36, 37, 38 weeks

Hello there, time flies, I can't believe my little baby will be born soon. Nothing too special happened between weeks 36, 37 and 38. My weight has been increasing a lot but in a very consistent pace, which I think is good.

Sorry as I really not in the mood to take any pregnancy photos for those week but I think, let's hope, I will take a few more picture just before my delivery date. I've had all my things packed, which I think is really important to get myself ready for any labor symptoms occur.

My legs swelling is getting me nuts because it hurts around the ankles each time I tried to touch it or hubby tried to massage it. That kind of pain is like the aftermath effect after a tough battle. Even if I put on a good pair of compression stocking, my legs still swell. So, my shoes size increase from size 38 to size 40. Well, I guess probably because the delivery date is getting nearer and nearer.

Other than that, I'm officially become a penguin. I walked like a penguin, first of all my body is getting heavier each week and sometimes, I feel like my baby almost coming out from my V. Next, when I sit for a certain period and the moment I tried to stand up my back bone (if that make sense) hurts. So, everything need to be in a very, very slow motion. Even walking down the stairs I need to be extra careful, make sure my eyes and legs worked co-coordinately.

Skin changes... Hmm, I started to have little zits around my chin, not severe but it feels like I'm prone to clog pores these few weeks. The skin around my tummy also stretched out a lot which makes me very itchy and uncomfortable. I've been layered my tummy with oils, lotions, cream etc... but at the end it feels really dry and flakes. The stretch marks also seem to develop non-stop. I even use shower oil during my shower and sometimes, I just shower without using anything, just water, yet my effort is still in vain.

The appointment in clinic also increase from monthly--> every 2 weeks--> weekly. Yesterday I weighted at 84.5kg, increase 1 kg from last week and baby is around 3.173kg increase around 100g from last week. Today I'm officially enter my week 39. Exciting but like all new mom, I'm very anxious with the labor thing. Oh God....

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