different when I walked for about 20mins doing my jobs, it feels better, weird! Oh, week 28th is also means I'm entering 3rd trimester. Let me tell you, the morning sickness issue appears again. Awww, not that I want to vomit but I sometimes feel like my stomach can't digest my breakfast which makes me want to throw up. So, I will have some chewable kiddy vitamin c 100mg or I will have some probiotics or culture drink such as Yakult or Vitagen.

Baby is 1.35kg on week28 day 6, I feel so happy and excited to see my little baby growing. Ouch, I also got injected with my pregnancy1st Tetanus, my arms swells for about a week, it feels more like muscle sore. I will be injected with my 2nd Tetanus by the end of Sept too and do a vaginal swab to check if there's any Gram positive Streptococcus (GBS). Oh, I weight 77.5kg too, no wonder I begin to walk like a penguin some days. One more thing, I'm very into organic guava these days, it helps my toilet business too.

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