Leg Rescuer: Mama Bee Leg & Foot cream

Having swollen legs during the late pregnancy is normal but it will always be nice if there's something to be there to help sort out the problems.

During me late 2nd trimester I noticed I've slight, just very slight swollen legs which mainly targeted around the ankles and a little sore at my calf, but it was bearable. I'm very cautions with products that I'm going to use, so I searched and watched some Youtube videos, most people recommend Burts Bee and good to know that it is made from naturals ingredients. So, I ordered a tube of Mama Bee leg & foot cream. It has a mixture of reviews from internet but because I'm so eagerly to make my legs and feet feel better, I placed my order.

The scent is very fresh sort of minty and upon application it feels cool and nice. It comes out as a white thick cream and all you have to do is rub onto your swollen legs, ankles... wherever you need it. I really enjoy the cool, tingling sensation, around 5mins later, I will put on my compression stockings and off to bed.

Oh well, there are days where I only put on cream and have a good thorough massage around my calf, ankles and feet. It always feel nice after having a good massage around the legs. Some people even recommend to put a pillow under your leg before bed, which sort of lift the legs higher than usual so that the swelling can be reduced. Also, some people choose to soak their legs with warm water. The water should above your ankles and if possible fill the water until your knee and have your legs soak for 5-10mins with temperature around 40celcius. Anyway, if I'm just a housewife, I think I would really spend the time enjoy myself with all these but working is always tired especially if you're entering the final stage of your pregnancy.
So, after shower, I just rub the cream onto my legs, easy peasy!

I think using a compression stockings during your pregnancy really helps, especially for those lady who prone to have veriscous veins, swollen legs, overweight or those whose work requires a lot of walking and standing. I only use it during night time because I'm worried of the veins issues and also to reduce the swelling. There are a lot of brands and length in the market, somehow, I just prefer the length starts from my knee till my feet, personally I think it is easier to wear and I feel more comfortable with the shorter length.

Now, if your legs sore and swelling way too much, do visit your doctor and get advice from them. I hope my little sharing helps and have a nice motherhood journey!

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