35 weeks

Entering week 35th makes me feel so excited but I started to feel anxious on certain things. 

Well, lets talk about physical changes. This week, I do really notice swelling on my feet and a slight numb sensation when I wake up or walk down the stairs. Not to very serious but I can feel it, so the Burts Bee Mama Bee foot cream come up for help for the time being.

Skin changes, more and more dark spots on my face and even my armpit and inner tight looks dark and dull. People said the dark spots on face will go off eventually after give birth and it is normal to have dark spots and skin looks dull and dark. Anyway, I bought my trusted Wakilala set last week from Sasa, so far it has been working quite nicely. At least, I saw some improvement on the pigmentation around my armpit. Shame!!!  As for my face, I just stick with my usual skin care regime because I'm so not in the mood with all these skincare and makeup stuffs at this moment.

Energy level, oh gosh, I think I nap almost everyday for an hour. Once my body touches the bed and pillow I just fell asleep. Even right now, 12.36pm, just afternoon, I already feel tired and sleepy. Today, I woke up at 9am doing nothing but boiling a big ceramic bowl of white fungus sweet soups for tea break. Energy level is low and got tired very easily although I only do a little bit of things. Hmm... which makes me even anxious on the preparation of hospital bags and baby stuffs.
Somehow, not all seems to be negative. I'm glad I have a good night sleep other than toilet visit during early morning or middle of the night. Sleeping side way definitely makes me feel better and less suffocating. As usual my nose blocked every single day for nothing, I don't sneeze but it just blocked! It goes off after 15-20mins after I off to bed. Also, the side that I sleep tends to have more pillow than my hubby. 2 pillows for my head, 1 small pillow for my face, 1 rectangular pillow for my tummy, 1 regular pillow for my feet, 1 bolster for my back and etc... Holy molly! One main reason why I need so many pillows because it makes the bed feel cozier and softer. I also need a pillow between my leg, I feel my muscle between my V area pain every single morning and once I stand up, I can hear bones cracking sound. Oh dear, I feel like an old granny!

By the way, I weighted at 81.5kg last Friday and baby at 2.53kg. Looking forward for next Friday OB-GYN visit. I walked like a penguin too. Many people advise me to walk more because it helps the delivery later. Some claim that my tummy looks huge whereas some think it looks cute. Huh... sometimes their compliment can be quite annoying for me. Oh well, too busy body I supposed.

I still left some bits and bops to purchase and to pick up, baby clothes, baby bed sheets, pillow cases to wash, bag to pack to be done. " Finger cross'' I can get all these done latest by next Sunday... hopefully things got ready without stressing myself too much.

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