Wakilala - Solution for Dark Armpits

Ahhhh... dark armpits! I think it looks really " not nice '' especially for people who likes to wear sleeveless clothing. But then, nobody wants to have dark armpits, so here comes the wakilala!

I was introduced this brand long time ago, I used this before and the result is very clear and almost instant. Some pregnant lady tend to have darker armpits, well, I'm one of them. Few weeks ago, when I was trying to remove a toothpaste stained on my glass mirror, I noticed my armpits looks so dark and it horrified me. I quickly tell my hubby and I showed him my dark armpits, yes, hubby is so straight forward too. He told me my armpits look so dark and dirty as if I'm never wash my armpit at all during my shower. Oh dear...

The next day, I went to Sasa and bought a set of wakilala, a tube of exfoliating cream and a bottle of armpit toner. I went home happily and immediately popped into shower AGAIN!

So, I applied the exfoliator onto my dry armpits and massage it gently for few minutes, then, add some tap water and massage it for another few seconds. Later on, I went for shower. Using a cotton pad, apply the armpit toner, apply onto the dark area, more like rubbing of the dark stain at my armpits.
Have a look on the cotton pad, yucks! the dirt on my armpit was transferred to the cotton pad.  Well, I would say the exfoliator and the armpit toner works really well also it deodorize any body odour too.

I have been using it for weeks now, the results is good but because the main cause of having dark armpits is due to pregnancy pigmentation I only hope it reduces the appearance of dark armpits instead of getting back my fair armpits. Haha... too much information!  Some people will have darker bikini lines too, and this can be used around the bikini area too.

All in all, I really enjoy using this Wakilala set. It doesn't mean this set targeted consumer must have dark armpits/ bikini line, those who have body odour can use this too because it smells really clean and fresh. Unlike other deodorant in the market, which actually blocks your sweat glands to keep you smell good, but this actually works like a sterilizer, killing/removing the smelly bacteria from your armpit surface to keep you fresh. At the end of the day, you'll still sweat, but with nice smell.

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