Prenatal Supplements


These 3 supplements are the main which I have everyday. I took Pharmaton Matruelle since the beginning when I started to plan for pregnancy. One thing I really like about it is 1 capsule for everything. Well, sometimes, especially those busy days, it is quite hard to be compliance and consistently to have your supplements. I do miss out a day or two too. I will take 1 capsule right after I have my breakfast which I think is the best way to prevent miss out pill again. Aha~

During the night time, I will have 2 tablets of Moo (calcium) tablets before bed. This is a tricky one because when I'm too tired, all I can remember is the bed and Zzzzz.  Before I started to take calcium tablet, especially at the beginning of pregnancy, my legs tend to cramp a lot but after taking some calcium pills all things get better. Less body ache and less sore legs. Another thing is, it is made from milk instead of calcium carbonate which normally found from shells.

When I entered my 3rd trimester, my OB-GYN advised to add on fish oil which is very important for baby's brain development. Normally, I take the fish oil together with my prenatal multivitamins and have a chewable vitamin C. Fish oil can be very stinky sometimes which makes me want to vomit. 

All these 3 supplements are still recommended by my doctor as postnatal supplements especially if you are still breastfeeding.

Other than the 3 supplements above, my cousin sister is kind enough for sending me the pregnacare vitamins from UK. I tried it for 45days, so far so good. I think it will be good to take this during your early pregnancy because the content doesn't include omega/DHA. So, if you're in your 3rd trimester, you can always add on a capsule of fish oil (get those specially for pregnancy)!

Talking about the content from Pregnacare and Pharmaton Matruelle, a healthcare professional told me selenium plays an important role keeping the mother and little one from overly stressed. I, myself agreed very much with this fact. Also, selenium will reduce the risk of miscarriage too. 

Overall, I hope my little sharing helps. Have a nice day! Currently in week 36... weeeee~~

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