29,30,31,32,33,34 weeks

 the most awkward position of taking photo (>.<)
taken during week 32th 

Ohhh... time flies and I'm getting really nervous but excited at the same time. Baby is growing and is moving sporadically these days. Despite of that, I also done a little bit of baby shopping which is so enjoyable. We'll touch to that in some other post. Besides, I'll be posting my pregnancy photo regularly the for the weeks to come.Getting into 3rd trimester feels like reaching target soon.... uhhhh.

One thing for sure is I'm getting tired easily these days. Also, I tend to feel hungry easily too. My appetite is good but I can eat up that much of food already because it is either making me feel too full or trigger stomach discomfort such as acid reflux and burping and indigestion problems. So, small and frequent meal is the best for the time being.

I'm craving for sweet things especially desserts a lot. Since I'm having gestational diabetes, I got slightly worried too. Anyway, when the cravings hit, I just need to eat the cakes and donuts, Man, it feels so good! but later on, I got to control my carbohydrates intake and poke my fingers to ensure my sugar level stays within the limit. hmm~

Well, for stretch marks, I don't know whether this is the genetic thing or what but I starts to have little strokes of stretch marks under my stomach. It is not nice at all! Although I have been using anti stretch marks cream and lotion twice daily, at the end, I still got to deal with it. Anyway, it is not a big issue.

Oh, any mom-to-be has the similar problem like I do? I pee on my panties few times when I cough or sneeze. Oh dear, it is really embarrass, but it is really hard to control not to accidentally pee on it. I feel want to pee all the time even if I had just finish the business in toilet.

Talking about sleep position, I used to sleep flat till week 31-32 ish? Well, I can't sleep in that 'comfy' position now, my whole body hurts the next day and I feel like I'm suffocating in the middle of night. I'm either lying on my left or right side or both side, depends how my baby wriggles, any side that both of us feels really comfortable. Visiting the toilet before bed is always very helpful because it ensures me a good rest. Normally, I will only need to visit the toilet somewhere around 6am or 7am OR if it were good enough, I can awake somewhere around 8-9am..Wee, happy mood!

Some people started to have restless leg syndrome (RLS) around 29weeks, but glad to tell, I don't. I have pain butt syndrome most of the time once entered this 3rd trimester. It gets so obvious when I got to sit patiently during Sunday service in church which I got to sit at the same spot for almost 2hours... oh, my butt just move a lot! to the left and to the right. Now, week 34th I started to feel the RLS. I noticed a minor swelling on my both legs, not to obvious but it is noticeable. I'm glad the Burts Bee MamaBee foot cream come to the rescue. Then, with the help of compression stocking, my legs feel much better the next day. I try not to stand or walk too much during working hour because I'm worried of thrombosis. Other than that, I think everything move on nice and smoothly! Thank God!

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